Turkey Meddling in Malaysia’s Affairs.?..Malaysiakini

A report in Malaysiakini says that Foreign Minister Rais Yatim will seek an audience with the Turkish ambassador “We will ask the ambassador to reconsider (giving Anwar refuge) as it is meddling in Malaysia’s internal affairs. The full texts at http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85285

Why all the fuss…? What relationship has Anwar with Turkey..?  Turkish Premier Reccep Erdogan has struck up a friendship with Anwar even to the extend that the last GE, intelligiance gathered that Anwar has used Turkish strategists to assist in the run up of the elections. We also know that not only Turkey is an European Islamic country but Anwar is said to be an admirer of the AKP(political party), particularly the manner in which Erdogan managed to sandpaper the rough edges of the Islamic political party and make it more acceptable to the public.

If Anwar is running from ISA, Rais says it is a different matter.But he is being sought for an investigation involving sodomy, which is a crime under the Penal Code.When you run away from the law, it is not the same as facing some political persecution.As such the embassy cannot grant him any sort of protection.”We will ask the ambassador to reconsider as it is meddling in Malaysia’s internal affairs.

So what is next…Will Rais be able to get any answers from the ambassador..? 

***Latest***(It has been reported that Anwar has up the ante by suiing his former aide lodging false and malicious) report to police. Breaking news from Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85288

9 thoughts on “Turkey Meddling in Malaysia’s Affairs.?..Malaysiakini

  1. Gani says:

    Say what you like. Turkey is not meddling but Anwar is clever. He seeks “international” attention and then he can wrestle the PMs arm. Turkey has also close relations with US. So you see :D :D :D

  2. matt says:

    Guys did anybody notice the comment by zam alaka zam our former minister of misinformation.Talk about morons running the govt this guy tops the list.

  3. Abdul says:

    Anwar is Turkish PM economic adviser. It has nothing to do with AK party tactics or assistance as Badawi’s online newspaper: the Malaysian Insider claims. He has been a Turkish adviser for 12 years. Yet this Dollah paper claims that he has struck relation with Erdogan in 2004. What a lie. They have known each other when Anwar was a minister while Erdogan was a political opposition activist in the 80s.

    Anyway, if they can reduce Altantuya, a poor, defenceless woman to ashes, why would they spare Anwar?

  4. Putera Kinabalu says:


  5. Toh Woon Lee says:

    I just don’t believe Anwar sodomised Saiful.
    That Saiful fellow has got nothing to attract people.
    Looking at his face already makes me want to vomit.
    I think most likely it’s the other way round. He could
    have sodomised Anwar and then inorder to save his own skin, reported to the Police that Anwar sodomised him.
    What say you ?

  6. malayamuda says:

    Putera Kinabalu,

    Can only face it like a Jantan if you’re dealing with jantans !!

    If you’re dealing with pondans who hide behind the FRU and police and make them do the dirty work, that what use is it being a Jantan ?

    Better be a Pondan or better still a Sodomist !

    UMNO has ruined this country

  7. bondoun says:

    Cool down malayamuda,

    It has nothing to do with Jantan or Pondan, We just need to get more information. I know none of us trust the police and understandably so, but this is the only course of action right now. Everyone involved must go through the due process of law.

    Getting suspicious against the government is fine, but Malaysia is still (I hope) a country governed by rule of law, and this is why we do not need outsider to meddle with our internal politics. Just like the Australians drug traffickers who was sentence to death under Malaysian law. Many countries interfered and persuaded Malaysian govt to release them … This is interfering and we cannot have that.

    Turkey should not have meddled in our internal politics and I agree with Rais Yatim who tried to put things into greater perspective. If Anwar fit the crime, then he has to defend himself.

    It is a fact US is a strong allies of Turkey. US is probably using Turkey (an Islamic country) to do it’s work. BUT BN HAS ALREADY WON THE ELECTION AND LET’S MOVE ON!!

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