“MPs Hijacked”..Who..?

Malaysiakini Tony Thien has a full report:- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84846. According to PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali, 10 Sarawak BN parliamentarians were ‘hijacked’ and sent to Beijing on such a visit.Two of the Sarawak MPs who were supposed to be around to make an important announcement yesterday had called Pakatan leaders to say that they were in Beijing.

Was it true? Our informed sources said that the two of them are Bidayuh MPs. We have been trying to speculate and the MPs have even denied that they have been approached.

richard riot supp bn 200308So we ask again is it Datuk Richard Riot BN-SUPP(P.199) and Dr.TIki Lafe BN-SPDP (P.192)…? Who could be the person that brokered the deal? SPDP and SUPP are tightlipped on on both of them. Anwar ( PKR de facto leader ) had said that the principle of the Barisan MPs crossing over was based on an “agenda of struggle and changes for the nation.” I’ll keep it short here as the next few days all will be answered……

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“Milking the Cow”…SAPP.??

Tony Thien Malaysiakini correspondent writes from the “Land below the Wind” with a personal interview with Jeffrey Kitingan http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84841 that his former party collegue in PBS days made the right move to move a motion of no confidence against Abdullah as PM. He further added that it is important to shatter the government’s attitude that they can ignore Sabah and continue to rule this country,” Jeffrey also expressed his disappointment with BN component parties, particularly those in Sabah, which have not been vocal over such issues affecting the local populace.
Our views, comments from political analysts, academicians are that “The Political Landscape in Malaysia is re-positioning itself in the most unique manner and certainly beyond the expectations. Some even likened it to football in that you cannot use the same tactics to defend nor attack. Just look at popular teams like Holland and Portugal aren’t they out of the equation now for Euro 2008?” Has Germany proven that to us?

The cow i.e/ Sabah and Sarawak after years of being milked wants to make its demands and in her participation of Malaysia’s“GOLDEN” years wants more money to be channelled back for her people for the infrastructure developments, transportation system,rural piped water,rural electricification programmes and even a greater participation in the Cabinet set up. The cow has been very quiet but one of the cow farmers SAPP has had enough and broken ranks within BN where she is a part of the coalition by speaking out against the PM.

Why didn’t Yong do that against the former PM Dr.Mahathir? Why now… ?  Or did he even take a leaf out of Gurmit Singh(celebrity) definations,” Having needs is very Human” PM.. did say that Yong is doing it for personal greed. :P

UMNO youth chief Khairy Jamuluddin came out to say that Yong has been offered the DPM posts by Anwar which Yong denied. Perhaps To us, SAPP is just the crying cow farmer being use for the bigger political context which is the Showdown during the UMNO Assembly December 16th-20th 2008. We have covered this in detail :-  https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/serious-blow-to-pm-malaysiakini/  Musa Aman has been extremely quiet and this is very unbecoming for a UMNO CM. But today, he said Sabah Umno will allow all its 25 divisions to independently nominate their choice of candidates for the party elections in December. Well your guess will be as good as mine what is up Musa’s sleeves.

Anwar tries to make everyone believe in magic. Yong and SAPP has made a calculated risks and as a season politician will not fall into Anwars Pakatan setup. Zorro unmasked blog spared us the difficulties,” ANWAR, what in high heavens are you waiting for….if you haven’t got the numbers required to form the new government, tell us. We hate being led by the nose...”Like a cow”  

It is known that tempers are higher and more frayed when the weather is hot.  Accusations are thrown and hurled and the PM says that tomorrows proceedings will not be telecast live. Afterall this is the month of June. Minister in the PMs department Nazri said no motion against PM’s leadership will be tabled in the Dewan Rakyat as they have yet to receive any notice from SAPP regarding the matter. However, The only motion is by the Government on price increases, which will be tabled by Sharir Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister. Will BN be just asking for more trouble or is this just to tests the voting allegiance of BN MPs in Parliament tomorrow?  SAPP leaders are being questioned on their direction of this outburst?

Yong calmed all fears for his SC members and supporters by saying “Our window of opportunity is now and we must make a stand if Sabah does not want to be forgotten,” who dropped the bombshell which analysts say may ripple through the coalition. We have to act now as we will not have this bargaining position for very long,”

There are some interesting comments from our correspondent Bugi Wijaya who said come 16th of September 2008 Abdullah will still be PM not unless Sarawak joins in the bandwagon.Yong has become a hero of sort among Sabahans, and letters in Sabah letters ostensibly written by Kadazandusuns said their community should be ashamed that a non KDM would take up their cause and fight for their interests. Sabah people has come out openly to support SAPP with a lot of comments. Here are some of them:- 

History will record SAPP’s daring act for being the 1st political party to propose a no confidence vote against a PM in the ruling governement.

  1. SAPP and the Yong has the courage to tell the truth, to take the lead, that is guts, that is wisdom. he is brave as Dr M, so we must support him. at least they have some thing in common, they are the brave leaders that speak up. Unlike the rest of the MCA, MIC, Gerakan who are toeing the line.
  2. Sarawak all is quiet,so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Why,in the land of the BRAVE all of a sudden became the land of the COWARDS.Where are SUPP,PRS,SPDP,PBB? Empty dustbin makes the most noise.
  3. Unfortunately, over the last 45 years, most Sabahans feel the government has not lived up to their end of the bargain.
  4. Much of the state’s natural oil reserves go to the federal government but less than five percent is returned to the people.
  5. Many Sabahans are also worried about the large numbers of Muslim Filipinos who have settled here illegally, tipping the ethnic balance against indigenous tribes who were formerly in the majority.
  6. In peninsular Malaysia, Muslim Malays are the dominant population, alongside large ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities.The issue of immigration is the mother of all problems in Sabah and we must stop all these Muslim foreigners who are coming in illegally.
  7. SAPP knew about the issues long ago. PBS too, and so too every single politician on the surface of Sabah state. Nobody did anything but just went along with the situation as long as BN was putting titbits into their pockets to shut their mouths. Now SAPP has shown the way and Sabahans are happy that this has started.But what about people like DOMPOK and UPKO?
  8. Do not the Sabah people know about project IC all these years? Yes, they do. Every single Sabahan.

There are underlying forces and movements within UMNO who are putting the pieces of jigsaw together. Our report earlier KU Li is it a Coalition..? “Oilheat on PM and Cabinet” POLITICS? CROSSOVERS? CHANGES? ”An informed source has that the “September issue would be done sooner than later” Sabah MP defections is a ”meticulous strategy” put up by Anwar to deflect from the real crossovers taking place.

It is without doubt an arrangement of “Great Financial Minds” The person in question is Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim both of whom has served as Finance Ministers and has access to all the dealings of “Petronas,Bernas and Malaysias Banking Accounts”. There is a deal so it seems involving giving Tengku the Interim Premiership in the event that Abdullah is forced to “ABDICATE” or he calls for SNAP elections. The King holds the Key and Constitutional Power and he may even appoint Tengku as PM which of course is acceptable by Anwar. 

Is Badawi’s political tenure as PM coming to an end sooner than later? We still think it will come to the “Battle of PM against Tengku for the UMNO Presidency” but one thing is for certain: should Malaysia’s fifth prime minister leave office and vacate his seat in the coming weeks or after the UMNO General Assembly, that seat will remain the hottest in the country, and it won’t be a comfortable ride for whoever takes his place. For the moment the cows will be happily grazing the pasture, ready and waiting to be milked….