Bait Not Taken by No.2

  najib cyberjaya jv agreement alado chery 180408 02No.2 to take on No.1.   Wouldn’t it be just a repeat of Musa against Mahathir?  But that time it turn out to be Ku Li vs Dr.M. This time round when the PM is under severe attack at home with the anger of the people on Oil hikes the No.2 is not by his side. At times of crisis in the country the PM needs his right hand. The knives are being sharpened within UMNO and all the No.2 could say was “I am with the PM“. Strange for someone who aspires to be the PM one day or has he excluded himself?

Najib is in London for the talk “Malaysia in the Face of Global Challenges.”It was timely and a participant asked Najib why he has not taken over the leadership after a poor outing by BN in the recent general elections? 

Nora Ariffin who writes in (Malaysiakini) has Najib saying that he would not challenge embattled Prime Minister Abdullah for Umno’s top post because he is a “true party man.” The full text Najib also commented on former prime minister Dr Mahathir who said that he was a coward for not making a move against the PM.”People can have their views.It’s not about having courage or being a coward.” 

So Najib did not take the “Bait” by saying he is a son who does not want to destroy the party the father help to build. Where does that leave everyone? The anticipation of 1 against 2 is out of the window for the moment but in politics anything we know is possible. We want to carry on to to put the pieces of jigsaw together and our sources within UMNO has indicated to us that there are more than one aspirant to challenge the No.2 man.

Who doesn’t want to knock him off as Najib is being tainted with accusations, allegations and the public opinions on him are at the lowest ebb. Will the fishing nets cast in more than we anticipate for this years umnoUMNO general Assembly scheduled to be held from Dec 16 to 20. The deserving ones for the top posts will have to keep an eye on the branches annual general meetings from July 17 and Aug 24. 

Failures to win nominations are considered the doors are being slammed shut.The Bait has been set to attract and lure those who aspires to go for higher office………………..

Scorpion and Tadpoles..UMNO Polls??

 Asian forest scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer) in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

The city was abuzz with news filtering through that more BN divisions are moving houses. Which house….? But before I go indepth, I have to thank (Malaysiakini) for the title of the “a horse, a cow and a donkey” which can be read in full This morning when I was called to join up for breakfast by a few component political party members I sense that something is amiss. Casually I approached them with my usual morning greetings.

First word uttered from them,”You heard its the start of Tadpoles hatching season in Sabah” Why not the customary Malaysian style, “Eat what? Eat already?” Of course Birds of the same feather will get together and the conversations would be “Politics.” The game plan has changed and the opposition which has harped on “Kataks” “Hoping/Crossover” has turn its tail like the scorpion to attract the foot soldiers.   

From Tadpole to Frog (Lifecycles) (Paperback)Inspired enough,”Nope.Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! What animals change more than tadpoles. Tadpoles are like tiny fish and when they grow older they will lose its fishy tail,gills,grows legs and develop its lungs and will become a frog. Its an amazing methamorphis. In politics there are not much difference in following this trend. One of the contributors in my blog has this very fair comment. It seemed the Chinese frogs(MCA Semporna and Tawau) are getting frustrated, but they don’t hold the overwhelming power. He went on to say,”I’d love to see which frogs crosses the finish line first while Najib has been task with baby sitting and monitoring them frogs.

Anwar has consistently set September 16th as the deadline and my blogger friend added that continuing this game frustrates the people and they can back fire.He has also witness a lot of people being frustrated and branding Jeffery and Anwar as tin kosong. So what my breakfast friends said was in a way similar that Anwar cannot fight tooth and nail against Badawi in this game as besides the fourth floor boys he has Ezam and Nalla with their “invaluable advises” into Anwars chameleon approach. 

It has been a rather interesting morning as another comment came in with a different analogy,” Its about a scorpion wanting to cross the river and seeing a frog he ask for help. The frog made sure that the scorpion would not use his sting when they cross the river.It was agreed of course and they crossed the river but midstream the frog felt a sting and Ooops!! Both of them drown. Moral is very simple “A scorpion is still a scorpion” The scorpion can’t help it even how hard it tries ,not to mention what the consequence is. Frog only can only be blame  for believing scorpion. 

One has to know that,” Scorpions are generally harmless and timid, and only voluntarily use their sting for killing prey, defending themselves or in territorial disputes.Scorpions have two types of venom: a translucent, weaker venom designed to stun only, and an opaque, more potent venom designed to kill heavier threats. Scorpions are able to regulate how much venom is injected with each sting.” Whoever controls Johor and Sabah,controls the UMNO National assembly and Najib who has been tasked with this function moves also like the Scorpion.    

Since Najib has been asked to babysit he has been keeping a very low profile but he unleases pedipalps (claws) his right hand Muhyiddin to step up the tempo for the UMNO General Assembly.  The tempo is the call for the proposal to abolish Umno’s nomination quota for the top posts in the party. Umno’s general assembly has been scheduled to be held from Dec 16 to 20, and some keen contests are expected for the top positions. The divisional meetings will be held between Oct 9 and Nov 9, while branch annual general meetings will be held between July 17 and Aug 24.

umnoUnder the present quota system, a candidate wishing to contest for the party’s presidency must obtain nominations from 30 per cent of the party’s 191 divisions, while those vying for the deputy president’s post require 20 per cent, for vice-president 10 per cent and for a seat on the supreme council five per cent.

So what we are saying is simple there are 191 Divisions in UMNO and divisional meetings are a priority for all who wishes to grow from a tadpole to a frog. The demands and requests from Divisional members are easier to fulfill. In the party hierarchy those who have attain the status as Assemblyman carries some extra voting strength depending on the Party constitution. I know very well that each PRS YBs has 3 extra votes besides the divisional numbers and it also applies to UMNO and other parties. But for now who will get the nominations for UMNO ticket to contest will take centre stage.

The movement of BN members to other houses or to cross over will still be a topic of interests as Anwar tries to attract as many as the Tadpole Divisons first before the Frogs cross to Pakatan. We say and the PM knows that a high oil price is here to stay. It is happening everywhere in the world. PM has played it right this time and with his position so vulnerable his “camouflage theory” in our earlier posts seems to have work to perfection. The scorpions are all out and the PM knows already which and what treatments are available.

The divisional warfares will be little wars fought but before the “One Scorpion” emerges with the final sting it will surely be heavily crushed. Najib has also ticked off Anwar for his “political gamesmanship” who he says that he will form Government in March,April and now September. The practical thing is to live with the new reality of BN holding steadfastly to power with Abdullah at the helm while Anwar is hoping
the thunder that is brewing in UMNO will see the emergence of a new force in Malaysia. Anwar hopes…………………..!!



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