Anwar says ‘multi-racial’ opposition emerging..We totally agree..

Our first write up 1st May 2008 touched on the subject the Birth of Multi Racialism in East Malaysia. Then Anwar harped on Multi racialsim in that race based politics is being eroded and the youths are leading the way. ( Excerpts of source from :

Reports from AFP Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim said that a “multi-racial, multi-religious” opposition is emerging in Malaysia for the anwar ibrahim and pkr keadilan aggressive 240507first time to challenge the ruling party. He went on further and said many Malaysians of all races and religions were “sick and tired of corruption, of the destruction of the judiciary.”

There is a “multi-racial, multi-religious cohesion of emerging forces in Malaysia which is clamouring for change,”  Anwar was speaking in the Philippines in an Academic Forum. Anwar’s change and stance on this subject of multi-racialism has indeed caught the imagination of the youths in Sarawak and for that matter Malaysia as whole.

Politics today has taken a new Shape!! Multi Racialism needs the leaders to walk their Talk!!! Don’t you agree…………?  

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Black Gold Aftermath…..!!!

June 3rd 2008 NST carried headlines…. FUEL PRICE HIKE IN AUGUST ?

June 4th 2008 Hurry Up!!! Phone Messages… price of petrol goes up 78cents

June 5th 2008 Kuching Stages Oil Protests…Power of SMS works…!!!

June 6th 2008 a) Our report:-DAP,PRS,SPDP,SAPP Key Man Hits out on Fuel hike b) Bernama Fuel price hike amy mean more Dark Nights at Sarawak Longhouses. c) AlJazeera…. Malaysia PM urges calm over fuel d) SMS messages saying CM of Sarawak Taib D…!? is it true?

June 7th 2008 Malaysiakini has this your say: Tax oil firms making super-profits

Today Malaysia celebrates the official birthday of the King Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and the King has come out with the Statement to all his subjects,”I acknowledge that a rise in prices puts great pressure on the livelihood of the people. Nevertheless, I hope that the people will exercise patience and prudence in facing the situation,” The King knows that there will be spillover effects,backlashes and called on the Governement to ensure that every measure is being taken to monitor and control the situation.

In Sabah as Bugi Wijaya files his report with the cries of shock,anger and distress from 4th June 2008. The Daily Express Sabah screaming with headlines”LORRYMEN HIKE RATES 45%.”It is with immediate effect the President Steven Chua Pui Ming said and he questioned the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry with its vague guidelines to resolve the fleet card fuel subsidy.

SAPP politician and think tank chief Tham Nyip Shen questioned the “insult” of misinformation on the recent fuel hike where it was earlier reported that Sharir Ahmad had stated that the governement would be announcing a new oil subsidy scheme in August. Elopura Assemblyman Au Kam Wah was unforgiving and reacted that with the price increase it contradicted BN’s proclaimation of providing,”security,peace and prosperity” as contained in its last election manifesto. The government has,”Preached this and said another and this has erode the peoples trust and confidence.

In Sarawak,it was much of the same thing as PRS President James Jemut Masing said that the people needs to know the rationale behind the government’s decision of such a surprise move.“

A political analyst has said that questions are now being asked by the people ,”Will the leaders of Sabah and Sarawak wake up and take up the offer of Pakatan Rakyat Goodies to give 20 percent oil royalty instead of 5 percent among many goodies? Ah Fook, welder from Penampang seemingly very angry when interviewed said that the government should have increased the prices before the election. Don’t just make empty Promises lah!!!!

The Rakyat are also asking Domestic Trade Minister Shairir Samad to go back to the people to test whether there is any political backlash since he said there is “none” and that the” street protests” are the results of groups taking advantages of the situation. Have a SNAP elections and see whether BN candidates will be able to withstand the peoples anger?

DAP Sarawak MP Chong Chieng jen said that on June 17th 2008 a “Protest against the WHOOPING Fuel hike” will be held at 4pm at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar which houses the federal departments in Sarawak. A crowd of more than 5000 people from all walks of live will attend and are expected as he informed the Press in an interview confidently.

What does the people need to do? Isn’t it time that the MPs and ADUNs voice the grieviences of the people and not only for their so called “Selfish Gains…?” The days after are the time when the people need to be thrifty as there will be a “domino effect” on other consumer goods and services.

A Sabahan friend who is attending a Kaamatan Gathering in Tambunan sms me and the message on the ground is clear,” Price Hike,People Suffer,Government Happy,Call for SNAP polls.The answer is in the ballot boxes”

There is also a feeling that by August the price of Fuel will be $4.00. Speculations,theories,rumours please trust no one but yourself and just wait for August. Meanwhile the circulation of SMS rumours of Sarawak CM is a vicious rumour just to distract the peoples minds from facing the realities of the Black Gold aftermath…The timing is absolutely PRECISE for Sarawak..Anything Sabah…..Oooouch!!! ????

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