78cents. Is it a BN(BarangNaik) Gov”t?

Our Sabah correspondent Bugi Wijaya has this report: 
( Driving on the way home, the radio deejay announced that the Prime Minister (Malaysia) has announced a 40% increase in the price of petrol (increase 78 cents to RM2.70 per litre) and diesel (increase of RM1 to RM2.58 per litre).
petrol price hike before increase panic consumers 040608 04Wow!! Immediately a sudden rush of blood rush up my veins..That prompted me to drive to the nearest petrol station. Ssshhh tsk tsk tsk There was a long queue already building up resulting in the main roads leading out of KK to be jammed even worse.
When it was my turn to pump the petrol, my neighbour who was pumping petrol into his Perodua Kancil (I am driving the first model of Proton Saga) said that, “This is what you get for voting for BN. So We should not complain because we as Sabahans had supported the BN.
But I hope those Ministers and the Top government servants who enjoy the being chaffuer driven and has luxury cars will pay for their own fuel. Then they know how it feels……!!!!!.”
Another Kadazandusun guy at the other pump replied, ” Last time, the news headline says Parliament will not be dissolved by PM then that very day he call for a general elections. Todays news says that the increase will only be in AUGUST but then it increases Tonight . Apa macam ini?”
I just smiled and said to myself ,”Tell me more,Tell me more.” and I will enough for my story.  My own thoughts are that PM is having his revenge grrrrrrr….as those who would be badly affected are those working in the major cities such as KL, Penang, Shah Alam.Why……? They have voted for the opposition and now its punishment time.  The amount of fuel they have to burn to commute to work will burn a BIG HOLE in their Pockets.
Hmmm….maybe I should have voted for the opposition. After all Anwar said he has the answer.  I wonder why PM never ask Anwar for the solution instead of asking only the senior government servants in Sabah  to give their opinions to help in the current World oil and Food problem.
To me its a Holocaust  and these policies of the present Government increasing oil prices should be addressed systematically. So have you felt the wrath of BN………………….
Sarawakians Want Political Reform!
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**As I was driving back there is a Massive Jam and the Police has to close Jalan Penampang**

Hurry Up!!! Phone Messages… price of petrol goes up 78cents

Its 40.6 percent jump from RM1.92 per litre to RM2.70. My phone messages are coming in like there’s a sale going on. Hurry up!!!! Fill up your car fuel before midnight,price of petrol goes up about 40% .Thats what the sms are saying. there is a rush to all the petrol stations and the queue is unbelievable. I ask a Shell Operator B.Bernard and he says never has there been such a “Mad Rush!!. Come and Buy while Stocks Last”.Obviously with the increase other things will not be spared and the people will have to tighten their belts.

A close friend Peter Ato( Engineer) asks me whether I know anyone who sells Horses? Hu..h!! He was dead serious!! I said Wha..t!!!?? He replied fuel prices has escalated and he only needs to feed grass to the horse. Ha ha ha!!! 

For now, the public must be guaranteed three things: Firstly, public transportation fares must not go up; secondly, low-income families must be allowed a rebate for public transportation; and lastly, public transportaion operators must not take advantage of the situation. You can call it “A Storm” “Killer Tsunami” “Oil Typhoon” but it will affect all levels of Malaysian Society.

NST frontpage June 3rd 2008 headlines FUEL PRICE HIKE IN AUGUST?  So has August come too soon? Abdullah said,”We try our bests and we have to think what is the bests for our people. There should not be demonstration as the government is still giving subsidy to less wealthy people.”

“We cannot naturally keep subsidising at the current rate,” Abdullah said.
He said the government will also give a yearly cash rebate of RM625 per year to owners of cars with an engine capacity of 2,000cc or less to offset their burden from the massive hike. The money will be distributed to owners through post offices.
Subsidies have kept the price of fuel in Malaysia — a net exporter of oil — among the lowest in Southeast Asia. But the government says it can no longer afford to fund the subsidies, which are expected to cost the treasury more than RM45 billion this year. 

Malaysiakini reports in full http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83938. Check it out…….

Rembau-Its still Khairy’s

It’s still a Barisan National Parliamentary Seat….The High Court here has struck out an election petition challenging the outcome of the Rembau parliamentary seat won by Umno Youth Deputy Chief Khairy Jamaluddin( picture).

Prime Monster\

Judge Datuk Mohtaruddin Baki dismissed the petition with cost, saying that there were too many defects in the petition and that the petitioner had failed to prove that any alleged irregularity could have changed the outcome of the election. The petition was filed by Khairy’s contender – PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin(blogger Chegu bard).

Khairy won the Rembau seat with a 5,746-vote majority at the last General Elections on 10th of March 2008.