Malaysiakini: “Thank You Turkish Embassy”

Anwar left the Turkish embassy with his wife after getting assurances from DPM Najib,Rais Foreign Minister and Syed Hamid Home Minister that nothing would happen to him. In the full report in Malaysiakini  Chan Kok Leong writes Anwar walked out of the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur at 6.45pm  where he took refuge after being hit with sodomy accusations.

In the last 24 hours the Turkish embassy in Jalan U Thant that has been sheltering Anwar has become a focal point for all Malaysians and the international press/media. Anwar must have intimidated and ruffled the feathers of the BN that certain actions has to be taken to stop his momentum.

There are some who feels that by trying the same old trick again and putting Anwar behind bars again just to stop him harping on the “oil crisis”, “crossovers and taking over the governement by September 16th would be a very wise political decision.

Anwar must be grateful that he is a friend to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and he had sought sanctuary at the embassy yesterday, saying he had received threats and feared for his life. Anwar is working hard to keep public perception to his side and he has sued the political aide this morning for defamation. All in, Anwar is fighting the BN government that is also fighting for its own survival after a near to disastrous outing in the last General Elections. Dr Azizah sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to personally guarantee Anwars safety and this must have led Anwar leaving the safe refuge. 

Anwar is now holed up in an unknown location, and he is having a series of meetings with his lawyers and party leaders.

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“Najibs not Involved..What is the Aim.?”

Malaysiakini correspondent Beh Lih Yi files a report after DPM Najib strongly dismissed that,””I’m not involved in this case,” The full text can be read at :-    Dr.Azizah in the press conference was also quick to point out that it’s a conspiracy.

So it seems that Najib is now not involved. Three others Agriculture and Agro-based Minister Mustapa Mohamed ( picture above), Tourism Minister Azalina Othman and Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad all said that they did not know Saiful personally. By the way it really puzzles the general public in that,”Najib said it was taken when the 23-year-old came to his office to seek a government scholarship to pursue his studies.”

So there will be many who would be seeking government scholarships by just walking into the government buildings..?  Odd isn’t it..? What then is so special about this boy.? Could he be special like the ‘mole’ which is planted in the Hong Kong movie haha “Internal affairs..?” 

What actually was Shaiful aims..? He is young man in a hurry and to achieve his goal he needs to fulfill his tasks. it is only one word to him. “It is Anwar.” It is what has been instilled into the young man that if he works on this plan he will be richly rewarded and has nothing to worry of the consequences.

 Sure,we know that there are a lot of “hidden hands” behind his agenda or else he would not even dare to come out in the open le alone make a police report. In my earlier article I mentioned that the late MGG Pillai is fond of saying the rich and politically powerful will always try to find ways to get a scapegoat willing to take “that” fall.

Of course nobody is guilthy until they are charged in court. Federal CID chief Bakri and his men has the work cut out for them. They will be under public scrutiny as this will be a high profile police investigation. We also hope the police can sort  out this ‘conspiracy” as Dr.Azizah puts it. Let us not hide the Truth….hmmm..Over to you..the men in blue 

Turkey Meddling in Malaysia’s Affairs.?..Malaysiakini

A report in Malaysiakini says that Foreign Minister Rais Yatim will seek an audience with the Turkish ambassador “We will ask the ambassador to reconsider (giving Anwar refuge) as it is meddling in Malaysia’s internal affairs. The full texts at

Why all the fuss…? What relationship has Anwar with Turkey..?  Turkish Premier Reccep Erdogan has struck up a friendship with Anwar even to the extend that the last GE, intelligiance gathered that Anwar has used Turkish strategists to assist in the run up of the elections. We also know that not only Turkey is an European Islamic country but Anwar is said to be an admirer of the AKP(political party), particularly the manner in which Erdogan managed to sandpaper the rough edges of the Islamic political party and make it more acceptable to the public.

If Anwar is running from ISA, Rais says it is a different matter.But he is being sought for an investigation involving sodomy, which is a crime under the Penal Code.When you run away from the law, it is not the same as facing some political persecution.As such the embassy cannot grant him any sort of protection.”We will ask the ambassador to reconsider as it is meddling in Malaysia’s internal affairs.

So what is next…Will Rais be able to get any answers from the ambassador..? 

***Latest***(It has been reported that Anwar has up the ante by suiing his former aide lodging false and malicious) report to police. Breaking news from Malaysiakini