Viewers waiting for Sarawak BN YB joining PKR in Miri..

* Updated 11.oopm * Anwar said after Adit joined PKR last month several YBs have applied to join too. They have signed the appropriate and necessary forms and the announcement will be made in appropriate times. Instead of letting one cat loose 2nt. DSAI chose to keep all his cats underwrapped for the moment. It was a total letdown to a much hype up anticipation. There are many many schools of thoughts BUT this will make PKR loose more Credibility especially in Sarawak. Where then are the MPs and YBs..? BN is still in their BLOOD and its not easy to drain it away.Good night from Miri. 

* Updated 10.45pm* seems everyone is holding on to the believe that DSAI will announce. Will DSAI let the cat out.? Heard the cat is nearby…

*Updated 10.15pmsms received from Miri. Most likely DSAI will announce a Sarawak BN YB has resigned from his party and he has applied to join PKR.

The word is abuzz that the YB in question has already signed his membership forms and the identity will be revealed by Anwar himself in Miri at the Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort around 10pm tonight. audie61 checked with the political secretary from the party and he says there is no way he will be persuaded to stay with BN. 

Our sources in PKR says that Malaysiakini correspondent from Sarawak will do his posting as soon Anwar reveals the name. The sms from PKR innsider in Miri is that A DUN member from Sarawak is to join PKR. We will keep you update on his name though we know who he is. He is not from Parti Rakyat Sarawak  as many have speculated. Would Anwar reveal that is the million dollar question tonight?

“Advantage PKR and DAP..Ooooh No.! SUPP”

In a tennis game after deuce there is an advantage. In this hard hitting, no holds barred, truth be told closing remarks by SUPP Deputy President Law Hieng Ding in which the Malaysikini portal headlines as ,”Time for SUPP Oldies to ship Out” . Law said it was very clear that senior citizens (including himself) outnumber the young in the top party hierarchy. “Do we not outnumber the younger leaders that we have? And who are really the second echelon leaders of SUPP?” It really is advantage to the opposition parties in Sarawak especially DAP and PKR who will come headon in the tussle to win over the voters in the Urban areas where SUPP predominantly holds.

In the morning ,PM in his address already was trying to lift the spirits of SUPP delegates and members by sending a very strong statement to all,”Friends do not run down each other” in which he meant whatever action taken by one party must serve the bests interests of the BN overall.  He also assured SUPP that political parties in BN would continue to look after each other’s interests, and move forward as one entity for the betterment of the nation.

Bear in mind that SUPP has friends in BN.So,think of your friends too and not just SUPP.Think of your friends in BN and not just yourself as we buid our strength together.Remember,whatever we do it in the bests interest of BN which is truly our party.

What PM has said is very well meaning and lets just turn to our earlier posting in which we covered ,”Anwar,Freezing Icy Cold water on PKR in Sarawak” and the Malaysiakini report has DCM to stay on despite quit report. The final point in this tennis game will surely be an eye opener as eventhough it might sound far fetch for this underdog to clinch the winning point this political scenario might just emerged for the better good of BN.

Before we go to the full details lets see what its all about,”even before the battle gets underway for the next State Elections, the referee has blown the final whistle for SUPP in the Kuching area to wrestle the lost seats back . It made all the Chinese tabloids and it is headline news and the POLITICAL DAMAGE IS IMMENSE. According to a political pundit SUPP would be better of swapping seats with the other BN component parties in PRS,SPDP and PBB and make it a really component consensus to help each other during their hour of need. There has been much talk that Padungan seat currently held by PKR Assemblyman Dominique Ng will be the surprise package and as one BN member would say,”IF PKR WANT CHANGE,WE WILL GIVE THEM CHANGE”

Law in yesterdays statement already has said it ,” told the delegates to adopt what he termed as ‘New politics.’ He explained: “The 2006 Sarawak election and the 2008 general election struck a blow at old politics, and left us confronted with its legacy. A legacy of the old way that said elections had to be bought; spending could be reckless; there was no need to invest in the future because the present was all that matters.”

Will SUPP be able to see above and over what is coming towards them in the next elections. In the Kuching division they have losts Batu Lintang,Pending,Padungan,Kota Sentosa. 4 losts seats and its advantage all the way to DAP and PKR. Why..? Pending was the highest turnaround in terms of BN voters running away to the opposition followed by Batu Lintang and Padungan. Kota Sentosa which was a new seat SUPP losts by about 500 over which is still reasonable. BN says the PM is a multi racial party so the theory, political crosswords,jigsaw and puzzle would be about to unfold to all of you.

audie61 was talking  to a number of SUPP seasoned politicians just to gauge their feelings. The question is WHAT IF THE 4 seats are shared amongst the 4 Component Parties? The immediate reaction was ‘THIS IS SUPP SEAT..HOW CAN ? WE NEED TO WIN BACK THE SEATS..

Oooh no SUPP, BN is the legal entity of the seats and not any component party.What if BN Sarawak decides to give Padungan to PRS, Pending to SPDP and Batu Lintang  to PBB while SUPP maintains its fight in Kota Sentosa. It would be a real battle and hands full for DAP and PKR fighting all the component parties and engaging in different POLITICAL warfare. We haven’t even mentioned who the candidates will be.?

Imagine PBB,PRS and SPDP  fielding a Malay,Iban and Bidayuh candidate in these Chinese Majority area. What chance do you give BN..? Virtually none right..BUT..Nothing is impossible says a former Political Secretary to CM and this is really pushing the LIMITS OF THE ART OF IMPOSSIBLE.  Worth a gamble from BN Sarawaks perspective dont you think..? Its a CHANGE from the NORM. PKR and DAP will know the tsunami is hitting them back and it will be an aftershock. Then the Pakatan group will rasa,rasa,rasa what BN is capable of.  

Remember Pakatan..BN do have enough young and capable  leaders to turn round and regain lost seats as they reengineer and reinvent. Sarawak BN will be the first to do that and SUPP will know they will have to sacrifice lost seats for comfotable safe seats and “REGAIN” their numbers.

The political reality is ‘THESE ARE 4 Losts seats for SUPP” Seat swapping among component parties are not uncommon and if consensus is reached why not. IT REPRESENTS A CHANGE AND THE VOTERS WILL BE GIVEN THE CHOICE. THAT IS WHY WE SAY ANWAR the icy waters will be coming to you soon and please do not sound too comfortable with what you see and what you get. 3 DAP and 1 PKR seat in Kuching division might turn out to be BNs gain if the old thoughts are erased. 

Kuddos should be given to the Deputy President of SUPP for highlighting this issue out and it gives such an advantage to BN. The tennis game is not over yet as PKR tries to make inroads into sarawak via the rural seats.

Anwar will be in Miri tonight addressing over 3200 people in the dinner “PKR NITE” at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club. Many are speculating what is the “pleasant surprise” and could it be just the naming of the NEW STATE PKR CHIEF” for Sarawak.? We shall be waiting for any new updates but for now Pakatan group the Tennis Game in Bandar Kuching area has not reached its FINAL POINT. It might be advantage but it might be a deuce after the next elections meaning 2-2.Hmmm, great wouldn’t it be..??