EGM…Soi Lek..No wonder Police Probe?? -Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini headlines,”Cop probes Soi Lek for alleged oral sex”.the full report can be read here We ask what could have sparked all this off again? Haven’t we have had enough of this lurid and sex scandal politics in Malaysia? How come MCA is also looking closely at the constitution?

It has been rumored though that Chua Soi lek’s faction has been pushing for an EGM for a simple reason to remove the President through a vote of no-confidence. If this is true, then the President must have moved his pawns to work.

In this extracted Malaysiakini report “Soi Lek said that there was an attempt by some quarters to revive the sex tape to continue “to discredit me, to threaten and cow me into silence”.

We say as always,”The infighting in MCA will make the party split right in between and it will be no good for the party. Anyway, whatever it is “Who are we to tell MCA what to do..hmmm? “

“YBs and MPs ARE RAKYAT’s SERVANTS”- Malaysiakini

It’s high time we tell our Peoples representatives,”YB’s and MPs” where they stand. The people have a voice to speak and they will speak and that is through the ballot boxes and they will defend it if its a necessity.

We have the mainstream media and we have now the alternatives in blogs,TV Videos which the Peoples voices and unhappinesss can be aired.  Malaysiakini report has this extract which has really caught our eyes and moreover todays local tabloids was all for it.

Chai Yoon Peng Board Chairperson of SJK(C) Sin Ming Puchong said,”“No one should view education issues through a political lens.” Of course one would say it will be a political issue as BN and Pakatan are locked in a bitter fight especially in Selangor where even Cows issue seems a rather “humongous”  where the whole nation is crying out loud. No,no,no its not about petty political issues BUT the whole spectrum should be focus on the  economic health of Malaysia. I would be tempted to ask a YB or an MP now,”Sir, what have you given us…??”

Enough of this so called Apple Polishing Business and mosts of all Political Assasination Attempts to garner mileage and to stay relevant. The General elections was on 308 and its long gone and though they will be two by elections soon and whoever wins be it BN or Pakatan its not going to “REMEDY THE PROBLEMS FACED BY THE SLUGGISH MALAYSIAN ECONOMY

Todays local tabloids has an SUPP Vice President speaking out his mind. The Deputy Works Minister Yong Khoon Seng said which is music to the ears of the people. Will the YBS and MPs say this? This will belittle them and they should be ashamed not to. Kuddos to YB Yong.

SUPP has losts badly in the last state elections and the wind of change they say should start from the top.Politics is about Perception and if SUPP leaders take a leave out of their Vice President they will be able to wrestle back losts seats.”Only if though…?? 

Yongs words,” The expectations of the rakyat are increasing each time and they are our BOSSES. As the peoples representatives,we are here to serve them and not the other way round.THEY VOTED US IN.”

Do we see a Changes in SUPPs approach? SUPP was considered a rich mans party before the last State elections. SUPP leaders were considered the “untouchables” like the movie of the same name.

Even my 75 year old mum who read todays english tabloids said,” SUPP has losts touch with the grassroots and the people.They have become COMPLACENT and most of all ARROGANT and thats why the opposition has capitalise” It was a Wake UP call for SUPP.

My mum was also not kind towards the opposition,”DAP leaders should also learn that being YB is not a passport to be high and mighty. You are the peoples caretaker and you should remember who put you there.

Funds due or whatever promises made as per this Malaysiakini extract,”he (meaning the Deputy Education Minister) did not hold back on the RM120,000 funding to Sin Ming school. YBs the fund belongs to the people of Malaysia and you all are there to ‘Look after the Coffers and Use it well for the benefit of the Rakyat in totality” Not for Pakatan or BN usage please..or else you know where the “EXITS” are..!!

We say as always,”We can go on and hit hard at our YBs and MPS but they should know WHO THERE ARE. Jackie Chan the Hongkong Super Star made a movie called “WHO AM I..?” YBs and MPs you are after all the PEOPLES RE{RESENTATIVES FOR NOW and NOT ALWAYS…REMEMBER THAT.DID WE SMELL SOME FRESH AIR BLOWING..?