“Pakatan Sarawak Bloggers vs BN in N29 Batang Ai”

I was happily sipping my coffee @$.90 cents in my favourite haunt when a phone call I received and the caller said,”BN-SNAP losts 741 and last elections 806 also losts. Now PKR ticket “mesti kalah jua“.

 He was referring to the PKR frontrunner Nicholas Bawin who was mentioned as one of the candidates being lobbied as the man to take on the might of BN in N29 Batang Ai State Constituency.  

The Malaysiakini article in which it headlined Unting’s death opens the way for NCR redress” must have caught the eyes of my caller this morning. He mentioned  this ,” in this constituency crisscrossed by three rivers on the banks of which are located some 100 Iban longhouses, logistics and a big campaign chest, the BN’s trump card, are decisive factors.”

 What chances my friend he said..? BN will have upper hand and the helicopters brrr,brrr,brrr and also trying to make the sound of the roter blades close to my ears. In our earlier articles we did mention that BN will have a upperhand in not only this bylection but the impending Sarawak state election with the machinery and resources available.

Now even PRS President James Masing in the local tabloids this morning is playing the role of a coalition partner and the normal BN procedure. His statement,”I have the name of the lists of candidates in mind,but as of now its not for public consumption because the names of the candidates will be submitted to the CM and PM for consideration.” 

BN PRS is ready to take on the impending assault team from PKR. One of local voter said,”Bloggers what’s the use in this rural remote area.” Even RPK (referring to Malaysia’s  popular blogger) datang siapa dia..? Kalau Anwar Ibrahim datang orang mahu jumpa. Political Observers have mentioned that the PKR candidate will need all the help it needs.

All is not losts though as most of the Sarawak Bloggers as mentioned by A.Ahmad in Dayakbaru weblog are all politicians in their own right. They are also campaigners and have some influence in determining the mindset of the voters in their own areas and their base of operation.How much they will have an impact in Batang Ai is yet to be seen as this is yet to be proven in Sarawak.

Malaysiakini internet portal news,blogger articles needs to be downloaded and photostated while BN is using the main stream media in Borneo Posts,Eastern times,Utusan Sarawak and the TV channels. Who then has the upper hand and PKR will need all the help they can muster.

The following bloggers can make a good team, plus the people/bloggers as mentioned by the dayakbaru weblog.

1. Borneo Warrior
2. Broken shield
3. Dayaknation
4. Sarawakheadhunter
5. Selangaump2008
6. TbsBidayuh

A.Ahmad said Peninsular bloggers can’t come to Batang Ai due to distance and the need for the two Bukits in Perak and Kedah, plus we are preparing for a showdown in Perak where we want to oust the illegal Umno MB and bring back our legitimate MB Mohd Nizar, though hopefully he will come to campaign in Batang Ai.

We say as always,” According to the phonecaller BN will win as sympathetic votes will be the determining factor. Really, but we say THE CANDIDATE is the FACTOR…