Anwars Christmas Card to Jabu..+++


Malaysiakini portal has this update in which Anwar’s lawyers A legal firm acting for Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has served a letter of demand for an unreserved apology and monetary compensation on Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu for alleged defamation. It also mentioned that Anwar is also a renowned leader of international standing, serving as consultant and advisor to international bodies, financial institutions and global charitable organisations. Well,Anwars name will not be in Jabu’s favourite list of invitees to Christmas dinner after this. So what is in store for Sarawak..? Anwar has sent signals out that he is definitely going for the BIG “SCALP” and that is to see the end of  Jabu and Taibs reign in Sarawak.

At the PKR National congress Anwar encouraged members with three reminders. Its Christmas and of course its a season to be jolly and holy. I received an sms from a PKR Sarawak senior Member which in itself will send after shock signals from the Tsunami of 308. The sms had”Latest !!! Anwar Ibrahim is New Sarawak PKR Chairman

How does one read into this? Will this be taken lightly or just brushed under the carpet as another baseless propaganda? What political significance will it have on the State if Anwar is at the mantle.? There are a thousand and one questions. Could this also be timely as the SARAWAK PKR CHAIRMANSHIP is up for GRABS? PKR is also another political party and there will be jostling for positions as many do not want to miss the boat. To prevent infighting amongst the aspiring candidates the WISE ONE will be chosen by the top leadership of PKR. That brings us back to Anwars 3 reminders.

1) People – In the end, it is the people or rakyat who will remove the corrupt regime. The people are not blind and neither are they deaf. As injustice, corruption and oppression are blatant in government, the rakyat will not sit quietly to watch this. This is true in Sarawak and Sabah where poverty is rampant their leaders are enjoying the fattened calf. Land and businesses are being taken away by our leaders. In the end, as in March 8, the rakyat will remove the arrogant government.

2) Patience – We’ve struggled 10 years. What’s another few months or a couple of years? We must be patient to realising a civil and mature democratic society – one where the constitution is respected. It will not be long in coming.

3) Prayer – We as Malaysians of all faiths must not underestimated the power of the Almighty and must together pray for an end to a corrupt government. We must pray for justice and for righteousness. We must pray that God will judge those who are evil and who have committed murder and corruption.

This is afterall the Christmas time when Santa Claus gives his presents to all. Anwar has instructed his lawyer in the published report of Malaysiakini ,”to demand that Jabu immediately cease and desist from publishing the defamatory words or similar words to that effect, to publish a full and unequivocal public retration and apology in terms to be approved by his client within 72 hours and to provide Anwar with a written undertaking that he (Jabu) shall refrain from publishing the defamatory words or similar words to that effect within 72 hours.

Baru Bian said his client is also demanding Jabu to nominate a substantial sum as compensation for the injury and damage to the established reputation and good name of his client within 72 hours and to indemnify his client of all costs incurred in the matter.

He said that in the event they do not receive any satisfactory response from him it shall be deemed that he (Jabu) does not dispute his client’s assertions and notwithstanding that he intends to continue the publication of the defamatory words.


Anwar has not minced his words with the hope that Jabu would do his part and retract what has been said in this season of festivities. What has been circulating around in the last 24 hours might just turn out to be  a Reality. Fancy this “Anwar takes over as Sarawak State Chairman” as the headlines in the local tabloids. Enough to have a feasty meal for some while others will feel the COLD TURKEY. Merry Christmas all…