“Stop Political Bickering..Oh Yea..!!”

audie61 has over the last eight months been preaching on the need for both sides to face reality.”The GE 308 is long gone and lets get down to run the country.BN the government without 2/3majority and Pakatan as the opposition” STOP POLITICAL BICKERING AN GET ON WITH IT..WITH WHAT..??

Of course, all the elected representatives have taken their oath of office and are given the mandate by the people to serve as their representative and voice out the concerns in their constituencies. To those who have been given the tasks to run the country or state they have just got to get on with it.

We dont need a prophet of doom to tell us that the world crisis of unemployment,falling markets and with that crime figures will be increasing and it will affect Malaysia. It’s right at Malaysia’s door step and this was also discussed after we attended the late YB Dublins funeral before we went our separate ways.

The conversation included an emeritus professor and a number of journalists from the Eastern Times,Borneo Posts and Sin Chew. Crime rates has indeed sky rocketed and whats more the Malaysian political scene is laughable and a joke as comparable to other countries. Will this unhealthy political trend stop asks the professor? When and how will it stop?

The journalists would not be drawn into this rather touchy political question. Somewhat surprising was then a journalists took out the ‘Star” Wow! Were we amazed at how the timing is?  If i may I copy and  reposts from this internet portal. 

Consultant Anas Zubedy shelled out more than RM36,000 for his advertisement yesterday in The Star, the country’s biggest-selling English-language newspaper.

In the ad, he spoke of the challenges faced by his 20 staff, their fears for the future — and how the country’s leaders seem oblivious to the anxiety that he feels is gripping the nation.

“Whether (the governing) Barisan Nasional or (opposition) Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leads is meaningless . . . if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table,” he wrote.

“Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and just let go. The nation can wait until the next general election if they want change.

“Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR lawmakers. You have proved your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general election if they want your party.”

Anas called on politicians from all sides to “get together and compromise”, telling them: “Someone has to give in. Take the nation to heart. That’s why you are in politics in the first place. Focus on the people. Focus on the economy.”

Believe it or not the Chairman of Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) Tiong King Sing also said something similar. He said,”The BNBCC wants harmony and there to be political stability.

This is because only through political stability can only the country move forward and the current economic turmoil be stabilised. “Our duty is to raise issues and rectify the problems.”

BLOGGERS  whoever we support BN or Pakatan can also do likewise. This country Malaysia is ours and we do not want it to fall so far behind the others in the region. Malaysiakini  of Malaysiatoday internet portal can do their part in this too by even getting a polls survey.

There are some within the BN and Pakatan politicians will feel that their relevancy will diminished if they stop politiking. They say mosts Malaysian Politicians cannot do without Perceptions,creating headlines as they want to stay RELEVANT. That is the greatest folly. 

If our leaders continue to stray away from their main objectives in pushing MALAYSIA FORWARD we can and we will have the right to TELL THEM to look themselves in the mirror. WHO ARE THEY WITHOUT MALAYSIA..??? Enough is enough and lets put this country of ours back in its righful place.

We know that the country will be facing three by elections in the 2 bukit and 1 batang constituency but its not an excuse to forget about Malaysia’s economy and the unemployment problems.

 We say as always,” Bloggers lets unite and tell our leaders that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF BICKERING” and look into Malaysia and the PEOPLES  needs immediatedly. The people are united on this FRONT  

Related source: ‘YBs and MPs are Rakyats servants” https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/ybs-and-mps-are-rakyats-servants-malaysaikini/

“Tiong Listens to Anwar..??”

The sms from Bintulu at 21.52pm,”Go to Dayak Nation Tv”,”Malaysiakini headlines and themalaysianInsider”and you will know what I mean. I was obviously puzzled and sms back to to my friend in Bintulu? Bro..what about? Is it something to do with Karpal,Royalty,Perak,the by elections or with the Malaysiatoday blogger RPK?

Nope,its Tiong King Sing and Anwar..? Watch DAYAK BARU.COM and listen to clip 1 of the 4. You will pick up something and posts it. Alright and I listened like a good listener.

Anwar said to Tiong,,”Eh.. Pakai Dewan pun tak boleh”  Semua restaurant, kerusi dan meja bapa lu punya kah..? Dia jawab balik,tak,tak,tak saya sikit pun tak kacau. Betul tak betul saya tak tahu” This was at the PKR Bintulu function on February 21st. Has Tiong suddenly gone soft?   

It seems the backbencher chairman is playing the right kind of politics. Someone or his political stategists must have POLISHED him up to play his part as the Chairman of Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC). He must have been tutored well.

Today in Parliament it was a scene similar to the ones we see in Taiwan or Korea. Could this be happening in Malaysia.? We always say “cometh the hour, cometh the man” .

 Tiong used his political knowledge with words urging all parties to stay calm in the aftermath of a scuffle today between Umno Youth members and Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers.

Listen,listen and more listening. He must have listened to Anwar’s various ceramahs or else this could not have come out from him.Tiong said in the aftermath of the ruckus,scuffles that the “The BNBCC wants harmony and there to be political stability.

This is because only through political stability can only the country move forward and the current economic turmoil be stabilised. “Our duty is to raise issues and rectify the problems. We should not use the Dewan to attack each other. Don’t need to raise sensitive issues among the races.”

Malaysiakini internet portal obviously carried the breaking news at 2.57pm in the afternoon in which it headlined,”Singh is King,mobbed.MP claims assault” House speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia expressed regret over the incident, which he said was a first in Parliament.

Meanwhile,Anwar called it a”pinnacle of insolence” this is an extracted version by Anwar from Malaysiakini portal,”We are fed-up with promises that action will be taken and we don’t just want any investigations, we want an assurance from the speaker that the sanctity of this Parliament will not be destroyed.”

We say as always,” The Parliament is not a boxing ring.There should be a thorough investigation and security in Parliament must be stepped up.Wonder what would have happened if it turned ugly..?