Anwar,Najib,Nizar,Zambry..Oooooh Perak..NEXT.!!

Are we too good for this? It seems that Perak has once again jolted us with more plots which even the Peraknites don’t even know “What the hell is coming next..?” I was meeting a client from Perak who was here on a recruiting assignment. 

He said,”Just cannot keep up” Let’s just get on with what we are good at and let the Politicians sort it out” Did he really mean it..? Of course not as he was first of the blocks.

Two MBs what a joke for our State and he said even our former PM Dr.M said its hilarious as he read it at the Malaysiakini portal on his phone.

This cannot be happening can it? Whatever has become of our democratic system and governance? Doesn’t the people’s voice count for anything nowadays?

Please tell me and how can I ask local investors or recruit workers to Perak when it the government is not stable. Believe it or not just look at this,” WHAT..?’ This is Next..!! Ooooh no Perak…please save us someone as anger rage from his face and his fists clenched. You see and this was what it was headlined,”Pakatan Perak reps were offered millions to cross over”

Malaysiakini though has this,” Two Pakatan Rakyat state assemblypersons today filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) claiming that they were offered millions of ringgit to quit their respective parties and become Independents or join Barisan Nasional (BN).”

DAP’s Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar) said he was offered RM20 million while Abdul Yunus Jamsari of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Kuala Kurau) said the amount offered to him was between RM3 million and RM8 million

Millions mine you,my Perak client said and thats not about it. Thrown into the hat were also appointed posts and logging concessions.Wonder what would I have done if I was given that if I am in the politician now he said.

Wow! a turnaround and that is why some people when they see the ‘COLOURS OF MONEY” or like Tom Cruise who says,”SHOW ME THE MONEY” anything can be compromised and for that.. principles too I suppose. 

I told my client  if only you are a politician cum businessman you could have brokered the deal. Millions and 20% brokerage fee is sufficient. It is a known fact that many HIDDEN HANDS are involved in Malaysian politics wheeling and dealing to get the best deals. This only happens as the country is in a state of insecurity and politicians are usually the “PRICED HIGHLY IN THE POLITICAL MARKET.  

He showed me another report which appeared in the Malaysiakini internet portal,” the offer was made by several agents comprising businessmen who claimed to be representing the Perak BN leadership.”

Wah..! Desperate times call for Desperate measures. It seems its a blame game now and both of Pakatan and BN are getting on at each other and we the Peraknites suffers in the end. We even have to come to Sarawak to look for business. Maybe if this continues close up shop in Perak and Open up shop in Sarawak. Oh Yea..hahaha

So we say as always,” Please BN and Pakatan whoever  it is put the house in order and let the people of Perak carry on with their daily lifes. The Malaysian economy is not exactly healthy and this Political uncertainty in the State of Perak has just got to end.


5 thoughts on “Anwar,Najib,Nizar,Zambry..Oooooh Perak..NEXT.!!

  1. Terry wong says:

    Reported in Malaysiakini, Umno is seeking the opinion of a Queen’s Counsel (QC) on the constitutional issues on the takeover of Perak state government from Pakatan Rakyat. It was reported that a senior constitutional lawyer left Kuala Lumpur yesterday for London to engage the services of a QC on behalf of Umno to advise the party on a host of questions that is roiling debate in the country.

    I thought both Najib Razak and Zambry said the takeover was constitutional and legal. If they were so sure of their position why can’t they trust a local constitutional lawyer to represent them?

    A self-proclaimed Malay nationalist party running to its ex-colonial master’s country to seek for a legal advice on the state government legitimacy is both shocking and silly. I am sure we have enough legal brains in the country to handle the constitutional issues. This action shows no difference from feudal Malay rulers running over to seek the advice of British residents and advisers in the past.”

    The last person UMNO should ask for an advice is a Queen’s Council. They should really go back to ask the people of Perak by calling for snap elections. This is the best way to show us their patriotism.
    That Mr.C4 and mamak Zambry are now so desperate as to seek QC advice now. They not only DO NOT trust or have confidence in our very own lawyers BUT also insulted the Perak Royalties intelligence who appointed them. And here is a great great apportunity for that apportunisitic “Oxfart” bum and his retarded zombies to lodge thousands of police reports on this new “MB” for treason against the Perak royalties, just like they did to Karpal , Nizar and their fellow PKR members. However, I bet my last dollar for sure, these hypocrites will pretend nothing happen and “dudok diam diam” la. This is Bolehland.

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