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Join Me! Join Us! There seems to be a united front from all the partners of Pakatan as they prepare for the State elections 2011. Whats more, where are the Chinese and Indian members going to park when the merged entity of SPDP-PRS becomes one?  Two contrasting statements from two different camps of the divide within the last 24 hours in Sarawak. Is there going to be an “associate member’ Clause for the Chinese or Indian to join PBB? Or is PBB going to amend its constitution to open to all races?

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Unimaginable! Mind Boggling! Read between the lines:- Sarawak BN chairman and CM Taib Mahmud who  spoke of the possibility of a merged PRS-SPDP entity one day “joining” Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), of which he is the president. After the SAPP turbulence in Sabah came the tail winds of CMs statement.


What’s going on? Is it Happening? Hold  On….”Politics is never a Reality “says a former group editor of an English daily. A 2nd year political student further added,”The CMs agenda needs to be fulfilled and also politics is a perception where the truth is always not there. Many will be shocked with this statement but it must be known that this idea was advocated way back in 1972 by the former CM Tun Rahman(Taibs uncle).  Taib said it was still up to PRS and SPDP to decide whether to join PBB after their merger, stressing however that they would be on better ground to talk with PBB once they had merged. Well, its alright that this merger will take sometime just yet but in politics as PKR State Chairman Dominique used to echo to me ,”Everything is Possible.Fast Forward”

upm student memo to mp 051207 chong chieng jenBandar Kuching MP and also state Assemblyman for Kota Sentosa urged BN legislators in the state to take the cue from their Sabah counterparts and said in a statement to Malaysiakini today that “as the largest opposition party in Sarawak, the DAP is openly inviting all Barisan MPs to quit the BN. They can either join our party as members or join us on a party-party basis as equal partners to form a new alliance front. Chongs also included three agendas and it can be read at “This is what all Sarawakians want. The  BN government has had their chances for the past few decades but they have failed the people of Sarawak”

What has created the ripple amongst the Chinese and Indian Politicians albiet being a minority of 33% in both SPDP and PRS is where do they go from here. Obviously they know that SUPP a majority Chinese based party has suffered major electoral defeats in the hands of DAP. The CM might just see this as an oppurtunity for them to bolster the ailing party. But in the 70s or the 80s the idea of a communal party system works but the last General Elections has shown that communal party ideology has taken a battering in the Peninsular. Its not a way forward to most members in the respective political parties of SPDP and PRS.

This will see a shift of a lot of “foot soldiers” to the Pakatan led DAP and PKR parties as their approach has changed from the communal mindset to a more attainable and friendly mutiracial concept. The doors are open now as they see 5 states are being run by Pakatan led government and the members are actually in the government while BN is the opposition in these states. Its a whole new ball game and PBB and DAP are casting their baits. PKR knows that there are not equip to go all out and head on against the BN Sarawak State as they are lacking “foot soldiers” and have more “Generals” than DAP. It is a known fact that battles and wars are not won by Generals strategising and commanding from their posts but by the foot soldiers who engage each other on the ground.

I have been very consistent in my reporting of seeing Gerakan in the State of Sarawak as the next “war 2011” will not be one of State BN parties against each DAP,PKR,state splinter parties or independants but one where BN will engage head-on against Pakatan. Not unless there is a THIRD COALITION in the pipeline. Gerakan is a party which practises a mutiracial concept acceptable by a lot of political members in Sarawak as an alternative if they so wish to participate in national politics instead of joing PKR or DAP. 

Taib has put it as when you go for a merger you must go through a process like that of a married life. You ought to learn what your partners are like and then try to understand them. Chong entices the BN legislators and members “to put aside our political differences and party politics to implement the people’s agenda.” It must be noted that both of them are using their political platforms to encourage, implement and fulfilled their partys agenda. Politics changes all the time and every minute will be a different ball game and whoever stays ahead will gain the advantage………

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PRS  SPDP  supportive of the idea of joining Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) one day but there was just that slight hint of “cold feet”.


WATER Politics..Anwar Invites-Malaysiakini

Why and Where Anwar inspires and convinces..?  Which state under UMNO BN gives free water? Where in the world that a government within 100 days days of governance let alone in Malaysia has an economic growth ‘meaningful’ for the common people and to translate them into programmes to protect and promote their welfare. With a cheeky smile on his face he asked all his friends in UMNO to migrate and give support to Pakatan.What are you waiting for? Previously thay might have reservations on the stability of the Pakatan coalition but now they should not as programmes are working out for the people.

Anwar was speaking to a crowd of 10,000 at the Shah Alam Stadium where his rhetorics and his charismatic self won the hearts of many and sent them into frenzy by saying “Come. Save this country, Malaysia! Let us bring down the BN government.’ We have 2 in the bag and there are 28 to go. A comprehensive report by the Malaysiakini team can be read “Selangor launches “Communitarian Economy”

Anwar was referring to Khalids Selangor Government that is providing 20 cubic metres of free water to each household in the state. Water…..? Wow….! The rest of the schemes and programmes that is being worked out does not matter as much to me as Water.  We all know that a person can live weeks without food, but only days without water. In fact ,up to 60% of our bodies are made of water. It is essential to provide pure,clean drinking water as contaminated water will lead to deaths. Your body is mostly water so replenishing it is essential.

Water helps regulate your temperature, lubricate joints and muscles and carry nutrients throughout your body. Anwar also knows that for every$1 spent on water it creates on average another $8 in costs averted and productivity gained. Using Selangor State Government is also a way of gaining politcal mileage to all the other states voters/electorate that a Pakatan Government can do it and why BN cannot. 

Earlier I covered an article on Jacob Emang @ Imang a 69 years old NGO who said to me that ,”Kuching is only 10% of Sarawak” Why….? Sarawak is no different from Sabah he says in that we are really not enjoying the fruits of development. Why because all longhouses in the interior are not covered by the basic neccessites of clean piped water. True or very true..? So to him Jacob says,” Malaysia is already 51 years old the government of the day whether it’s Abdullah or Anwars they must look after the natives rights first and ensure development reaches the people.’ What actually is this development? If one was to see the map of Sarawak it is as big as the whole of West Malaysia. Longhouses and villages in the interior are all not covered by piped water let alone roads and electricity.

The BN government has done their work but not enough. The Japanese Ambassdor to Malaysia said in an interview in Bernama TV ,’that the country of Malaysia will progress and further develop if there is a check and balanced  government.” The investment climate is good in Malaysia and the government of the day is stable. Very true, and with Pakatan heckling down the very throats of BN legislators the BN has to fulfill all the projects planned and promised to the people. Even before Pakatan managed to take over some states the BN government in its 9th Malaysia Plan has already identified the necessary and budgeted for it.

A consortium of  companies has come up with the umbrella plan of involving all MPs in Sarawak to facilitate and implement this project to eradicate the politics of water supply from the agenda. DPM Najib has reinforced  by saying that  government will implement all basic infrastructure projects for rural and remote areas that has been identified under the Ninth Malaysia Plan after chairing a cabinet committee meeting. Efforts will be made to ensure all villages and remote areas in the country had access to basic facilities. Najib went on to say that an additional allocation of RM595 million had been approved for the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, in addition to the RM1 billion each for Sabah and Sarawak and RM2 billion for the peninsular. The works should be carried out soonest as the plan has been on the DRAWING BOARDS. BN needs to work the plan and reach out to the people.

As a country’s economy becomes stronger (as its GNP per capita or PPP rise) a larger percentage of its people tend to have access to drinking water and sanitation. Access to drinking water is measured by the number of people who have a reasonable means of getting an adequate amount of water that is safe for drinking, washing, and essential household activities. So we know where Anwar is getting it from? Reach the people through people’s thirst for the basic ESSENTIALS OF LIFE.

Anwar knows where to knock the door for the people and peoples basic needs. If I may, RM128mil a year or RM10.4mil a month that’s how much it cost to taxpayers in Selangor for the purported free water they are getting. For sure, the free water isn’t free.There’s no such thing as free. It will cost RM128mil a year for this exercise. Pakatan government has just been formed in some states for 100 days and counting but it must be noted that the BN government cannot be just ignored after 50 years. Inflation has caught up with us and even water bottled prices 1.5 Litres have even seen an increase of 20cents or more.

  • 1. Borneo Natural Mineral Water -$1 to 1.40
  • 2.Spritzer Drinking Water -$1.60 to $1.80
  • 3. Quench H2O $1.20 to $1.40
  • 4.Boulevard Drinking water $1.20 to $1.40
  • 5. Guardian Mineral Water $1.16 to $1.49
  • 6. Evian Imported Mineral Water from France $6.50 to $7.70

We in the cities and towns are the envy of the people especially from the rural areas. They can hardly get clean water from the streams,rivers or waterfalls let alone piped water. Malaysia is 51 years old now and what Anwar and the government of the day should be doing is to go down and live with the interior people for 2 weeks or more rough it out and face the hardship of water. To me every village and longhouse should be connected with pipe water supply system or else Malaysia has failed to provide this basic essential for its people. Any more convincing needed………….