What an anti-climax says a senior retired government officer. What he meant was the whole weekend was supposed to be full of political movements especially with the hype that was building up within Sarawak PKR and the SUPP TDC. In this Malaysiakini report headlined Anwar:S’wak reps commited to join PKR  it is now claimed by Anwar that  several Sarawak Barisan Nasional elected representatives are committed to joining the opposition party. He said,”Believe me, they have signed letters to withdraw their membership from their parties and applied to join PKR.”

The city was abuzz with WHO IS THE ADUN YB WHO HAS SIGNED..? Phone calls received were extraordinary more which will make Celcom,Maxis and Digi happy today. Did he not create a “Value” so that he will get more attention and thus his constituency will benefit in terms of Minor Rural Projects from the government .  An appropriate time to make an announcement as there was a lot of  harrasment was what was echoed by Anwar. Again..! please, like what he said about the 4 MPs in Chang,916 with the promised land of Putrajaya takeover and many other failed attempts. So what is it this time round..?

Sources told Malaysiakini that Special Branch officers have been trying to get in touch with the  state assemblyperson, a Dayak from one of  the state BN component parties and he has been making himself scarce lately following talks about him joining PKR.He was expected to turn up at the PKR dinner and to be introduced as another elected representative joining the opposition party. It was really an anti climax BUT nothing beats what the headlines that the local tabloids has conjured up for its readers. 

 “SUPP STICKS with the TRIED and TESTED” screams this Headlines. Dr.George Chan has been retained as SUPP President and so are virtually all of his former central working committee (CWC) members. There was no elections. Surprised..? George said,”Its the thinking that needs to be Change,the person is not important.It’s no use changing the people,but they do the same thing and use the same ways”

It was more important to change the MINDSET than change the person when he was questioned further. He knows that the people’s perception was there is no CHANGE in the SUPP leadership. George again reiterated .”I think it is your mind that needs changing and it is no use changing the people to do the same thing.” SUPP performs best when we are in danger,We are now in danger,so we will do and show our best now.I think it is this DANGER that got all of us together again.”

So SUPP sticks to their old tried and tested guards and it seems that the opposition in DAP and PKR are very happy with these developments. A young voter said ,”You cannot teach a dinosaur to dance unless you are Barney the purple dinosaur..L.O.L.” So where does this leave SUPP..? Could our earlier posting be the answer.”Advantage PKR and DAP..Oooh No! SUPP”

Hmmm, it seems its the holiday season and during this period Politics usually takes the backseat. The supposedly BN YB who was to hop to PKR will still stay as a BN assemblyman this Christmas season while all those retained SUPP CWC will be enjoying the “ROAST TURKEY” for now. What happens after years end will be anyones guess……….