Perak Chronicles..Next Stalemate or State of Emergency..??

On February 25th we wrote Anwar,Najib,Naizar,Zambry ..Ooooh Perak,,Next..!! What we were writing then is also what we are going to focus on today. In Malaysiakini,themalaysianinsider,TV Channels and other internet blogs everyone is having an opinion or two on the ongoing STALEMATE in Perak.

We reposts this,”Wah..! Desperate times call for Desperate measures. It seems its a blame game now and both of Pakatan and BN are getting on at each other and we the Peraknites suffers in the end.”

Kindly click here to see why this was mention and check out all the 5 chronicles we posted earlier.

Today it seems that in this malaysiakini report which is very serious as not only the whole country is looking at with interests but the whole international community. There must be levelheadedness in dealing with all this stalemate and everyone the politicians from both political divide must be ready to face all the eventual consequences.

This from Malaysiakini portal,”The Perak BN government today issued a stern warning against Pakatan Rakyat’s attempt to convene an emergency assembly sitting tomorrow.

“If anyone is involved in tomorrow’s assembly, the state government would not compromise with anyone or any group which threatens national security, particularly in Perak.”

Are we heading to what we forsee will happen,” A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN PERAK…???”

We all know that a speaker without a house will not be able to convene a meeting. Where is he going to do it..? Your guess is as good as mine.That remains a question to be answered and Pakatan leaders are tight lipped over this issue.

Two practising  lawyer who requests anonymity has this,’ The speaker is the owner of the house and there is no two buts about it,”  The other that this stalemate will be end” Read what you want on their statements and their interpretations are of course their own opinions. We like to say,”LAWS ARE MADE BY MAN AND the  rests…………..”

In an internet portal we managed to pick up this headline,”Assembly secretary has exceeded his power,says Bar council”

We post,”The Perak state assembly secretary is acting beyond his powers in blocking the speaker of the legislature from going ahead with an emergency sitting tomorrow, the Malaysian Bar Council declared today.

“The secretary is an employee of the state legislative assembly. I don’t think it’s valid for him to say they cannot hold the assembly,” Bar Council vice-president, Ragunath Kesavan said.

Ragunath described Abdullah’s and the State Secretary’s actions as suggesting they were taking instructions from the executive arm, perhaps even directly from the federal government, which goes against the principle of separation of powers among the executive, legislature and the judiciary.

It goes on and on and on and how ironic that this Perak chronicles was quite similar to the PRS crisis which we faced for two years but of course this is of a different scope and magnitude. I was told at that time by a Political secretary and a serving YB now,”This is above the constitution and in politics we play around the constitution to achieve our aims.”

Will this stalemate go on? Peraknites will be wondering what has become to their state where its POLITICS AND MORE POLITICS. Which side would the PROPHET OF DOOM bring the curtain down.?

We say as always,” Let the politicians sort it out.For those interested parties all of you  just have to wait according to the Malaysiakini headline specifies ,”What will happen in the next 48 hours.? 

5 thoughts on “Perak Chronicles..Next Stalemate or State of Emergency..??

  1. Brooke says:

    Intelligence information from PKR Hq Kl suggest that all future party election candidate must be a graduate (at least a Degree holder).Thier finding revealed that the reason why 2 PKR and a DAP ADUN in Perak leap-frogged to BN is because they are non-graduates.The party described the three as a low class creatures and easily tumble.
    I am just curious if Bawin is qualified to contest given the strigent condition imposed. But don’t worry Batang Ai is not short of graduates.

  2. reezz says:

    i agree…. juz bfore dis all happen, PR claim dat dey can rule da federal gov by grab some BN mp’s…. and now PR had been stab at the back wit the process dey even brought at first place (jumping party)….. so, wat goes around, they comes around but in this case it hits hard right on their face….
    huhu, only my opinion nothing personal

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