We Told You So…..

Yesterday we posted the article RM$ 1Billion goodies  we mentioned Sarawakians are really peeved with having to pay 40 per cent more for petrol and are anticipating a spike in the price of goods and services. Whats more…? We went on to say that Sarawak’s Land size is so huge and it will not be easy to penalise the offenders by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Guess What happened..? Hasbi Ali ( BKPB’s officer-in-charge ), led a group of seven officers in a 10am raid from Bahagian Kawal Selia Padi Dan Beras (BKPB) and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (DTCA) made a lightning swoop at a supermarket in Sibu.  The culprit who committed the offence would eventually be charged for deceiving the consumers by selling rice at marked up prices. Is this a call by Malaysiakini’s report on your say on, ”PM we’ll do everything to ease the Rakyats burden.” 

The Charge…..Offenders would be charged under the Control of Padi and Price 1884,Act 522. A first time individual offender, if guilty, could be fined not exceeding RM15,000 and two years’ imprisonment while a repeat offender may be fined the maximum RM25,000 and five years’ imprisonment.For companies, the first time offenders may be fined up to the maximum RM25,000 while repeat offenders may be fined up to RM50,000.

So it’s Your CHOICE. We Have ……….”WARNED YOU and DO NOT OVERCHARGED THE RAKYAT”. Hasbi said there will be more raids against this unethical practice and the officers will not only concentrate in the main towns and cities of Kuching,Sibu,Sri Aman,Miri,Limbang but also cover places like Sarikei, Mukah,Kanowit,Song,Niah and even as far as Lawas. The public just needs to inform us…..and “WE WILL DO IT………………..!!!”

RM1 Billion for Sarawak’s Rural Development


Sarawak Latest 7.30pm:- Our earlier report at 4.30pm The Breakfast “Menu Show”for Sarawak…!!! Tony Thien Malaysiakini correspondent Sarawak/Sabah has a similar writeup PM announces RM1 Billion development for S’wak. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84271


PM Abdullah promises the same deal as RM1 Billion as Sabah before he left for the Federal Capital late evening. However the MPs and Aduns now will only be entitled to make claims for helicopter usage to service the constituencies inaccessible by road. All details will be given to the Sarawak State Development Office.

The PM said the government gave the assurance that all projects, roads and bridges in the rural areas would be implemented despite the higher operating costs due to the recent rise in fuel prices.

Meanwhile Sarawak Chief Minister Taib said the state’s coastal areas would be developed in tandem with the the interior

2 PRS YBs 1 Assistant Minister and 1 Adun was very encouraged by PMs allocation from his development fund as PM after a whirlwind tour of the State in Sebuyau and Tebedu knows that Sarawaks Rural areas needs much development and this will help to raise the economic standard of the rural people.

In Tony’s Malaysiakini report he mentioned that Sarawak PKR today also ‘welcomed’ PM Abdullah on his one-day visit to Sarawak with banners urging him to reduce petrol prices and increase oil and gas royalties from five percent to 20 percent for the state.

He also touched on the Bidayuh community who has been disappointed that not one single elected representative from the community has been appointed minister or deputy minister after the recent general election. Most of the Bidayuh MPs and YBs were tightlipped when they were asked for comments. One of them just shrugged his shoulders and pointed towards the sky. 

We Wonder what he means…?    


The Breakfast “Menu Show” for Sarawak…!!!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi having a discussion with Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad (centre) and Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop (right) in Putrajaya yesterday.

“I think its all a show’ writes Tarani Palani from Malaysiakini and the “cost-cutting measures were mooted by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who said that the government felt the pain of the people and wanted to lead by example by pulling back several privileges enjoyed by the ministers and their deputies” Read the full interview of the people and the text in http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84227.

At a Breakfast meeting at a leading hotel in Kuching the “Menu” was shown to the Sarawak MPs and Aduns from the four BN Component Parties by the Prime Minister. It reads as Parliamentary MPs will receive an increase of RM 1 million for their Minor Rural Projects. There will be a ‘matching grant” for Sarawak Assemblymen. As Sarawak is a huge State there will be substancial financial assistance from the Federal Government for the usage of helicopters. As for poverty eradication the federal government would put extra funds when the reports and recommendations are finalised.

Abdullah further emphasised the government will be leading by example after the fuel price hike, by slashing expenditure that would save it RM2 billion. In public administration, ministries, departments and agencies have been told to cut back on the frills and hold their events only at government facilities.

In the meeting the PM also told the Sarawak MPs and Aduns and their Parties to be be prudent,thrifty and find ways to reduce expenditure and show an example to the people. We asked yesterday,”Will Sarawak get RM$ 1Billion goodies or more than Sabah? The MPs equation is Sarawak 30 Sabah 24. Our correspondent Bugi Wijaya has this to say about it..

With the goodies announcement today for Sarawak falls short of the expection of the people of Sarawak compare to Sabah, there is a lesson to be learned. The best way to ask to get something is to “Voice Out Loudly.” Maybe we should follow the example of a child where if he is hurt he will just cry  and when he wants somethings he will throw a tantrum.

This ‘childlike’ formula seems to work for Sabah as there was many ‘tantrums’ thrown prior to the announcement of the goodies for Sabah recently.  It started after the election where a BN component party led by its New president voiced out that they deserve a Full Ministers Post for the State and Federal as a reward for their 100% success result at the elections.There was also ‘rumblings’ on more appointments for Sabah.  Then, presto Sabah has 3 Full minister and a good number of Federal deputy minister.
(Another component party of BN which also had 100% success who merely mentioned that they leave the appointment of Federal post to the PM ended with only the ‘lamp post’ to shine the way (i.e. no post lah!).  Another component who also scored 100% in winning their only state and parliamentray seats were also rewarded with a federal and state deputy minister posts!!!!!!! They did stake their claim.
Then in Parliament and thereafter, we still see the Sabah leaders making lots and lots being vocal and ….ta..da…the announcement of the goodies although the local leaders will continue to be vocal as the people are not fully satisfy.The difference between Sabah and Sarawak are in Sabah,the rakyat had been under the opposition before and they are not afraid of change.  

As I was going through his notes a former Group editor of a newspaper daily said that it is very true and Sarawak MPs and Aduns are “very,very polite” in front of the PM and the CM. It seems to be a driven-in culture for Sarawak lawmakers especially those in the BN Government.


umnoAnother interesting factor which the Sabah correspondent mentioned was the presence of UMNO in the Sabah State. PBB in Sarawak has been playing the role that UMNO played in West Malaysia through meeting the aspirations of Sarawakians. UMNO Sabah politicians holds the leverage for those attaining to the powers to be in the Supreme Council of UMNO . Elections is at the end of the year and Sabah UMNO leaders have had their wishes fulfilled.

A Protem exco member of Jawatankuasa Penaja Umno Negeri Sarawak (JPUNS), was thankful to the PM for giving the extras to the MPs as the Sarawak MPs needs to serve their constituencies. He also hopes that with the opening of many Keadilan Divisions and the Anwar factor, UMNO will consider to open its doors in Sarawak officially soon to assist the State BN.

A quick check with some PBB and PRS MPs and Aduns there said they were indeed “Happy” to receive the extras from the Federal government knowing very well that yesterday the Government as recommended by the National Inflation Council was slashing expenditure to the tune of RM2 billion. 

A State Minister who asked on the RM$ 1Billion goodies to Sabah to the PM was told by the PM that the press/media played it out of proportion and the true figures are with him and he can have a copy of it. The PM knows what he is doing as we have mentioned earlier and it is up to those together and surrounding him to WALK HIS TALK. The Show must go on……………….eventhough the inflation rate is set to go up to 5 percent alongside the expected rise in the prices of goods and services.