Great…..!!! PM says No Fuel Hike This Year..

After giving RM1Billion extras each for infrastructure development for rural development to Sarawak and abdullah ahmad badawi looking leftSabah, PM announces in a statement that there would not be anymore Fuel Price Hikes for this year. Great isn’t it……?  Only two days ago, Abdullah said that he could not guarantee that petrol prices would not go up further. 

Todays report covered by ( Malaysiakini ) PM says Fuel Prices stays for the Year. The full excerpts and reports can be read in Why this sudden announcement and is it because of the impending Protests in the streets or has Anwars factor been bothering the BN government?  The damage has been done and its a cleaning up process and implementations of promises made.

The development funds would go to basic infrastructure in the rural areas. It will primarily go to the construction and tar sealing of feeder roads to villages and longhouses,installing piped water and lighting up rural communities. The government would also review all approved projects and ensure that they will benefit the people. In addition Abdullah also said the government would also pay salaries of government workers and officers fortnightly from August. This will help them to organise their expenses and cash flow to cope with the fuel price increase.

All the goodies have been shelled out and cost cutting measures have been taken and it is up to Malaysians young and old to be thrifty and prudent in their spendings. The global oil increase has ignited and set the tone for a look at how we go about our daily lives……….

Tremor Starts in Sabah..!!

Its starting to happen…there are chinks in the armour as more than 100 members led by MCA Semporna Divisional Chief Datuk Thien Kok Poh quits MCA. There were also some members form Tawau Division who followed suit. They cited dissatisfaction with the changes that has been happening and the promises made in the manifestos since the last General elections.

Datuk Thien said its the right time for Sabahans to come out and voice their rights. Its the 1st walkout  from BN Sabah. Earlier we were told that SAPP was supposed to have taken the lead but we checked with SAPP party leaders first, they said its mere speculations and rumours. We don’t have any Press conference or Full council meeting and September 16th is still sometime to go refering to Anwars date. Will this MCA Sabah tremor lead to an earthquake for Sabah BN…………?? 

Leaders? Holidays.Grievances..Sarawak & Sabah?

What really caught my eyes to be able to even contemplate to write? “Leaders with the Thickest skins on Earth” This report in Malaysiakini should be taken up by the mainstream media fraternity and published. I met some journalists/reporters yesterday with the “Eastern Times Sarawak” while having my $1.20 usual afternoon small cup hot milk coffee up (20cents with the fuel hike) and the words uttered by them were “unpublishable when they talked about our Ministers.” Heartless and Thick Skin…………..!!!

There were so much “Grievances” and  mosts of them are even reluctant to write reports on what the PMs goodies brought to Sarawak. The fuel hike has even drained their thoughts and to me one even say,”E.T. GONE HOME” the Extra Terresterial movie by Steven Spielberg” Must be the blog picture which has Abdullah pointing skywards that had us laughing even at the worst of times or could it be the cost-cutting initiatives to placate Malaysians.

One of the comments which I picked up from my blog (comments section) that I feel absolutely had it coming for Sabah and Sarawak is Badawi out maneuvered us, using his right hand to deliver appeasement and left hand for poison.

That is “Madu di tangan kanan mu, racun di tangan kiri mu” 1.Sabah appointments of Speakers,Deputy Speaker and RM1 Billion PMs department allocation “Sabah Cabinet HAPPY.Sabah in PMs right pocket.”  2. Sarawak appointment of Deputy Speaker and 1st “Breakfast menu” ringgit-for ringgit matching grant. Evening “Steak” matches RM1 Billion PMs department . “Sarawak Cabinet HAPPY.Sarawak in PMs left pocket.”

Fuel Hike after Sabah’s Goodies, Cost cutting measures before Sarawaks Goodies.Well Done PM….

So what is a leader?  To me it should be  a person who has sound strategic planning, stunning creativity and a passion for delivering. PM has tried to deliver as an act of leadership in times of difficulties. A umnoJawatankuasa Penaja Umno Negeri Sarawak (JPUNS) executive telephoned me while I was half way writing this article and he concurs that PM is trying to do everything for the country,we have to believe in the leader and we have just to be patient before we see the results. Afterall he said “Rome was not built in a day”‘Bagi dia chance lah”

The PM has said that Rm2 Billion cost cutting measures would be channeled to the lower income group. “Allowances” To  appease his working colleagues instead of cutting everything off all unnecessary allowances he cut entertainment allowance for the PM,deputy PM,Ministers and deputy Ministers by 10% effective July1st. Creative don’t you think so and this will add “Value”to the people on the streets agreeing..Hehehe.

Next “Paid Holidays” consists of fully paid holidays for ministers without a spending limit, and which ‘only’ confined to Asean countries.” Well done it will create a “Passion” for his colleagues to work with him eventhough Its only to Asean countries. One would say If you guys wanted to for a holiday, shouldn’t you pay for your own? PM knows as I always say and its a proven benefit/camouflage in the business world and as long as there are holidays given to employees they will work for the company and give their all.(Maybe less)

PMs thoughts are based at the moment on the “Theory of Camouflage” It must be noted that the most well-known creature that changes color, the chameleon, usually does not do so for camouflage purposes, but instead to express its mood.

The peoples mood in the Nation is one of frustation,anger and deep hate and with “Anwar the Chameleon” as Ezam puts it and his Pakatan colleagues going after his skin, PM has every “godgiven” right to stategise with his “Brand of Politics of both Sate governments in Pockets and this Camouflage tactic.”

A retired diplomat has this to say,”PM might even dare to use the Mahathir’s crying on stage tactics to drum himself more support from an execution of some sort in the upcoming UMNO Assembly? Can u stop it? Some academecians have even put it,”There is a strong possibilty that Umno needs the oil subsidies to fill up it’s war chest (after depleting due to the last election), for the battle royale to come. BN Government will not just fold up to make way for Pakatan Rakyat and with UMNO at the helm it needs all the resources for the fight to be………..

Bugi Wijaya correspondent from Sabah 6.45pm files his report after conducting Interviews:-

Where else would be the best place to get some feedback from the rakyat on issues affecting them?  Where they converge off course.  So at the Penampang Tamu (a weekly market for the rural folks to sell their wares) at Donggongon would be an idea place. 
Pakcik Adus when asked on the ‘paid holidays’ enjoyed by the cabinet was surprised as even himself has never been to other part of Sabah let alone on holidays.  They should just have their holidays at home like he does.

A chicken seller Ah Lek says people are more careful now with their shopping.  The government should cut their entertainment and paid holidays. After all we pay for our own entertainment and holidays why should we pay for them? Considering they are the one that allow the price hike for everything! If anyone want to argue ask them to resign and I take over.

But its easier said then done.  The general feelings are it is not easy with the current economic challenges that we faced but with the revelation that a 10% cut in entertainment and paid holidays restricted to ASEAN countries do not go down well.

Majority agreed that by advising the people to be prudent when most are living  by scraps with the high cost of living especially in Sabah, the leaders should forgo their perks in entertainment and paid holidays.  Mega projects development are good but then cheaper fuel, rice, and other essential products are more important. 

“Its time for common sense for the common people, that is suffer like the rakyat are suffering now, all senior government staff including the cabinet should pay for their own petrol and use their cars”, says Petrus a customer at one of the stall, pointing out that he is driving a second hand Malaysia made car (which value now are very much lower than the outstanding loan he has for the car) unlike those in power.

I guess Petrus pretty much sum up the feeling today and by far his reply was the most positive!

PM will know how to advise his Cabinet Ministers and Deputies to go on leave or on holidays when all has subsided. PM knows the feel on “ground ” and he will let his Talking do the Walking. PMs Brand of Politics will ensure that he stays in Power and he will not sacrifice Perks,Allowances,Holidays to bring his Government down.’