SAPP”Stakes are High!Timing Moved”

As we were busy comparing notes,reports from our contacts and looking through (Malaysiakini) news portal our correspondent Bugi Wijaya was busy finishing his days work. He was even with Raymond Tan when he was cornered into giving some answers to the press/media today. He said that,” its just so difficult to keep paced nowadays with so much speculations and excitement happening especially to my party SAPP. It’s just mere speculations and rumours.” Of course one cannot just agree on face value alone as politicians has a cunning way to deceive even under the scrutiny of the cameras. Do you believe him…….?  After all the deputy president was “ambushed” by the press/media.
Bugi said, as everyone were focussing on the one component party leaving BN supposedly SAPP,our friend KJ was in town meeting up with a few UMNO leaders. In the meeting he reemphasised the need for Petronas to show the true account and expenditure echoing the sentiment of Sabahans. Apparently KJ was sent as an advance party, sent prior to the announcement of the more goodies for Sabah by PM tomorow on Tuesday.
As a matter of fact he is the recce or fact finding person and will advise accordingly what goodies will be announced. Our sources within UMNO Sabah did say he previously has tried to convinced a UMNO division head to take up the appointment of deputy minister and the rests is history. Did he succeed this time…?
However sources said that whatever advises he gave for the goodies to be dish out will not prevent the inevitable that is the start of the withdrawal of a component party widely speculated to be SAPP. 
A senior leader within SAPP even went further just to add injury to insult with “would you announce you would increase the oil price with notice ?”. 
The move to withdraw has been moved up a step and depending on what goodies were announce by the PM, it seems like 18 June 2008 will be a historic day for Sabah politics and Malaysia as a whole. (“Its within these two days”, was only the reply given.)
Meanwhile the scramble for positions in anticipation of the withdrawal of SAPP has intensified.
Bugi went on to report that its a fact that the “Federal Posts” offered to SAPP is unacceptable and the main agenda that the PM has failed to address for the unhappiness is “Royal Commission” for Sabah illegal immigrants.WE will not go into the finer details and we know there will be a Press Conference called if and when SAPP does go through with its withdrawal from BN. The stakes are already on the table. It’s your call again……………..

Political See-Saw…!!!

Athi Veerangan ( Malaysiakini ) correspondent filed this report after covering Anwars function where he officiate the opening of a service centre in Bayan baru,Penang. At the meet the press session Anwar said that several MCA MPs will join Pakatan soon. The full text and excerpts can be read here:-

Meanwhile Sarawak and Sabah are abuzz with political see-saws and there are some concrete factors to consider. An associate within the BN party has mention to us that he sees the end of one of the Bidayuh Leaders Dr.Tiki Lafe MP (P.192) with them in the coalition as he is trying to show his Colour. The facial expressions of Tiki does not give away to the unhappiness he has been with BN. He was not only dropped from his Deputy Ministers posts in the last cabinet before the elections but he has seen that the Bidayuh Community is not even represented in the present cabinet structure. A close party supporter aligned to Tiki hinted in the clearest of hint that ” It’s just the Timing.”  

In the last general elections Tiki stood as BN-(SPDP) in the Mas Gading Parliamentary Seat. He secured 8551 against his nearest rival Dr.Patau Rubis from (SNAP) 4250 and two other independant candidates.The voter turnout was 14800. It seems that a few other MPs are not to be ruled out 1.Richard Riot Jaem (P 199) who secured the majority win of 13247 under SUPP ticket. He has been a fourth term MP and he was earlier speculated to have written a letter of unhappiness to the State BN Chairman Taib. PBB seems to have the least worry but the eagle eyes will be on P198 Mambong James Dawos Mamit and P222 Henry Sum Agong. PRS will keep a tight leash on P216 Hulu Rajang Billy Abit P203 Lubok Antu William Ngallau.

There is also the equation of a whole “party” moving across enblog and don’t rule out the possibility in the present volatile political climate. Sarawak BN rode the wave of the 1987 Ming Court Affair and within the component parties there are remnants of the period who still eyes and has ambition for the No.1 position in the State. 

Sabah according to our correspondent Bugi Wijaya, there as many as 18 Sabah MPs could quit BN. He further reiterated the earlier mention of  the inner circle leaders within SAPP has mentioned that they will be offered some role to play in the government. It is a question whether SAPP will take the bait or not depends on the members.
UPKO council member was none committal on the arrangements but he did mention that it is a known fact that Bernard and Yong are very close politically and have “worked together” to push Sabah forward.

The political fact of the matter is that the component parties are not happy with the State Sabah BN leadership and only a change will see this scenario of defections/crossover/hopping averted.

If the mathematics are correct 18 Sabah plus 6 Sarawak plus MCA and UMNO members Anwar would have enough to form the government.The opposition will need at least 30 MPs to leave BN before it can try. It must be noted that Should BN lose its parliamentary majority, the PM could dissolve Parliament and seek a new mandate through fresh elections or a new national coalition comprising the most unlikely of political parties could be invited by the King to test its support in the House. Abdullah would be hard pressed to call a snap election.

In our earlier report “We shall see and let’s wait”  YB Dominique Ng (PKR Assemblyman for Padungan and Sarawak State Chief said this to us and he went further that Anwar will not even dare utter or say if he doesn’t have anything to substantiate his claims for defections like “MCA MPs defecting to Pakatan.”

Lets take one step back…Anwar said just before Polling day said that ,””We will deny the BN Government the 2/3rd Majority and we will be getting close to 70 seats” Not many people believe him. To reinforce his point Anwar also told Sdr.Lim Kit Siang(DAP). How did PR do 82 seats..Not bad huh!

As for the defections/crossover/hopping call it what you want Dominique has this to say on these 3 things:-1. We have to consider all possible consequences and ensure that the transition from BN to PR is smooth. 2. When PR comes into power we must ensure that the security of the country is not compromised. 3. We must also ensure that the Agung /Police/Armed Forces are comfortable with the PR Government and we will abide by the Constitution.

If it doesn’t happen that the takeover is smooth Abdullah could dissolve Parliament in a sudden move to “save his skin”, Anwar  told Pakatan leaders and members to be ready for a snap election. So don’t rule out that possibilty of the SNAP POLLS 2008 MALAYSIA…….. 


SAPP Last Ditch Efforts..

Correspondent from Sabah Bugi Wijaya has this on SAPP

It has been conveyed to me that when PM comes to Sabah tomorrow for  the closing ceremony of the CEO Conference he will bring some goodies for BN component party SAPP. One of the inner circle leaders  has mention that they will be offerd some role to play in the government .It is a question whether SAPP will
take the bait or not depends on the members.He went on to say that  in politics anything can happen.

It is interesting to note that SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee was not present during the last visit by PM so will he be present this time?  If yes, would it be an indication that SAPP will toe the line and be subservient to UMNO and BN or if no, is it a signal that SAPP will be independent and continue to be the new thorn in the flesh this time for UMNO and BN.

Tony Thien Sarawak/Sabah Correspondent ( From MalaysiaKini ) June16th has this article
 An undisclosed number of Sabah’s elected representatives from one or more BN component parties are expected to announce in the next two weeks that they are quitting the ruling coalition. Dr Jeffrey Kitingan,declined to go into any details.

” What now for SAPP…? For now SAPP is willing to stay outside the 2 Party system and even Jeffrey will not be able to convince Yong to take up the offer of joining Pakatan. It will leave SAPP very vulnerable and the bargaining power will be compromised. 

 With all these speculations, there has been a mad scrambling for positions among the other components parties of Sabah BN anticipating the vacant ministers and other post of SAPP.  That can only mean SAPP will be left alone with no other component parties following suit. Whatever it is the Stakes are high for both sides of the camps? June 18th  is an auspicious date in the calender. We shall see……………………………………………