Urban Development-Bye Bye Jams

Highway interchange in Japan by Ken Ohyama

Interesting how these urban development pieces could be made into work-of-art through the camera lenses. Malaysia moving Forward….Tan Sri Ting Pek Khing would love to get his hands on this project…..

Saving the Frogs….?

Road sign to save the crossing frogs

A ‘frog crossing’ sign had been set up along a road in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan, by a local nonprofit organization to warn drivers as the amphibians begin their spawning period. Officials hoped that the sign could help the frogs staying a jump ahead when it comes to safety

He he he…. Wonder we should have this sign for every political party to be inserted in their “Constitution” or at their “Party Headquarters”. The word “KATAK” has been used once too often to describe politicians without principles or ideals.

Excerpts from Malaysiakini…. Mahathir, without naming anyone, said that “Those who jumped from one party would jump again” and then had the crowd in stitches by using the ‘Frog Prince’ folktale as an analogy for ‘party hoppers’. “Maybe the frog would eventually become a prince.We shall wait and see if this happens.Maybe Pak Lah would kiss the frog,” 

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