“Najibs not Involved..What is the Aim.?”

Malaysiakini correspondent Beh Lih Yi files a report after DPM Najib strongly dismissed that,””I’m not involved in this case,” The full text can be read at :- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85302    Dr.Azizah in the press conference was also quick to point out that it’s a conspiracy.

So it seems that Najib is now not involved. Three others Agriculture and Agro-based Minister Mustapa Mohamed ( picture above), Tourism Minister Azalina Othman and Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad all said that they did not know Saiful personally. By the way it really puzzles the general public in that,”Najib said it was taken when the 23-year-old came to his office to seek a government scholarship to pursue his studies.”

So there will be many who would be seeking government scholarships by just walking into the government buildings..?  Odd isn’t it..? What then is so special about this boy.? Could he be special like the ‘mole’ which is planted in the Hong Kong movie haha “Internal affairs..?” 

What actually was Shaiful aims..? He is young man in a hurry and to achieve his goal he needs to fulfill his tasks. it is only one word to him. “It is Anwar.” It is what has been instilled into the young man that if he works on this plan he will be richly rewarded and has nothing to worry of the consequences.

 Sure,we know that there are a lot of “hidden hands” behind his agenda or else he would not even dare to come out in the open le alone make a police report. In my earlier article I mentioned that the late MGG Pillai is fond of saying the rich and politically powerful will always try to find ways to get a scapegoat willing to take “that” fall.

Of course nobody is guilthy until they are charged in court. Federal CID chief Bakri and his men has the work cut out for them. They will be under public scrutiny as this will be a high profile police investigation. We also hope the police can sort  out this ‘conspiracy” as Dr.Azizah puts it. Let us not hide the Truth….hmmm..Over to you..the men in blue 

3 thoughts on ““Najibs not Involved..What is the Aim.?”

  1. Abdul says:

    Since when did the Ministry of Defence give out random scholarship to Malaysians? Since when did the Scholarship Department became part of the Ministry of Defence? Since when did the Ministry of Higher Education was erased that the Defence Ministry took over its place? Since when did someone just walk to an office and the Defence ministry for that to ask for Scholarship and the Right hand man of the Deputy PM comes out to meet him as if he is a VIP met outside the gate? Since when people start going to the official buildings of ministries to have a chat with Ministers and Government leaders? Since when? When? And when?

    The conspiracy is coming out and they will fall on their own sword.

  2. bondoun says:

    A mole is the easiest way to attempt to explain what is going on, but I am not sure if this is it. Somehow, the pictures he was found posing with the major leaguer is freely available in the internet before the election.

    If he is BN “mole” out to penetrate PKR and especially Anwar, they would have covered their tracks and not let these pictures readily available in the public domain. So, having said that, I think we owe him and Anwar the benefit of the doubt.

    Saiful is an opportunistic young man trying to get involved in politics. He probably wanted to get involved in BN (hence the pictures), but may be Anwar found and invited him to join PKR. Don’t know what Anwar saw in him.

    I think the big question is, what is the proof Ezam reported has about Anwar that would put him as “serial sodomizer” on the map? So, let’s wait and see which shoe is going to drop next …

  3. ct says:

    Audie, the bn leaders still x realise that we have brains and we can see through all these fiascos. I suggest that they watch more FBI series to come out with a better foolproof plan, rather than something which backfires everytime they implement it, making us Malaysians look like a stupid fool. The govt. makes a blunder, eyes of the world are on us. New events (rubbish) keeps cropping up daily , since after the 12th GE, so much so country’s administration comes to a standstill, becoz the leaders have to find excuses, find who to blame etc etc. All the wrong focus!
    When will it stop, once and for all?? Or is this politics, where its “meriah” all the time?

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