PKR’s Press Conference after meeting

The late MGG Pillai (bless his soul) told me at a lunch meeting about 5 years ago that in Malaysia everyone loves to go to court especially when it involves “defamation of character.” It was a chance meeting as I was introduced to him at a restaurant by my brother in laws mum. He told me the “truth hurts” and the rich and politically powerful will always try to find ways to get a scapegoat willing to take “that” fall.

Anwar allegedly sodomosing one of his aides?  This can’t be true can it..? Oh No, not again..1997 revisited for Anwar. A report can also be read in Malaysiakini  There will be a press conference scheduled to be held this afternoon. Meanwhile Anwar had an emergency meeting with some party leaders after the report was was lodged.

Who will be taking the fall tomorrow ? Is it politically motivated ? All will be answered tomorrow. MGG Pillai would say the spin miesters are at work again. Its Anwars call tomorrow……….

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Top Boys in MCA not defending posts

*** Breaking News.. 6.45 pm *** ..Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting won’t be defending his MCA president’s post in the coming party elections. Ka Ting made the annoucement just an hour ago. His deputy, Chan Kong Choy, is also expected to make a similar announcement soon. It’s getting Interesting don’t you think..?

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SAPP Explains at Kg Unggun and Kg Bantayan

Chan Kok Leong, correspondent writes in Malaysiakini that Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) earned themselves another 30 days before action is taken against them for its rebellion. The full text :-

Updated news from SABAH by Bugi, Todays function at Dewan Komuniti Kg. Unggun Jaya Menggatal was attended by over 350 members despite the strong Police Presence and also car boot checks. At Kampung Bantayan the crowd of 150 mostly Kadazandusuns filled the small balai raya. SAPP President Yong explain to the supporters and gave the reasons for their actions. 

Three very strong statements can be derived from todays “meet the peoples session”

  1. Yong told the crowd that PM even asked him ,”Why so many people don’t like Musa (referring to SABAH CM) however Yong did not answer as he knows its PM who appointed Musa. In this respect he said that the people of Sabah should be allowed to elect their own leaders instead of being appointed or selected by KL.
  2. Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun refuted the claims that he pre-signed an empty letter on showing his lost of confidence on PM. He went on and stated,” I have written it and signed it myself before I left for my overses trip.
  3. He also touched strongly on the illegal immigrants issue and he told those present that he received threatening sms and one of the many includes,”Jangan kamu cabar suku kaum”

Meanwhile an SC member said that the party will give them the reasons and reply to BN when we receive the show-cause letter. In another related story it is without a question of a doubt that an Assistant Minister in Sarawak will know his fate at the upcoming SC meeting. Why related… on…!!!

Saturday July 5th would be the day Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) President James Masing wields his full power. It has been a long time coming says PRS members from Masings camp.

Times have moved on. It is Masings move now. He will listen ( hmmm.. ) to his Supreme Council and receive feedbacks from the ground on what actions to be taken against Larry Sng(Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office.) Will this cause more headaches for CM..? PRS has 6 Members of Parliament and 8 Assemblymen and membership strength stands at 37618.

Timely huh! Larry will not be back from his overseas vacation till the 7th of July. What will be the action..? Showcause letter like what SAPP receive from BN?  This will not be the first time as during the “war” amongst the factions showcause letters were “thrown” at each other asking for explanations and worst still they have to come and defend themselves before the Supreme Council. Ridiculous!!  I still maintain that during times of war there should not be tribunals or courts set up for the purpose of passing sentences.

PRS Constitution Article V will be used and in it there are many provisions which allows for the expulsion of Larry. Masing has moved up a gear as there has been too much talk of a merger and he will try to use this as a bargaining tool against the wishes of the CM. The ROS has not given a written reply to the party headquarters and the general concensus is that many in the “Law fraternity are in agreement that the ROS letter to PRS has been widely interpreted to mean in effect the party’s supreme council with Masing as president prior to the sacking of the six SC members has reverted to status quo.”

Earlier we wrote that 19 out of 28 Parti Rakyat Sarawak Divisional leaders met in the party headquarters on 8th April 2008 and wrote a letter to ROS to demand the following:-
  1.  A written letter from ROS who is the “Legal President of PRS”.
  2.  In respect of a confirmation from the Registrar of Societies on 7th September 2006 of YB Datuk Sri James Jemut Masings violation of Article VIII(15) (b) of the constitution of PRS.
There is stil a QUESTION MARK on the above…. Word from within the Supreme Council is that James Masing will be writing an “official letter” to CM with reasons for Larry’s sacking. Anyway July 5th is just a week away and Larry’s fate might be sealed. The 19 Divisions aligned to Larry ( at the moment….questionable later )are waiting patiently for Masings move. As for SAPP they will have to submit their reply by July 25th to the BN.
Maybe this will also see a new alliance of Sarawak and Sabah parties if the plug is pulled. It’s a new ball game and the “foot soldiers” at least 22,325 in Sarawak are not about to call it a day for Larry and for that matter Yongs SAPP. SAPP has 42 Divisions.
PM knows that its the DIVISIONS that holds the keys to the YBs staying in power especially when it comes to party politics. He will tell his men to watch this development with interests…….. especially as MP Eric will be Parliament next week


100 out of 1825 days? “Bagi Chance Lah”..!

When we were in Form three during our first term exams in our Junior Cambridge Year as students we did not take into account much of the 1st terms results. I for one being the “extreme one” felt unmoved when the principal read the results out in front of the class. LAST… in Class! Oh my God! Cannot be.., exclaimed  my classmates..! To top it up this was the year before I sat for my Junior Cambridge. If I don’t pass I will not be in Fourth Year and all my parents dreams will perished.

Was it a dare..? Have I cracked up from too much expectations..?   I planned,worked it well in a way it was to tell my parents don’t expect too much from your son. No.1 or No.2 was my own mark set and if I was placed No.3 I would go to my room and cry. That is pushing the limits but if I had not done that or for that matter my parents were not strict and send me out to live with my uncle I would not have today. The rests is history and I passed with flying colours. I thank them for that though it was a bit “extreme” at that time. Students don’t try it hehe. 

When Baradan Kuppusamy wrote “Opposition pledges yet to be fulfilled” In Malaysiakini I said to myself that is only 100 out of a possible 1825 days. In football it’s just the first 5 minutes and there are 85 minutes still to go in regulation time. The full text:- .

Yes, we know the people have given Pakatan Government the mandate to rule in 5 states and Anwar’s 82 to play the credible opposition in Parliament. We also know that there are pledges to be fulfilled as published and handed out to the rakyat in the election manifestos. We also know that the people who voted them in are saying,”They are the government now and they have to deliver.”

To me though its just 100 out of 1825 days available and also always remember “Rome was not built in a day” I will give them a chance but will you as VOTERS who voted them in, give them that benefit. I’m also not suggesting that you all voted for the opposition just to change the government. Protest Votes or call what you want,don’t cry over spilled milk. In Penang,Kedah,Selangor,Perak and Kelantan the government is Pakatan led while the BN is the opposition. Its reverse in the other BN led government states. 

Our economy has suffered and prices have sky rocketed and we should above all be blaming the rogues and speculators of the oil industry. Economist should be able to tell you what is this about the meadowland,scrub and grassland. The profiteering of the oil by the middlemen has shaken the very institution of the commercial world. The speculative scarcity of oil has pushed it well over the limits.

So Malaysians we have to be fair to all whether its Pakatan or BN. Our legislators are doing their utmost in these challenging times for Malaysians. Former Selangor MB Khir Toyo only gave ” 3 out 10″ thats just a bit below the belt. Short but Extra Sweet Today from me Bagi Chance Lah!