PKR”Ujan Aja,Ukai Peluru..Takut!!”

It was literally ‘raining cats and dogs’ in Bintulu and the 4000 odd sit down crowd and about a couple of thousand standing was not even bothered. A ardent and loyal PKR Bintulu member said,”Ujan aja,anang takut..Ukai PELURU,nama ka takut’“. ( It’s only rain,No need to be afraid.Not Bullets,Why are we afraid.”)

This was mentioned to us through Baginda Minda former PRS Baleh Information chief who called audie61. The sarcasm in this political remark must have been instigated by the Bullets given to Karpal Singh in which Malaysiakini reported If the rain was anything to go by,Baginda Minda added further,”Hujan Lebat, Rahmat dari Tuhan”

Malaysiakini Sarawak correspondent earlier covered a report in which it describes,” Anwar Ibrahim today had what can be described as an ice-breaking meeting with Sarawak DAP top leaders to open negotiations on the distribution of seats in the next state elections. The full text . So it seems that once the ice has melted the rains come and drive away what has been hindering the GROUNDSWELL for a UNITED OPPOSITION FRONT to tackle the ruling Sarawak BN Government. GOOD OMEN….??

Judging from the comments received on the groundswell issue audie61 would particularly like to highlight this by the commentor ”BN MAN ” which will obviously shed a light or two and bring back some “HOMETRUTHS” to the PKR machinery.

BN MAN :-We are not worried at all at PKR movement. Election come, we rain ringgit from the sky with helicopter to voters, and we will win again. We connect power & water to your houses, we promise you project kilat, guntur and hujan, we will shaking your hands and give angpow to all Tuai Rumah, Kapitan; and we sure will win again What momentum has PKR gained, merely talk-kosong. Sarawak people still enjoy our BN administration, they are not yet ready to change us out. Many of them still like the way and status of their lives today.

So no need to change us BN away, please… Don’t be disheartened by the above remarks as we always say in this football analogy,”The match has just begun..90 minutes later plus injury time then the final result will be known.” BN and Pakatan Sarawak will be able to gauge the feelings of the people/voters until the results are announced in the day of reckoning and question at the end of the IMPENDING SARAWAK ELECTIONS NIGHT.

 If the elections are to be held next week or say 3 months from now BN will be in for a tough fight. Time is on BN side as we say as they will try to HURT PAKATAN at its lowest point and when their resources are limited.(Sun Tzu’s Art of war)

Anwar spoke and rallied the people to change the BN Sarawak government and Baginda said the following BN Bintulu seats will be under threat. He specifically mentioned N 52,N53, N58 N60(2 PRS and 2 PBB BN seats) We will make Bintulu the Bastion for PKR Sarawak and it will happen says Baginda.

At the function last night DAP N59 Kidurong assemblyman YB Chiew Chiu Sing who spoke in Iban touched on two main things which will see that the opposition front do not cross swords in the coming State elections. The hot topic for now is obviously the NCR land issue and the other ‘working together” which received a STAMP of APPROVAL from the crowd present at the function. PKR And DAP together as a Assault Team…Hmmm

Will this bring BN back to the drawing boards. Ouuch..! Just a small cut..even if they do not seem worried or brush it of as another propaganda rhetoric or to hoodwink the voters BN must not be COMPLACENT nor ARROGANT. Look at 308 and what happened in Penang,Kedah,Selangor..??

BN partners in the coalition needs to start working programmes together and stay unified. If not,”Divided WE FALL will come TRUE..” Even Anwar in the local tabloids today managed to poke the needle into the BN machinery. After meeting the DAP leaders he said,”BN was nervous about Bidayuh support towards the opposition.So the Bidayuhs have PKR to thank for, for having huge allocation. In order to receive and gain more BN attention Bidayuhs should give stronger support to PKR” Sarawak

Bidayuh assemblyman occupy 6 State seats in N1 (Opar) N2 (Tasik Biru) N16 (Bengoh) N17 (Tarat) N18 (Tebedu) and N19 (Kedup). The Two Bidayuh MPs Richard Riot and Tikie Lafe were before 916 taunted to have jumped ship but they still stayed behind in BN. Could Anwar be also indirectly having a dig at the Two Bidayuh MPs..? We will just have to make our own assumptions wouldn’t we..?

Another dinner function has passed. Sibu,Miri,Kuching, Bintulu and we were told by an aide to a PKR Sarawak YB that next in March it will be Limbang the Northern state of Sarawak. Here lies the State seats of Limbang and Lawas of N68 (Bukit Kota) N69 (Batu Danau) N 70 (Ba’Kelalan) N71 (Bukit Sari).

We say as always,”The groundswell is indeed building up and both BN and Pakatan needs to WORK DOUBLY HARD to maintain their stranglehold of their constituencies. Its the PEOPLES VOICE AND CHOICE NOW.GOOD YBS are maintain while we say GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WHO UNDERPERFORMED.THEIR TIME WILL BE COMING TO AN ABRUPT END.DON’t say we didn’t WARN you BN or Pakatan YBs..