PKR Baginda”Tak Patut”

Baginda Minda in a telephone conversation from Sibu Sarawak the former Information Chief of PRS Baleh Division said that he was saddened by the events that has happened to YB Elizabeth Wong. Ini” TAK PATUT BERLAKU” and PKR Sarawak will stand by her and will try to convince her not to step down. In this interview he said that he has been informed by his Malaysiakini friends that ‘Eli” has left the country and gone overseas.

This Malaysiakini report  in which in a statement released to the press, Wong said, “This is the darkest episode in my life. I have never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated. I need to rest and to search for peace of mind to get away from the stormy events surrounding me.

“I have informed my party leaders that I am determined to relinquish all my positions, as a Selangor state exco member as well as the state assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan.”  

Baginda further added ,”Ini Memalukan Negara kita” and PKR Sarawak’s support for her is unwavered and in our dinner scheduled for the 21st February,”Friends of PKR” Venue: Lot 2026,Sg,Nyigu Industrial Estate formerly site of Heavy Machines Expos in Bintulu. Expected Attendance of 3500 people in which de facto PKR leader Dato Sri Anwar will be present we will hand over a PLEDGE OF OUR SUPPORT to the embattled leader as Malaysiakini puts it.

Beginda also said that they have been campaigning today in Lubok Antu with YB Gabriel Adit,Ex MP Jawah Gerang,EX MP Jimmy Donald and Sarawak State PKR Deputy Chairman Nicholas Bawin. They will be heading to Kakus for another meet the people session tomorrow. We are drumming up support for PKR in the rural areas and trying to infiltrate into the BN safe seats. He says,’Awakening the peoples sentiments for an alternative representation in the State.”   

On another note  Beginda Minda also thanked his former boss the President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak  Dato Sri James Masing for coming out with a “POLITICIANS STATEMENT” in which he said,”it was most despicable for anyone to hurt a politician’s career for exposing his or her private life to the public. James further said any act that brought shame and embarrassment to the politicians should not be tolerated. Other Sarawak BN leaders and opposition leaders have come out in support of the embattled leader on this DESPICABLE ACT.

Beginda told audie61 to  check out the sms sent out by YB Eli and posts it up. Please remember me as the person I was, not what they are now making me to be.”

We say as always,” THIS  sms is the ULTIMATE and says it all..?

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Perak Chronicles 5…SNAP POLLS..??

In yesterdays article we ended by saying as always,’As my gut feeling says,”Lets just end this and go to the Polls” One way or another its not fair for the people of Perak.

How ironic..? Today Ngeh Khoo Ham the DAP Perak Chief as per this Malaysiakini report,”calls for a snap elections to resolve the current political crisis or risk seeing the state suffer further.” Our Perak Chronicles is now going into its 5th episode…”FRESH POLLS

We know a thing or two on the constitution and both sides can twists it round with their own interpretations and have an advantage over the other. As we extract the following from this Malaysiakini article Ngeh points out that ,”the federal and state constitutions determine the powers and the roles of the speaker, the rights and privileges committee and the state legislative assembly.

“The decision of the speaker and the privileges committee was based on the legal and constitutional provisions and therefore must be respected,” he told Malaysiakini.”We see now how the constitution protects us from any party who grabs power unconstitutionally, illegally and undemocratically,” he added further.

We say as always,”Will there be any possibility of BN and Pakatan  going  to the POLLS..??  There is a  BIG QUESTION MARK for Investors to ACTIVELY participate in the economic activities in the State if  this crisis is ongoing.Have your say and Perak Chronicles 6 is not far from the Horizon.. 

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