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Sarawakians Want Political Reform!

The no confidence vote taken by SAPP on the PM is a serious blow to  the BN. Of course Yong and his party can use this to further push the BN to submission. Yong said that the party needs to use this as a window of oppurtunity or else they will be forgotten by August. We say….There is too much at stake for the other parties or MPs to follow suit and we know that in Politics its a numbers game. I just came out of a bitter fight within our party PRS and this will be no different. The playing fields might be bigger but the tactics and strategies are no different. 

The war is already wage at all levels and the offensive strategy taken by PM has to be meticulous. The invading forces of Pakatan are near the castle and he needs now,” Unite BN in spirit,conserve their strength and plan the next move.” There should be nobody fleeing in the face of adversity. We keep saying,”PM knows what he is doing.” and he will be as swift as hare when the opening is ready for the treatments and his injections. Do read our analysis Scorpions and Tadpoles”

In Malaysiakini, Tricia Yeoh from the Centre for Public Policy Studies said that Sapp is a minor member of the coalition but its decision could be the tipping point for the government. “This will have a ripple effect. Public perception, both nationally and internationally, will be affected because the prime minister will be perceived as a weak leader,”

“This might provoke other lawmakers, who are equally dissatisfied with Abdullah, even those internally from the Umno party itself, to act,” she said, referring to the party which heads the coalition.The premier has refused to step down after the coalition’s worst ever election results, but he faces a major hurdle at Umno internal leadership polls in December,when dissatisfaction could bubble over.

We do agree as Lim Kit Siang in his blog painted a clearer picture and the PM still commands the government of the day. The speaker to fall sick……? and deputy takes over..?   Highly unlikely..Both were handpicked by PM.

But will the bombshell land in Parliament on Monday ?

With the ruling coalition commanding unbroken two-thirds parliamentary majority in the 11 general elections since Merdeka in 1957 until the recent political tsunami of the March 2008 general election, there had never been any no confidence motion against the Prime Minister in Malaysian parliamentary history.

The Parliamentary Standing Orders do not have special provision for a no confidence motion.

In the circumstances, a no confidence motion may be regarded as an ordinary motion under Standing Order 27 which requires notice of 14 days to be given – making it impossible for such a no confidence motion to be tabled on Monday, June 23, 2008 as the earliest would be July 2 if the no confidence motion is submitted today.

Standing Order 18 which allows an MP to move a motion to adjourn the House to discuss a definite matter of urgent public importance will be inappropriate and unhelpful as it only allows one hour debate on the specified issue without any vote being taken at the end of the debate.

The only way for a no confidence motion to be tabled and debated on Monday is for the Speaker ito treat it as a substantive and extraordinary motion which should take precedence and priority over all parliamentary business which does not need to comply with the requisite 14-day notice and publishing it as the first item of parliamentary business after Question Time in the Parliamentary Order of Business on Monday.

In doing so, however, the Speaker is likely be in direct loggerheads with the government of the day and must be prepared to pay the consequences of such decision.

I see little possibility of SAPP’s No Confidence Motion against Abdullah as Prime Minister being tabled and debated on Monday unless there is a second political tsunami in the next few days, with waves of support from other Barisan Nasional MPs from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia making it a credible parliamentary move.

tengku razaleigh forum 260408 ku li speakingWe say BN is not yet ready to throw in the towel and the strategies which PM practises will be the truth and will all be brought out no matter who is involved as he tries to stay on to power at least until December. Are you so sure that he will not go beyond that…? His immediate tasks are to counter Tengku and his UMNO faithfuls and to a lesser extend Mahathir eventhough he is out of UMNO. Anwar is still outside his castle and PMs arrows are rightly “poised and positioned.” 

Will Umno’s general  assembly  be “Tengkus or PMs Battle of Waterloo.” which has been scheduled to be held from Dec 16 to 20,and  where they will be some keen contests expected for the top positions. Ku Li has upped his tempo by telling Sabahans that he has no problem accepting a Sabahan to contest the deputy and vice-president’s posts. The quota is simple and Ku Li has hedged his bets here as he knows “dangling  the carrot” to UMNO Sabah will see one of their own being made a Deputy President if KU Li wins.

UMNO Sabah members aligned to Tengku who will wage this bitter battle has got SAPP moving to fight the little wars. Anyway June 18th 1815 was the start of the decisive battle. What a coincidence…!!

Sanglang,Perlis..Next Sarikei..??

While all eyes and ears will be on Sabah and the speculations and the Press conference we take a keen interests in the Perlis verdict. Nearer home especially in Sarikei there is a lot of anticipation especially when there are news in Malaysiakini’s portal The Sanglang state seat in Perlis, which was won by Umno, has been declared vacant by the High Court in Kangar, paving way for a possible by-election. The full text and excerpts can be read at

Justice Zainal Adzam Abdul Ghani today ruled that Barisan Nasional’s victory in Sanglang in the March 8 general election as invalid.

What it also means is that there is a possible by-election..? Perlis..Sanglang(N.15).. What about another S especially the voters/electorates from Sarikei. However Justice Zainal disagreed to allow an application by the losing candidate, Hashim Jasin (above) from PAS – who had held the seat for two terms – be automatically installed as the winner.Umno’s candidate Abdullah Hassan won the seat with a majority of 149 votes, bagging 3,384 votes as opposed to Hashim’s 3,235.

Based on the inital election commission records Hashim should be declared the winner as the vote tallied from all counting centres showed that he had polled 3,333 votes against Abdullah’s 3,286 and had thus won by a 47-vote majority.

ding kuong hiingDing Kuong Hiing ,BN (Supp) in the March 8 general election won by by a tissue-thin majority of 51 votes in the Sarikei (P208)Parliamentary seat. DAP’s Hua Seh, who had filed the election petition, had alleged that Ding (right) and his agents, as well as a high-profile timber tycoon Ting Pek Khing, had committed bribery in the vote.

This excerpts are taken from Tony Thien Sarawak/Sabah Malaysiakini Correspondent  According to the petition, Ding and Ting had invited some 1,600 people from Bintangor and Sarikei to dinner on three occasions during the campaign period – on Feb 25 and 29 and on March 2.

During the dinners, which were held at top restaurants, Ting had publicly announced that he would build the Tunku Abdul Rahman, or TAR College, if the people vote for Ding,” state DAP chairperson Wong Ho Leng told reporters in Sibu when Hua Seh’s election petition was lodged.

Wong also alleged that former Sarikei parliamentarian Law Hieng Ding, who attended the dinner on Feb 29, had indicated to guests that a vote for Ding would mean a vote for the college.

Ho Leng also claimed that on March 4 that Ting had committed another case of vote-buying when he told a group of about 60 people at the proposed site of the college in Bintangor that he would commence the first phase of construction as soon as Ding wins.

Ding, the BN candidate who was declared winner, later filed a notice of motion asking the court to strike out the election petition or dismiss it with costs.

So will be expecting the by elections of the two S’s? Sanglang N 15 and Sarikei P208. One is in the bag while the other hearing continues…..


(Updates -5.15pm) SAPP -Meet our demands

muhammad mohd taib mat taibUmno’s information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib shrugged off SAPP’s move and said he did not expect other coalition parties to follow.“Although there are many who are dissatisfied, we will pull through,” he told AFP.

Anwar’s PKR has said it was reluctant to mount a no-confidence vote for fear of appearing arrogant. But it said the latest events were proof that the coalition’s internal crisis was worsening.

bersih protest constitution amendment 071207 tian chua“Monday’s parliament session will definitely be fiery. If a motion is moved against Abdullah, it will be historic. Never has a Malaysian prime minister faced a no-confidence vote,” said party information chief Tian Chua, who is MP for Batu.

9 am Morning:-Todays 2pm press conference could see a twist in the tail as the expected announcement from SAPP pulling out of BN will/might  not materialise. However our inside sources has said that it will be pre-empt move by the party to inform that SAPP MPs will table a motion of no confidence against Pak Lah In Parliament. This is to stop all speculations that SAPP is leaving BN but sees itself as a vehicle that voices the rakyats wishes in BN. SAPP will continue to press for the 3 demands to be met by BN.

1.20% Oil Royalty 2. Federal Cabinet Posting  3. Royal Commission on illegal immigrants. A SAPP SC meeting is scheduled for the 20th of June 2008.  Lets just wait and see……………..  

***LATEST*** The Press conference has ended at 2.55pm. Watch the whole proceedings at Sapp-tv from 4pm onwards says Bugi Wijaya. The vote of No Confidence will be tabled in Parliament on the 23rd of June 2008. Bugi says thank you for all the comments in audie61blog. Appreciated..!! Press Statements:-

Friday 20th June

***Updated***Supreme Council Meeting at Headquarters.Details will be updated and most SC members are tightlipped. Press conference afterwards.

Saturday June 21st

At night Ceramah at Kampung Likas  “Meet the People” sessions. A series of ceramahs throughout the State will be carried out to explain to the supporters of SAPP and the Rakyat of Sabah.