“Tiong Listens to Anwar..??”

The sms from Bintulu at 21.52pm,”Go to Dayak Nation Tv”,”Malaysiakini headlines and themalaysianInsider”and you will know what I mean. I was obviously puzzled and sms back to to my friend in Bintulu? Bro..what about? Is it something to do with Karpal,Royalty,Perak,the by elections or with the Malaysiatoday blogger RPK?

Nope,its Tiong King Sing and Anwar..? Watch DAYAK BARU.COM and listen to clip 1 of the 4. You will pick up something and posts it. Alright and I listened like a good listener.

Anwar said to Tiong,,”Eh.. Pakai Dewan pun tak boleh”  Semua restaurant, kerusi dan meja bapa lu punya kah..? Dia jawab balik,tak,tak,tak saya sikit pun tak kacau. Betul tak betul saya tak tahu” This was at the PKR Bintulu function on February 21st. Has Tiong suddenly gone soft?   

It seems the backbencher chairman is playing the right kind of politics. Someone or his political stategists must have POLISHED him up to play his part as the Chairman of Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC). He must have been tutored well.

Today in Parliament it was a scene similar to the ones we see in Taiwan or Korea. Could this be happening in Malaysia.? We always say “cometh the hour, cometh the man” .

 Tiong used his political knowledge with words urging all parties to stay calm in the aftermath of a scuffle today between Umno Youth members and Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers.

Listen,listen and more listening. He must have listened to Anwar’s various ceramahs or else this could not have come out from him.Tiong said in the aftermath of the ruckus,scuffles that the “The BNBCC wants harmony and there to be political stability.

This is because only through political stability can only the country move forward and the current economic turmoil be stabilised. “Our duty is to raise issues and rectify the problems. We should not use the Dewan to attack each other. Don’t need to raise sensitive issues among the races.”

Malaysiakini internet portal obviously carried the breaking news at 2.57pm in the afternoon in which it headlined,”Singh is King,mobbed.MP claims assault” House speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia expressed regret over the incident, which he said was a first in Parliament.

Meanwhile,Anwar called it a”pinnacle of insolence” this is an extracted version by Anwar from Malaysiakini portal,”We are fed-up with promises that action will be taken and we don’t just want any investigations, we want an assurance from the speaker that the sanctity of this Parliament will not be destroyed.”

We say as always,” The Parliament is not a boxing ring.There should be a thorough investigation and security in Parliament must be stepped up.Wonder what would have happened if it turned ugly..?

5 thoughts on ““Tiong Listens to Anwar..??”

  1. MISS says:

    Many year ago, we saw Taiwan MP men and women fist fighting, tearing one another clothes, throwing shoes and smashing opponents with chairs and making “Huru Hara” like gangsters

    Now, we have some barbarious men attacking MP with Policemen and Parliament Guards as on lookers? I believe it was not a scuffle but physical attack. This is may be what Hisham-Kris-Muddin most happy about, the rule by fear and intimidation.Will Malaysia be the first country in the world where “kris” will be carried by everyone so that the other parties are silenced

    Is this BN Umno way of ruling now? May be YES

  2. Pengayau2009 says:



    First of all I would like to congratulate you forleading the Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor,Kedah,Kelantan,Pulau Pinang and previously Perak.Under your leadership,we have seen a dramatic Unity within the Opposition Parties namely PAS,PKR and DAP after the March 8 Political Tsunami.

    For me this is your 2nd biggest achievement after the Tsunami.YES,we the Rakyat know that PAS,PKR and DAP has different Political Ideology but I believe that they have a common goal which is “To Sunk the BN Titanic Ship”.For me there is nothing wrong with that as we in Malaysia has different races and religion.

    We had also heard of the so called Merakyatkan Ekonomi in the state of Selangor and Kerajaan Kebajikan in Kelantan.Yes,we were very jeolous with the reforms in those state and we have been longing for it for such a long time as you know that we have been in Malaysia for 46 years but not much difference we can see,have or feel in Sarawak.

    Yes,there is development in Sarawak but we don’t think it is worth it for us taking into consideration of the 46 years.We should see,have and feel far much more better than now.The reason is very simple,a bad Governance.We the Dayaks has been long neglected,oppressed and marginalized compare to the other races.This all has been done systematically under the so called Politics of Development.All this issue has been lasted and affected us for so long and we believe now is the best time for us to hope or even have a CHANGED,or else we will remain in this situation forever.

    Wawasan 2020?its only 11 years to go Sir but what do we have now?where are we now?Its very sad and pathetics to see what has happens to us.What about our future?What about our next generation?our children?our grandchildren?are they going to be “Pengemis di negeri sendiri?”You must think about it Sir if you really sincere to bring a CHANGED or HARAPAN BARU UNTUK DAYAK for we has been promised promises by promises but take a look at us now?

    We the Dayaks especially in the rural areas were very scared of the Government.We has
    been intimidated and threaten if we dare to speak against the Government.All we want to do is just to voiced out our dissatisfaction and hope that the Government will take some necessary action to solve our problems for the betterment of the Rakyat and not all out going against the Government.

    If we vote against the Government,we will punished by all those projects which were supposed to be given to us will be cancelled and certain areas that known as an opposition supporters will be blacklisted and don’t even dream to has any projects being given.Undi Adalah Rahsia?we don’t think so.the ballot were known to which particular polling station and by that way they know who votes against them and they will be punished.As we know Sir,basic amenities like Roads,Electricity and Water Supply is the very basic fundamental needs that any Government has to give to the Rakyat.We were even denied of it and what else can we ask for?

    We are not stupid and so the Government.We vote them because we ant them to work for us and we believe they will.But if they don’t,we will voted them out for which we are the one who vote them in and we can vote them out.We has been punished for this.We being punished for wanted to have a CHANGED.as if they are the Government For Ever And Ever.

    To most of our Dayaks,Government mean BN.Opposotion mean PAS,PKR,DAP,SNAP and STAR.Yes,we have our YBs to voice out our dissatisfaction or problems but it seems like most of them were to busy to entertain us and this has made us think that the YBs were elected by us to serve us,and the Government were elected by us to take care of us and the they are the servant of the Rakyat and of course the Rakyat is the Master but it is ironically now.

    We are slaves to the Government,we has to obey them eventhough our Land is being robbed from us and given to the Towkeys and Tycoon which were their Cronies.There is a lots of outstanding or pending case in the Court which until now seems to be like no ending and the same thing still happens to us.

    Some of our longhouse has been demolished by the government by giving an excuses that we has occupy the State Land and our longhouse is built on State Land.For your information Sir,we have been lived there for ages,from generation to generation,from our forefathers and ancestors.Land is our Heart and Soul Sir.This is the only properties that we have and have been descended from our ancestors.

    If it were being taken from us,than we no longer can be called Bumiputra or even worse,we going to be just like the Red Indians in America,Maori in New Zealand and the Aborigines in Australia.We the Dayaks has a “Wish List” dedicated to the Pakatan Rakyat under your stewardship.

    To have a good government which is
    1.free of corruption
    2.free of cronyism
    3.free of abused of power
    4.to recognized our NCR land and not robbed it from us
    5.to give the basic needs such as electricity,roads and water supply to all rural areas
    6.to upgrade the basic infrastructure and utilities in the rural areas school
    7.to upgrade our living standard
    8.to served the rakyat well and not being too busy to enriched themselves and their cronies by oppressing the Rakyat
    9.to make us on par with other states or even better in living standards and economically(please bear in mind that Sarawak and Sabah is not one of the states in Malaysia.we are an equal partner with the Federation of Malaya.we had join Federation of Malaya to form the Federation of Malaysia in 1963)
    10.to recognized the Dayaks equal participation in the government sectors and also business(we,the Dayaks are equal with the Malays in status as stated in the 20 Point Agreement prior to formation of Malaysia in 1963.but virtually now,no.mybe we can called ourself the 2nd class of bumiputra)

    I would like to ask you to explain more about the People Power,NCR Land by Sarawak Land Code Perspectives(Its loopholes),and basic Human Right in your upcoming speech because I believe we,the Dayaks listen to you and believe in you for we also believe that you listen to us.For your information Sir,our Present Leaders were neither Listen or Care about us.

    From the Dayaks Hopes and Dreams,

    (Pengayau2009) 27 February 2009


  3. MISS says:

    Politicians, ruling or sitting the opposition bench, should not have mindset of total resentment, hatred, burning anger and revengeful hearts because they are all voted by the Rakyat to voice their different feeling or appeals or problems to be solved…..

    Politicians must not accuse that what the other party is doing or practicing are totally wrong and unacceptable. There will be times when actually you do agree on some subject or ways out of a certain crisis…..

    Therefore I believe, MP Tiong personally knows that there are some rectification and changes in way Sarawak BN is governing the state required. And, I believe he is a man with sufficient principles and understanding. I dont intend to praise or ball polish hime but the same will be felt by many other BN-SUPP, BN-PRS, BN-SPDP and BN-PBB selected and elected representatives

    WE Sarawak DUN do not need the “Fist of Fury” type of happening recently occured in Malaysia Parliament, less we will become terrorists

  4. aca says:


    same tiong who gave us the white elephant that cost the taxpayer a whopping RM4.7 billion?

    ask him to buy back the corrupt project for the same amount and then only talk. Imagine how many longhouses will benefit with better amenities with RM4.7 billion?

    Instead, the money went to his pocket as well as UMNO treasurer and MCA fellas. Audie, you condone such behaviour?

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