DAP Says THANKS for the Acknowledment Jabu

Todays  popular Sarawak english tabloids unusually covered more of the opposition and with it there were more speculations and gossips. Surely,one would question what are they up to.? It was all credible news today and it will really open avenues for more tastier political reports as the state will be facing the byelections in N29 Batang Ai. 

Amongst the headlines were:-

  • Opposition may face tough time in picking Batang Ai candidate
  • BN not afraid of the opposition in Batang Ai,says Noroden
  • Sri Aman will reject PKR:Jabu
  • Stay out of Sarawak,Anwar told
  • PBB still the people’s choice:Bukit kota rep
  • Misconduct can mar country’s image,politicians warn
  • Politicians not being impartial:Chong 

It is no wonder then that Anwar immediatedly as he has been well informed that in his message to his party chiefs as both these Malaysiakini reports which interestinglly he mentioned ,” But this is not only Sarawak’s issue, but a national issue,” he said, promising that land problems will feature prominently in the coming Batang Ai campaign.

One of the features which has really started the basis of this article was the one which featured Jabu. An ex PBDS Supreme Council member who now is a PKR member said,”Please asks Jabu to check whether there are two brothers in both BN-PBB and Pakatan-PKR . How can he just simply make such a statement? Isn’t he just slapping his own face..?

Audie 61 made a phone call to the Leon Jimmy (protem Chairman for DAP Sri Aman) and ex PRS youth chief  aligned to YB Larry Sng who immediatedly said,” Thank you Jabu for acknowledging our presence.”Do I need to say more..? ”

This is what appeared in todays tabloids,”DCM Jabu said yesterday that Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) will not be welcomed by the people in Sri Aman.”How could they be welcomed when the leader of PKR Sri Aman is not even in the same wavelength with his family members.”

These two,who are family members,do not believe in each other yet they believe that they are fighting for the people’s right.I can’t see how they are fighting for the people’s right.I can’t see how they can command the support of others when they are not supporting each other.

The ex MP Jimmy drew more criticisms from Jabu when he was said,”Instead of working for the people improve their lot the former MPbrought PKR here to instigate constituents.He brought PKR here to instigate people to fight against and defame BN which he once served.” 

Leon must be smiling as he had an ally in Anwar who not only took the words literally out of his mouth. In Anwars speech covered by Malaysiakini portal where he spoke to party’s parliamentarians, state assemblypersons and division leaders from throughout the country he mentioned,”Ketuanan Rakyat”

“The message of Ketuanan Rakyat is our message to the people. It should inspire them and strengthen their belief in a brighter future.“By our example they should be compelled to be active in their communities, to register to vote, to become members of our party and to motivate their family and friends to join Keadilan as well.”

So DAP Leon must also thanked Anwar for the these statement. One wonders the cooperation between DAP and Keadilan would be further strengthen with what Jabu has said.

We say as always,” There will be more political skirmishes in Sarawak as the by elections and the battle of Batang Ai intensifies.

PKR Sarawak War Cry”Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”


The enthusiasm in PKR’s Cobbold John’s voice when he spoke to audie61 was one which reflected an overall winner. He took time to speak to us at 15.56pm eventhough he was attending the PKR seminar at the Quality Hotel in Shah Alam.

He hoped that Malaysiakini or other internet portals plus the other government main stream media will pick this PKR SARAWAK WARCRY”  up. It draws us back to the time when the Sarawak football team was at its peak and this war cry,”AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN” drove fear amongst the peninsular based footballers when they step into the cauldron of fire that is the Sarawak State Stadium.  

Even the symbol blackcat with its claws which Sarawak adopted look very menacing and the foreign footballers were intimidated. The people then was even coming into the stadium for the games as early as 3pm eventhough the game starts at 7.45pm. Can this warcry start something similar for PKR?

Will they be able to conjur up the same spirit in politics like their football counterparts..? Isn’t this the same as the awakening of Dayaks in a reversal manner? So now PKR Sarawak Keadilanism is picking up another notch with,”AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN” (as long as we still live we fight)

Cobbold summed up by saying to us,”the top PKR leadership has approved and adopted the warcry and this is in view of Sarawak’s quest to capture the state from BN” 

We say as always,” Wonder PKR Sarawak will use this warcry in the upcoming by-elections N29 Batang Ai..?We shall have to see wouldn’t we? Is BN afraid .??.