Perak Trojan Virus Infectious

In all honesty the name of this Perak Political game was playing with the virus. Did anyone saw it coming? It was such a brilliant political ploy which the Perak Pakatan Government is now on Bended Knees. I could go on and on but what has to be said and analysed by both parties of the political divide will hinge on the Royal household.

This Malaysiakini report  headlines Perak turmoil:Sultan has the final say in which it had.” Following Barisan Nasional’s announcement that it has the necessary members in the state assembly to form government, the ball is now in Sultan Azlan Shah’s court to put an end to the ongoing political turmoil in Perak.

Najib in his capacity as the Perak BN chief will be meeting the sultan soon – either tonight or tomorrow morning – to formally inform him about the swift in power in the state assembly.Mohd Nizar was acting in accordance with the Perak constitution in seeking an audience with the sultan today – for almost two hours – to press for the dissolution of the assembly.

So it is now in the Royals court and the Sultan will have to make the decision. He has to be fair in all matters giving an audience not only to Nizar but also to Najib. When Najib was questioned on the following in this report which we take special interests in are 

  •  What if the Sultan wants to dissolve the state assembly as proposed by the current Perak Menteri Besar?                     That is the prerogative of the Sultan
  • Are you ready to face state elections in Perak?          Whatever the sultan decides.We’ll wait and see.
  • DO you see the BN takeover as a setback for Pakatan?         It is certain that they did not anticipate this to happen but they have stated their principles of forming a (new federal) government without respecting the democratic process so they cannot blame BN.

The Trojan Virus completed its full cycle and not many saw it coming. The Hidden Hand as we have  fondly been using in a number of our previous article as  always played the Full Deck of Cards close to his chests. We have given the necessary warnings and signals BUT it seems someone out there has not even seen the Flashlight from the Lighthouse. Believe us and know that this Virus is Infectious…