Could “34977=30” means also 3 By-elections in 60 days

This Malaysiakini report headlined “Trouble also brewing in Bukit Selambau.” UMNO Merbok Divisional chairman is claiming the seat as he puts forward his case,” UMNO deserves the seat because the number of Malay voters in the area now exceeded 50 percent.

The breakdown as indicated by the chart by Malaysiakini has Malays at 50.2%,Indians 29.5% Chinese 19.3% and others at 1 %. Total voters in the Kedah State seat (N25) is 34977. 

It seems that the EC will have their hands full as besides Bukit Selambau N25 there is also the Parliamentary seat of Bukit Gantang (P59). EC will be making the decision on Friday to fix the dates for these 2 byelections. Meanwhile one should not forget that the Pensiangan parliamentary seat which had been declared vacant by the Kota Kinabalu Election Court last year.

The court accepted an election petition by opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) which sought for a declaration that Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) president Tan Sri Joseph Kurup’s win unopposed during the March 8, general elections was null and void.
Kurup had appealed to the Federal Court who will sit in Kota Kinabalu on Feb 12 and 13 to hear the appeal. (Extracted Source from Aki Momogun blogspot.)
The numbers game do bring out equations which has fascinated us in every by elections. Take Permatang Pauh as an example where  we mentioned its all 7. Its a three way tussle and its any of these three man who will be the Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh. Well lets take Anwar he is 61,  Arif 52, and Hanafi 61 all add them up is 7+7+7=21 Two plus one makes it 3 and you know what 3 means to punters in lucky numbers ”UP“.The report
The Heat is on and Punters will have a field day this weekend when the EC decides to fix the dates. Lets make an early dash for the outlets. who knows it might just be your LUCKY DAY.

“Wah” So Fast

Just as we have just finished writing an earlier article  ‘Pakatan or BN Political diversionary” out comes this Malaysiakini report  which we  extract in full as its a  breaking news from the internet  portal.

Umno appears to be eyeing the Bukit Selambau state seat in Kedah which is traditionally contested by MIC.


Merbok Umno chief Tajul Urus Md Zaid has suggested that an Umno candidate be fielded in the upcoming by-election since the party contested the seat prior to MIC, which held it for four terms until the last general election.

“After four terms, MIC does not have influence there. We have received feedback from voters that they want an Umno candidate,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Tajul’s suggestion is bound to ruffle feathers in MIC, which is looking to make a comeback after a disastrous performance in the last elections.

V Arumugam won the state seat as an independent last March but quit as state assemblyperson and state exco on Feb 9 and is in hiding, ostensibly for his safety in the face of alleged threats.

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Pakatan or BN Political Diversionary..??

It depends on which side of the political divide you stand BUT for an ordinary man Malaysian Politics is in a BIG MESS. What was said,What had been said,What will be said is nothing more than a diversionary attacking technique practised by most seasoned politicians to score an upper hand on their  common enemy.

Why.? This Malaysiakini report will provide most of the unanswered questions that has been lingering in the minds of most Malaysians headlining,” DAP big Guns agree to bury hatchet. It states with the extract,”  The party’s chairperson Karpal Singh, supremo Lim Kit Siang and former chairperson Dr Chen Man Hin held a meeting last night where they agreed to bury the hatchet.The leaders agreed that the upcoming by-elections was more urgent matter.”

BN saw it coming too with Pak Lah saying in the main stream media that ,”We should start our preparations now.We have to work very hard to win these seats.” Hard work and unity among BN component parties would be crucial to win the seats. Obviously, Pakatan will also have to take note and in this Malaysiakini report “Scramble in Pakatan for bukit Selambau seat” whereby an interesting extract is,”which not only states –Step aside PKR ..Now Pakatan Rakyat allies DAP and PAS and even the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force are keen to contest when the by-elections are called.”

So both sides are using diversionary techniques to pull a fast one again on each other and saying there are differences in their respective coalition. This is politics my friends, and the more YBs and MPs a party has the more respect gained. Its always the numbers and mathematics in politics. The tree without the roots will not survive and vice versa. Its always a calculated move in politics and each party will try to SELL THEIR CANDIDATES like a valuable PRODUCT to represent the coalition be it BN or Pakatan.

I had my doubts already when Karpal was having an outburst against Anwar. Some BN Sarawak YBs told me,”You see Pakatan coalition leader Anwar cannot control his general.”  Of course PKR and DAP Sarawak members were saddened by Karpal’s no holds barred attack. Second Minister of Planning  for Sarawak Awang Tengah said,”  PR comprises parties of different IDEOLOGIES which do not MESH and the OUTBURST by Karpal was a manifestation of the SCHISM between them. BN has a proven track record of a coalition in the true sense and it is by far the better option.I dont think the PR can govern the way BN has done it as there is political stability.

Is Politics so simple? We negotiate, we bury the hatchet, we move on. Yeap, there might be heart breaks,dissatisfaction,untrustfullness but the water flows so quickly under the bridge that every moment in politics is for NOW and not Yesterday. Thats why there are no enemies in politics and only political realignment and which SOLUTION and PROPAGANDA will capture the minds of  the electorate and WIN THE VOTES in The Ballot Boxes.

There will be a lot of issues which will be brought up in the by-elections and it is up to the respective parties and coalition to put up their BEST MENU for the people to choose. There is no second chance and we hope BN will stop using the old techniques. Leave Ezam out of this and you will give the byelections a better flavouring….