Implications Anwar..Now they want MDC

Dayaks “AWAKENING” the bests chance was 1987 when under the Maju group the defunct Party Bansa Dayak Sarawak(PBDS) secured 15 seats out of the 21 it contested. Most of the dayaks stood firmly behind PBDS which represents their political vehicle. These were the very words of a former PBDS supreme Council Member (1997-2000) who was talking to Natasha of audie61.

PKR representing the dayaks and now back again MDC. This Malaysiakini report under the guise of “Dayaks too want to go to the House of Lords” in which it was reported The pro-tem committee of the Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) is “disappointed” that the community’s representatives were not invited to a briefing on the plight of Indian Malaysians, held at the House of Lords in London on Dec 8.

Fair enough what was written but the real implication and the real deal is this,”“Following the deregistration of PBDS in October 2004, some ex-members on May 6, 2005 submitted an application to register MDC.

“After more than one year, the application was rejected by the Registrar of Societies on July 19, 2006 under Article 7(3) of the Societies Act, giving the reason that MDC would be a potential threat to national security.

“It is in this light that we the pro-tem committee members and Dayak community who were once Her Majesty’s subjects appeal to Her Majesty’s government to put pressure on the Malaysian government.”

So WHY THE SUDDEN INTERESTS AGAIN IN MDC..? The first obvious choice of course is the very word Dayak will capture again the imagination of the rural dayaks and it will be much easier to sell than PKR which in itself is Parti Keadilan Rakyat( Justice Party) while MDC Malaysian Dayak Congress is a sure sell at least 70% HOME FREE. What a difference right? Coca-cola or Pepsi Cola the real thing will have the edge while Pepsi will get its market share too but in Rural Sarawak Coke is Coke and not Pepsi.

Someone must have followed the impact of PKR in its quest for the takeover bid of BN Sarawak. PBB Pesaka Wing remains strong,PRS edgy,SPDP not very bothered,SUPP unmoved eventhough the dayaks in PKR has made a lot of claims that they have made inroads and are looking closely at wresting a substantial number of the 29 dayak seats offered.  It seems that a number of the members who have turned their tails against BN are feeling that the PKR FEEL is not what the Sarawak dayaks want.

Sarawak is still lagging behind the 308 feeling and has PKR made the necessary adjustments as their partners in DAP and PAS are hardly enthusiastic and visible in most of the PKR functions and dinners.

Am I missing something..? Even a PKR member who requests anonymity said the influx of new members is good but will it translate to votes for PKR in the constituencies it will contest. Has the dayak wind again CHANGED and moving in a different direction.PKR has created an impact in Sarawak and the opportunity thus presents itself for MDC to be another alternative vehicle.