No-Confidence Vote..PM.?

An aide and a SC Member from SAPP says,”We practise democracy in SAPP” and Yong always says,”Minority Says,Majority Rules“.Press conference held yesterday was Round 1 to SAPP.The SC meeting tomorrow will have a bearing on the direction of the party and whether all the party legislators and party stays on in BN or otherwise.(see below)

Malaysiakini excerpts PM Abdullah vowed to continue to lead the government despite an attempt to topple him through a no-confidence motion in Parliament. Abdullah has been bombarded with highly personal attacks against his character and leadership. The latest statement by Yong is only a drop in that bucket.

The Barisan Nasional supreme council, which held an emergency meeting at Menara Dato Onn this afternoon, denounced Yong’s no-confidence vote against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, calling it “unprincipled, unethical, and against the spirit of Barisan”. So Round 2 to PM and Barisan(13-1)

Round 3-SAPP Supreme Council Meeting It will be (5-1) for Yong while Raymond will have only 12 Constituency Chairman with him and Yong will have 30. What does this all say..? “Majority Rules” Raymond the Minister of Infrastructure development and DCM will only have Tham (Science Advisor)and Jimmy Wong(Pol.Sec) with him while the Presidents men (2 Mps,3 Aduns) will include Wanita and Youth Leaders YB Melanie and YB Au,YB Liew,YB Eric and YB Dr.Chua.

The Supreme Councillors will use its full powers provided and in accordance with the articles set inside to exercise the rules and constitution of the party.This is the time where all SC members needs to be well verse with the Party Constitution and also whether they can use their voting rights to take actions against party members who will go against the decision of the majority in the SC.

The SC after all has the powers to review,decide,perform,process,execute,and implement,remand any party members and decide the general policy of the party. There might even be a additional powers for the CENSURE of acting against the interests of the party for the President,Deputy,Vice Presidents or any Supreme councillors. In this case the person so censured will have to relinquish his position in the party.

Interesting isn’t it?  We shall have to wait for the decisions of SAPP SC tomorrow morning. So what is the deliberations and the agenda all about tomorrow for SAPP. Surely, it will be fiery but in the SC its the numbers game as well. SC members can get disgruntled,disillusion or for that matter unhappy with the decisions of the SC but the party decides. Raymond can say Yong is acting on his own while Yong can turn the tables around tomorrow not unless Raymond in this eleventh hour manages to convince all SC members with ” GOODIES “. So we ask, will it be a no-confidence vote for Raymond or Yong tomorrow?

Abdullah elaborated that he had wanted to thrash out details with Yong in his most recent visit to KK earlier in the week, but was told that Yong was in Sandakan. PM is unfazed says Malaysiakini and why should he be? He has managed to turn it round against Yong with the assistance of all in BN coalition. BN will only take action against SAPP and Yong will be taken after an official explanation (by SAPP) is given.SAPP has the knife at the throat and PM did not want to use it to slice it open but awaits SAPP to Harakiri (Japanese: 切腹, Seppuku)  themselves. Round 4 awaits us.Ha ha.

The “SEQUEL”by Bugi Wijaya from Sabah

Wow! Its has been an hive of activities and almost everyone in the media industry were caught up with excitement today trying to get whatever news they can on the decisions of the BN Supreme Council meeting on SAPP “vote of no confidence in PM”.

The end verdict? They want to get a clearer picture from SAPP and believe its Yong’s decision on this motion.  As usual those holding positions would pledge their support and condemn the SAPP or “Yong” move.  So the best way is to gauge the public opinion.  Public opinion meaning those without any political alignment.  A taxi driver says he supported SAPP as things has not been well in the country with fuel hike and localised legalised “illegal immigrant” controlling most of the taxi business.

We met a first time voter who commented then whats the,”big hoo-haa…? Since there are so many pledges of support for PM, why not just allow the vote and kill off whatever politicking left in Malaysia.  BN should be confident in themselves and once the motion is defeated then no one including those from the opposition will have to shut up and the government can carry out its duties and perform in peace.

However, a qualified yet to register voter said, BN doesn’t seem to ” Walk the Talk.”  They are so scared of their own shadows. That just goes to show that they are not sincere at all. Thats why I refuse to register just yet. Hopefully I will be able to migrate in the future.

For me, I will bring my popcorn and drink and watch the show tomorow. Its not everyday you can to see so many “SEQUELS” within a week……!


“Latest”Beginning of the End…? BN Meeting

Tony Thien Malaysiakini Sarawak/Sabah correspondent calls it appropriately,”Point of No Return”.Todays NST headlines,” Double Cross” Star had it as “Hong Kong deal” ,Borneo Posts Sarawak”SAPP to move no-faith vote” while Daily Express Sabah,”SAPP no Faith in PM”. As I was writing this article an sms came through with BN meeting at 2.30pm Putra World Trade centre. Read more at Malaysiakini 


Verdict from BN Meeting (*7.00pm*) BN decides in the emergency meeting that no action will be taken against SAPP. Abdullah said no action would be taken against SAPP because the announcement was made by Yong and not the party.  What it means… ? It’s back to SAPP SC to take the next action. Gerakan acting President Dr Koh told journalists,”He said that all 13 of the 14-member ruling coalition had condemned SAPP President Yong for betraying PM Abdullah and the ruling coalition.

Latest (*3.15pm*) Anwar will be in KK Saturday

Latest (*2.20pm*) Teck Lee expects SAPP to be sacked. Going for Broke. Don’t need to go for decision of pulling out of BN. 

Latest (*1pm*):-SAPP may be absent it has not received an invitation to attend. (source SAPP Headquaters)

Yong was among several former Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) leaders who were instrumental in the decision to pull the party out of BN on the eve of the 1990 elections.Is Yong working with his former colleagues to try to repeat the feat which resulted in then PM Dr Mahathir suffering an electoral setback. But hold on to your horses first……. that was some 20 years ago and the scenario has since changed. Now they are Presidents in their own party,PBS Pairin Kitingan,  PBRS Joseph Kurup, UPKO Bernard Dompok. They have a new team, a new set of leaders with their own followers and their own agendas.

In a political party there are always alignment to a certain group within the party system just to stay afloat and to create a “value” as not to be whitewashed or shaken off in the party polls. The same goes for SAPP.  Bugi Wijaya,who is close to both Raymond and Yong says that Yong practises what he preaches especially in the party as he uses the notion,”Minority says,Majority rules”. Sapp will be holding its supreme council meeting tomorrow beginning at 10am to deliberate also whether the legislators position ,councillors and appointments within the statutory bodies are to quit. “It might be a little too late as BN has already decided for them.”

Split in SAPP

Sapp deputy president Raymond Tan, who was conspiciously absence from the press conference yesterday when party president Yong Teck Lee made the announcement, said he was “confused and embarrassed” about Sapp’s move.He added that the party’s supreme council was not consulted on the matter and blamed Yong of acting on his own. Moreover Tan was not invited to the press conference.
“It is not proper for us to do it when Abdullah is the Barisan chairperson. It is disrespectful to the prime minister,” he said. Tan is Sabah deputy chief minister and infrastructure minister. So is there a split or is it just another sandiwara…?

We want to try to solve this INTRIGUES but events might just overshadow SAPPs movement as the BN has called for the emergency meeting today. I told one of SPDP SC member this morning,” If the toe has gangrene(death tissue in part of the body),just cut it off before it affects the whole leg.”  BN will be better of and will have a better balance as one of the rotting branches will be cut off.

I picked this up while watching the national news last night,” Eventhough PM has been attacked from all angles, he still makes the necessary decision.” The person who uttered this is Datuk Sharir Domestic Trade and Industry Minister. I was first introduced to him at Holiday Inn 20 years ago as a upcoming MP,then he moved on to be BBC(Back Benches) to PSC(Public Select Committee) Chairman.

The meeting we had was meaningful but what captivates me was his VISION and SINCERITY. Today I still remember this ” Who pays for this coffee..?”    My friends the answer isMalaysia” as the Country is ECONOMICALLY STABLE and all races living in “peace and prosperity together.” 

Are we all Sincere..?