” 48hrs “Any consequences-Malaysiakini

The next 48 hours will be very crucial for any changes that might or will alter the political landscape of the country. Tony Thien Malaysiakini correspondent who took a flight from Sarawak (delayed 5hours) and only arrived in Sabah in time for the Press Conference said that Yong Teck Lee has resigned to the fact that his Party might have no future in the ruling Barisan Nasional.

Tony’s analysis http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84820 also includes the eight demands which are:

  • That the government should be based on good governance and civil society and non-racial politics
  • That Sabah shall have political autonomy, in which the state government will be formed and run by Sabahans
  • Oil royalty amounting to 20 percent are given to all oil-producing states
  • The return of Labuan, presently a federal territory, to Sabah
  • The review of all unfair and imprudent federal laws that have been extended to Sabah
  • A just and fair participation of Sabahans in the federal administration, civil service and private sector, with federal departments in the state headed by locals
  • The immediate solution to the illegal immigrants’ problems in the state, and
  • To redress the economic and social imbalances affecting Sabah and other states

As we speak there are already a lot of movements carried out by leaders from both sides of the divide. Tham (Sabah Science advisor) made a quick exit to the Federal Capital and met up with PM ,Dr Koh(Act.President of Gerakan)and Dompok (President of UPKO)  and they have made arrangements and cleared the path for YB Raymond Tan (Deputy president  & DCM) YB Au Kam Wah (Adun Elopura & Youth Chief) and Jimmy Wong (Pol.Sec to CM) plus 12 other Constituency Liason Chairman.

Latest from Bugi:- ( RT and 2 others will join Gerakan or remain partyless. RT will remain DCM,YB Au will be rewarded with the Assistant Ministant of Finance replacing YB Melanie and Jimmy Wong (Pol Sec) will be made a Senator and will be given the portfolio earlier offered by PM to Yong as Special Envoy.) It should be noted also that KK Youth Zone will have a emergency youth meeting to be chaired by the Chester Pang Exco Youth Secretary to discuss the position of YB Au as Youth Chief.) 

This could be either to “park” temporarily or “join” another component party. It is anyones guess what will happen politically and the only logical case is Sabah State Government will have to take the necessary  and bold step to remove SAPP from the coalition in the State. It must be noted that The President and his loyalists has come up with “Meet the People Session” will be held on 21 June 2008(Sat) at 2:30 pm at Dewan Serbaguna Likas.

This could only mean one thing,” there is indeed a political split in SAPP with regards to the issue of the no confidence vote to be taken against the PM on Monday by the 2 SAPP MPs in Parliament. Sapp leaders will after tomorrow also go on to other parts of Sabah to meet the people to explain the party’s stand and decision vis-a-vis the BN.
We were also told by our source that there is something happening outside Malaysia ( Dubai )with regards to MPs who are willing to opt out of BN government. The intrigue is Anwar will be in KK tomorrow for the Kaamatan closing and Anwar will not be away from the country before the 23rd of June. The Parliament sitting starts on Monday and all eyes and ears will be focussed here.

I still feel that nothings going to happen and for all the hoo-hahs the main agenda will be Sharir’s motion seeking support for the measures taken by the government over price increases of food, oil and commodities, including reduction of oil subsidies.” Lim Kit Siang(MP ipoh Timur) said that this could be treated as a no-confidence motion “if there are enough numbers in Parliament to defeat it”.

This motion could see the light of the day as it is unlikely such a no-confidence vote against the PM will take place in Parliament as no notice on the matter  has been sent to the speaker.Of course there is a provision it is not necessary to have a proper motion of no confidence to create a ‘no confidence’ vote in Parliament on the PM and the government-of-the-day,”

There will be a lot of wheeling and dealings in Malaysia for all political leaders from both divides within the next 48 hours but when there is too much calm we do expect a storm to follow. The whistle has been blown and SAPP has kicked off from the middle of the circle. Anwar has moved the ball with “Come. Save this country, Malaysia! Let us bring down the BN government,”  PM will need to “bolster” his defences and get the “tackles” right in order to stop the opposition from scoring the “GOAL“. Its still 140-82.

“Leaving BN..?” SPDP-PRS

The rumour mill was working overtime as there was an indication that 2 Sarawak based parties are going for an “Independant Entity.”and leaving Barisan National.News through “sms” reached Barisan Headquarters and UMNO and clarifications were needed. The whole thing came about when SAPP in the afternoon passed a no confidence vote against the PM and during the night instead of holding a PC in support of PM the two committees sat down for a “Merger Meeting” Strange timing don’t you think ?

On 18th of June The Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) took a major step towards their merger when they announced three shortlisted names for their new party.

Bersatu Rakyat Sarawak (Beras), Demokratik Rakyat Sarawak (Deras) or Bersatu Progresif Rakyat Sarawak (BPRS) are the three names now being considered from a list of seven proposed names.The names were announced at a press conference after a brief meeting between the merger committees of the two parties.

Meanwhile we contacted our source in SPDP and told them,they stressed that ,” We are solidly behind BN and the PM.”  A PRS Vice-President  said,’ they can create the rumours but PRS subscribes to the principles of BN party.  In this times of high political volatility everything and anything works for the opposition just to shake the BN foundations. Sarawak Chief Minister and State BN leader Abdul Taib Mahmud is known to be keen on the merger.

(…10am…) SAPP Meets – Malaysiakini

UPDATED***7.45pm*** RT agrees that SAPP should not leave BN but he disagreed with YTL that there is a concensus in the motion of Vote of No confidence against PM. YB Au ( Adun Elopura ) and another SC member share the same view. Meanwhile,Tham is in KL meeting up with PM and some component heads. It seems that RT,Au and a few others are making preparations to leave SAPP and “park themselves” or “join” with a component party. It seems that there is a “SPLIT” in SAPP………  

Verdict**4.50pm*** SAPP stays On In BN. Concensus to proceed with Vote of no Confidence to PM. Questioned by the press boys:- Yong said Sabahans are divided. If there is confidential letter from BN requesting on this matter we will answer says Yong. There are a lot of issues e.g price increases,fuel hikes,illegal immigrants which should be addressed by BN. SAPP is “One Voice” and the party will grow stronger eventhough the other component parties have knocked me and the party. There was also questions asked on “ACA case.” For full report please check Malaysiakini or Malaysiainsider.Bye bye have a nice day…Bugi Wijaya

Latest (*4.10pm*):- Meeting still on. Democracy at work. 33 SC members of course takes at very least 5half hours.?

Latest (*2.35pm*):- PC not yet start.

Latest (*1.25pm*):- Before SC started there was meeting for 1hour  between YTL and RT. PC might be delayed.

Latest (*1pm*):-Bugi says Half-Time Lunch for all SC members. SC member says we are a “mosquito” party why the whole nation awaits and the trading in stock exchange is affected. 2pm PC scheduled.

Wonder what will the headlines be tomorrow in all the mainstream media?  SAPP meets to discuss is Malaysiakini’s header http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84771  while other blog sites calls it emergency meeting. Our Bugi Wijaya who is attending is at the headquarters says that discussion is “Hebat and Heavy” if you know what it means?

The meeting held at the party headquarters in Luyang, near here, would decide whether SAPP would remain as a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party or opt to leave the 14-member coalition. The fireworks are expected to be a showdown between Yong and his deputy Raymond Tan, who is also Sabah DCM and Infrastructure minister. A large contingent of Press/Media are outside waiting for any lead stories. The press boys have been informed that there will be a press conference at 2pm.