Snap polls..Not Unless

Malaysiakini (Why its unlikely to happen- analysis by Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh)  Given the rumours of possible crossovers, some commentators have speculated that a snap election is in the offing. Such speculation increased after the Election Commission chairman asked his staff to be ready for yet another election.

In our earlier reports we posted on the 27th of May 2008 Surely,Abdullah will have the final say as he battles to safe his term in office. abdullah ahmad badawi looking leftThe next couple of days we will see more interesting developments.Is “Snap Federal Elections” in the offing as an alternative before he even faces the “Vote of No Confidence.” There is price for all this. PM knows what is already coming…

There are a lot of speculations and theories and I for one think it could be as the local politicians call “Tree Shaking Effect”by PM  and  a “Domino Effect”  by  Anwar to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The perception is already created by the Keadilan stategist and the bluff is already hooked up by PM. Abdullah will use this oppurtunity to knock his detractors of their Tree and uproot them and eventually they will be swept aside and carried away by the current.

Will the political landscape change in the next couple of weeks? Goodies have been delivered but the ground remains Volatile. Its always what goes on internally that will cause the whole administration to shake.Umno is afterall the majority ruling party in the Government and if there is a bitter factional war the tipping scales might change. The most serious threats to UMNO are not from external but arise from within. If allowed to manifest and fester, these “internal enemies“can weaken UMNO more efectively than the Opposition. Even Dr.Mahathir has even suggested  35 Umno members of parliament alone could have ousted Prime Minister Abdullah.

The PM has packaged all the component parties into a box. He is doing whatever he has to in order to keep the so-called 30 Barisan Nasional members of Parliament. But within UMNO he does not have the full control. Until he sorts it all out the SNAP polls its just a “Concept in the Pipeline.”

It is also interesting to note that the Prison Boys” Nalla and Ezam” are in PMs camp to assist and inform him on Anwars weaknesses. It is so unlike Khairy who is in the background for once. However he is overlooking the whole situation with interests and will stay out until his Father in Law gives the signal. 

The King will be watching for events to unfold………..