“Litmus, Acid or Test of Strength”..Its Battle of the 4

Malaysiakini,the Edge and Broken Shield all have headlines like,”Acid Test for Pakatan” “Batang-Ai: more than a litmus tests for support” and the Edge correspondent team posted in Malaysiatoday,”PKR sees Batang Ai as a tests of strength”

PM and BN Chairman Abdullah said already in the national tabloids that BN will certainly defend the Batang Ai N29 Sarawak state seat. He said,”we have to stand because it was a BN seat.How can we not defend the seat…?”

Its very ironic that March the 4th has been penned down as the date when the Election Commission will sit down and fix the nomination and election dates. The EC has received the notice on the vacancy of the Batang Ai state seat this morning.

Sarawak EC director Takun Sunggah was quoted as saying that the notice, signed by Sarawak state assembly speaker Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar, was faxed to the EC headquarters in Putrajaya.

So who amongst the Battle of the 4 will be the common candidate for either the Pakatan and BN.? What will be the determining factor? Who will power broker the choices? At the moment only 4 names are being thrown in the hat and with the EC making March 4 the date of reckoning for N29 Batang Ai there is still sufficient time for the LOBBYISTS

PKR seems to have shortlisted 2 names. PKR state assemblyperson Gabriel Adit told Malaysiakini that the party is“looking for a winnable candidate,” he said, adding that Bawin is among the frontrunners.

Bawin is former president of the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) as well as former vice-chairperson of the Majlis Adat Istiadat, a state government agency.

Another name mentioned as a likely candidate is popular local Iban politician Jawah Gerang, the former Lubok Antu MP who has not losts in 5 elections.

As for the BN candidate according to our sources there are also 2  in question.The frontrunners seems to be between former immigration officer Naga Alam and Personal Secretary to the late YB Dublin or senior civil servant Nelson Mujah Giri, currently the district officer of Lubok Antu.

A lot of “thoughts,differing opinions,board room party battles,skirmishes and lobbying” amongst the supporters of the 4 candidates will be held between now and the day of announcement of the candidates representing BN- PRS or PKR -Pakatan.

The 4 lobbying parties concerned will ensure that their candidates are chosen over the other as who ever is chosen it will determine who will represent N29 in the State Assembly.

Obviously the VOTERS will have the FINAL SAY but the candidate in question has to be acceptable before they mark X.

We say as always,” Whoever is chosen and wins for the party concern it should be an early GAWAI present.

4 thoughts on ““Litmus, Acid or Test of Strength”..Its Battle of the 4

  1. Brooke says:

    Its now or never for PKR. If the party don’t make it this time than forget about coming to the state.
    Needless to say Jawah Gerang being grass root leader is more popular…hence short be chosen to wrest the seat from BN/PRS. Bawin only appear during election time.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    Good political wisdom dictates that the party must have a crop of qualified, dedicated and trust worthy candidates to choose from . Past records of potential candidates should not be used exclusively without taking into considerations other criterias. It is pertinent that coalitions in Pakatan makes collective decision and discipline a top priority. They must ensure that it is not their culture to recruit into their respective parties or to allow membership to any individual who is self centred and craving for position and power. Such potential leader will likely leave the party to be an independent candidate if not chosen to stand in an election by the party.

    To the candidate chosen to stand in batang Ai, I wish you the best in defeating BN as it will also be seen as a refrerandum on Taib’s regime and I pray that our fellow malaysians living in this constituency will not be blinded by short term handouts and empty promises again. Time to remove Taib and change our government for a better Sarawak and Malaysia.

  3. automotive jacks says:

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