Ku Li is it a Coalition…?

If yesterdays SAPP talk “Economy in Jeopardy” was an indication there were fiery speeches to add that the BN Government has failed Sabah. Our Friday 13th  SAPP Mobile Service Caravan indicator and the hot topics of MP (Sepanggar) Majimbun and MP( Tawau) Datuk Chua Soon Bui both of SAPP seems to have caught the imagination of people in Sabah. Let us bring it all to you as events has moved on since.

(From MalaysiaKini) Tony Thien Sarawak Correspondent  | Jun 2, 08 writes
http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83809 Dr Jeffrey Kitingan Sabah-based PKR national vice-president said there was “nothing new at all” in the prime minister’s announcement on the cabinet committee the ‘goodies’ would not affect plans for the crossovers from the BN to Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah.

We did say on June 5th 2008 “Oilheat on PM and Cabinet” An informed source has that the “September issue would be done sooner than later” It is the right time to move and as our earlier reports have mentioned POLITICS? CROSSOVERS? CHANGES? ”Sabah MP defections is a ”meticulous strategy” put up by Anwar to deflect from the real crossovers taking place.

it is without doubt an arrangement of “Great Financial Minds” The person in question is Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim both of whom has served as Finance Ministers and has access to all the dealings of “Petronas,Bernas and Malaysias Banking Accounts”. There is a deal so it seems involving giving Tengku the Interim Premiership in the event that Abdullah is forced to “ABDICATE” or he calls for SNAP elections. The King holds the Key and Constitutional Power and he may even appoint Tengku as PM which of course is acceptable by Anwar. 

Today Ku Li said that a BN party will leave Barisan National before the end of the month. Things have moved so fast that yesterday SAPP went for a survey for all his members in their blog http://sapphq.blogspot.com. Its a step for them to move out from BN. The SAPP machinery is in topgear.

In the afternoon Several Umno politicians are in Kota Kinabalu trying to persuade Yong from making the SAPP an independent political party, a move that will reduce BN majority in Parliament by two seats. So far the Umno politicians have not been able to make headway with the SAPP president, who believes that the time is ripe to “turn back the clock” and bring back political power from the federal government to Sabah. Yong hopes that other disgruntled Sabah MPs from Umno, Parti Bersatu Sabah and UPKO would have joined the SAPP, giving it a better bargaining position to extract more Cabinet positions from whoever controls Parliament.
Yong has told his friends that the SAPP, which has two MPs, will not be joining Pakatan Rakyat just yet. SAPP’s declaration of independence could come as early as next week. Our source inside SAPP has said that his boss is confident with Ku Li as there had an alliance with him during his 1990 PBS days and Semangat 46.
 PBS innsiders told us if the party does not pull out, the MPs and Aduns aligned to one group will join the grassroots to leave BN.There was also mentioned of some Sarawak MPs being keen to join in this loose coalition.


We have noted that everyone is saying about the 2 party system that is Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan National but a third party might just come into place. There is a strong possiblity that it will work and it will even see Parties in Sabah and Sarawak forming the “3rd Coalition.”  This will give them a strong bargaining position. Talks are positive and they have surfaced in the disgruntled camp of SAPP and it is a step by step move. 

We will keep you posted as events unfolds and for now lets see whats the next move……………………….. 
**Just been notified that PM will go to Sabah in a few days time while Anwar will be scheduled in Sabah on the 28th after going to Mecca (23rd -27th June).

Exciting Equations…Euro 2008

The defending Champions will be just mere spectators as they have been knocked out even before the completion of the round robin stages. Holland supremo dismisses the notion of French and Italian stitch up. Why not……? I would for now, if I was Marco Van Basten as this is sports politics. with Italy and France out it will be a clearer path to having a hand on the new version of Henri Delauney Trophy.

Italy and France needs Holland to beat Romania and then either of them need to have a result to scrap through as “Group of Death Runners-Up” The Italians (World champions) and France( former World champions) scrambled their journalists to approach and interview Van Basten. He said “I’m not going to think about losing to Romania just to elimate Italy and France. We try to prepare for every game seriously.”

Do you honestly believe so this time…..?  Your call……


5 years to catch Fire chief..?

Hannah Yeoh the DAP Subang Jaya Assemblywoman mention that she does not want to participate in any contracts or being accused of corrupt practises when she calls it a day. She says,”If the people dont want me anymore I will call it a day. I’m impressed or will we all be….. when she decides to call it a day..?

Doesn’t it remind you of Sir Winston Churchill inspirational rhetoric “I have nothing to offer,but blood,toil,tears,and sweat” Unleashing the “Power of the Youth” is my tag-line and DAP is surely changing their patterns and I am glad for the Youths.

The truth should be finally brought out and no matter who is involved and (Borneo Posts) and (Malaysiakini)  filed this report ,”the director of the Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department has been arrested by officers from the Sarawak Anti-Corruption Agency on charges of receiving inducements totaling RM925,000. The full texts http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84484.

We hope that justice will be brought fairly,fully and impartially. The good office of the ACA should not be compromised and eventhough the alleged offence occurred in 2003 while the alleged was the officer-in-charge of development for the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department. Why only now…..?

Sarawak ACA director Mohamad Yusoff Akope said “We received information regarding the offence from the public and began our investigation about three months ago,” He added that court will use the ordinance provided under Section 11(a) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997.

The civil service should be reminded that they have a job to fulfilled as government servants and they will be monitored even more now than ever. There are others who thinks that they will be able to escape the long arms of the law but the ACA will take their time. We say keep up the Good work and to prove to the public that even 5 years ago we will still “HAVE AN EYE ON YOU……”  

Politicians will also not be compromised.The Prime Minister had announced far-reaching reforms to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to give it independence and more bite. PM also said that there would be a law in place to give whistleblowers and witnesses comprehensive protection. More people are coming forward to report corruption. Do your part and have your say…………..