2 to Come- It’s a Chess game


In the follow ups to our earlier reports its goes without saying the chess board is slowly diminishing with fewer options. The teen Scottish group “Bay City Rollers” in the 70s turned many young girls hearts and melted their enthusiasm and hearts with hit songs to last them a lifetime.

In this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/97381 it states now,”Perak speaker informs EC of vacant seats” in which Perak assembly speaker V Sivakumar today officially informed the state election commission chief of the vacancy of Changkat Jering and Behrang state seats.

Now in 2009 a similar chess game is being played out between UMNO and PKR. Firstly,Nasaruddin crossed over from UMNO and defected to PKR. In a blow directly aimed at the face UMNO swung into action and amidst all the factional fighting within Perak UMNO told in so many words Tajol Rosli to step aside to hand over the reins to Najib. 

Najibs man swung  into action with both hands and aimed low. Equipped with the knowhows and the machinery available,its time to put the sword at the necks of the PKR assemblyman Jamaluddin and Mohd.Osman who were both charged in August 25th with allegedly receiving bribes over the application for RM$180 million housing project in Perak Tengah.The case hearing is scheduled to be on Febraury 10th 2009.

Whats next? They both went on a disappearring act. Hurt and worried and with their own party PKR abandoning them at their hour of need they came fighting back. This time they know that with their credibility at stake the only way out is “Attack as its the Bests Form of Defence”.Both of them denied reports that they have resigned and called the statement issued by  the State Assembly speaker V.Sivakumar  as blatant lie.

Both of them will consult with their lawyers to take the necessary action and also they said,”as of now we are still assemblyman in PKR and we have never declared our intention to leave the party,become independant or neither had we stated that we will join UMNO”

Great..!! This is what the UMNO political spin masters had all the time been working on. Get the PKR leadership to be distrustful on each other and let them fight amongst themselves. When the enemy is in disarray and in turmoil go for the kill. UMNO has nothing to lose as both these seats are in the hands of PKR. There is more to gain as a by election will ultimately deflect the real situation which is ,” The countrys economy will be handled later”

Coming to that as I was compiling this report Malaysiakini came out with this http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/97393 in which it reflects on “Political games costing us too much”. Its too true and too good to lie. I was having breakfast with a staunch UMNO supporter who said to me that there is too much politiking. Is our country’s economy also on auto pilot? Seems the whole world is focussed on credit crunch,looking for solutions to the econmy and we are still having stuck in 308 politics. Enough and with byelections its just another excuse for 45-60 days of ceramahs,propagandas and election fever. Who then is to be blamed? UMNO or PKR. Its a rich mans POLITICAL CHESS GAME and the other political parties are just the pawns/knights/castles/bishops  in the Main Board Game. The King will ascend the throne after “March” as many have predicted but lately there have been different signals send out by the UMNO warloards.

PKR will do well to safeguard their pawns in that the UMNO machinery and warchests will stop at nothing until their objectives are realised. They will keep plugging away as their spin masters will conjur up more options to attack where PKR is vulnerable. The economy is the least of the countrys problems now and they will use all their might and expertise gained from over 50 years in power to stay on TOP OF THE CHESS GAME .

I would like to post this extract from Malaysiakini,” What is most worrisome is that instead of moving the nation ahead in these turbulent economic times, our political leaders and their party machinery are obsessed with power grabbing. For the love of this nation, its rulers, people and God, please stop this dangerous covetousness..

The covert political party games are costing this nation far too much. And if the rulers and people are going to sit back and throw their arms up in hopelessness, this nation can only sink further

It goes without saying Malaysias democracy is facing its toughest moment and it is a reality check “Chess game” which needs to end. Every 5 years, elections are held and thats enough and the Parliamentarians and the State legislators are the People’s caretakers/representatives to look after the country. Use the mandate to run the country and not to kill the country and bring it to its knees.

For whatever purpose UMNO or PKR the country needs your GOD GIVEN BRAINS to rule and not to put the country into a Shambolic State of Shame practising undemocratic means to put each other in power. The people have spoken on 308 and let it be that way………..

Mahatma Gandhi

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