“Pakatan Sarawak Bloggers vs BN in N29 Batang Ai”

I was happily sipping my coffee @$.90 cents in my favourite haunt when a phone call I received and the caller said,”BN-SNAP losts 741 and last elections 806 also losts. Now PKR ticket “mesti kalah jua“.

 He was referring to the PKR frontrunner Nicholas Bawin who was mentioned as one of the candidates being lobbied as the man to take on the might of BN in N29 Batang Ai State Constituency.  

The Malaysiakini article in which it headlined Unting’s death opens the way for NCR redress” must have caught the eyes of my caller this morning. He mentioned  this ,” in this constituency crisscrossed by three rivers on the banks of which are located some 100 Iban longhouses, logistics and a big campaign chest, the BN’s trump card, are decisive factors.”

 What chances my friend he said..? BN will have upper hand and the helicopters brrr,brrr,brrr and also trying to make the sound of the roter blades close to my ears. In our earlier articles we did mention that BN will have a upperhand in not only this bylection but the impending Sarawak state election with the machinery and resources available.

Now even PRS President James Masing in the local tabloids this morning is playing the role of a coalition partner and the normal BN procedure. His statement,”I have the name of the lists of candidates in mind,but as of now its not for public consumption because the names of the candidates will be submitted to the CM and PM for consideration.” 

BN PRS is ready to take on the impending assault team from PKR. One of local voter said,”Bloggers what’s the use in this rural remote area.” Even RPK (referring to Malaysia’s  popular blogger) datang siapa dia..? Kalau Anwar Ibrahim datang orang mahu jumpa. Political Observers have mentioned that the PKR candidate will need all the help it needs.

All is not losts though as most of the Sarawak Bloggers as mentioned by A.Ahmad in Dayakbaru weblog are all politicians in their own right. They are also campaigners and have some influence in determining the mindset of the voters in their own areas and their base of operation.How much they will have an impact in Batang Ai is yet to be seen as this is yet to be proven in Sarawak.

Malaysiakini internet portal news,blogger articles needs to be downloaded and photostated while BN is using the main stream media in Borneo Posts,Eastern times,Utusan Sarawak and the TV channels. Who then has the upper hand and PKR will need all the help they can muster.

The following bloggers can make a good team, plus the people/bloggers as mentioned by the dayakbaru weblog.

1. Borneo Warrior
2. Broken shield
3. Dayaknation
4. Sarawakheadhunter
5. Selangaump2008
6. TbsBidayuh

A.Ahmad said Peninsular bloggers can’t come to Batang Ai due to distance and the need for the two Bukits in Perak and Kedah, plus we are preparing for a showdown in Perak where we want to oust the illegal Umno MB and bring back our legitimate MB Mohd Nizar, though hopefully he will come to campaign in Batang Ai.

We say as always,” According to the phonecaller BN will win as sympathetic votes will be the determining factor. Really, but we say THE CANDIDATE is the FACTOR…


26 thoughts on ““Pakatan Sarawak Bloggers vs BN in N29 Batang Ai”

  1. sarawak says:

    Kami harap PR akan menang di Dun Batang Ai nanti, kerana BN sudah hilang kebajikan kepada rakyat Sarawak.Cuma rakyat Sarawak sahaja masih berdiam akan hal-hal yang telah dilakukan olen BN Sarawak.Rasuah tetap ada di kalangan pemimpin BN Sarawak cuma rakyat Sarawak masih takut untuk bangkit menentang rasuah itu.Kemengan PR di Dun Batang Ai adalah titik permulaan politik di Sarawak.Tanya sama Taib, siapa KM paling lama di Malaysia? Dan kenapa dia tak mahu berundur?Kenapa masih terdapat kawasan pendalaman Sarawak tidak kemudahan Jalanraya,Elektrik dan Air?Apakah ini namanya 45 tahun Sarawak mederka dalam Malaysia?Kenapa sistem jalanraya di Sarawak tidak baik berbanding dengan Semenanjung?Kemanakah hasil bumi Sarawak diangkut?Dan terlalu persoalan yang harus dijawab oleh Taib dan BN.

  2. oA says:


    anything is possible as long as you are not bogged down with pesimism. who would have expect 308?

    perhaps best to do is educate the people – simply tell them the truth – thats what happened in 308 – west Mal.


  3. eagle says:

    God knows who will win, What need to be done is to work hard and get to the ground now and spread all the information for people in Batang Ai.
    It is about fairness, justice, freedom, development of basic needs, equal rights and right to happiness.
    Time to tell BN that they have failed us the rakyat!!!!!
    Go Go Batang Ai…..

  4. MISS says:

    N29 election records showed several time full packed BN machinery were downed by under-dog opposition candidate

    PBDS-David Jemut versus SNAP Sylvester Langit
    PBDS: Was “hu-ha” and fully flanked by Daniel Tajem, Leo Moggie team, + favorite from government side
    SNAP: in ice-cold relation with PBB, fought an up hill task with candidate travelled on own efforts, assisted by close friends and very little logistical availabilities, walked door to door for votes
    Result: Sylvester Langit won by about 10 votes

    BN – Albert Klinsin versus PBDS (then opposition)Mikai Mandau
    BN: Air, land and river campaigning + money + projects + government agencies’ supports
    PDBS: Manual and majority ground work, semi-gifted rations and oil petrol, but with numerous Iban distinct figures
    Result: BN lost by some 600 + votes

    BN-PBB-Mikai Mandau versus PBDS (opp)- Dublin Unting
    Result: BN lost to PBDS

    These were 3 great events on this battle field in N29 (formerly also called N19) I could so far remember where protest votes decided the ballot boxes

    Information just for reference and reminding for all only

  5. BT Lee says:

    Great that the local bloggers is willing to support the opposition.

    Have you heard about the latest correct,correct correct case. Three out of four files opened by MACC have been declare “NFA”,no futher action by our sleeping PM.

    Are the rakyat surprise??? No,we expected the outcome of the investigation,”NFA” is now so familiar to us and when we learn of MACC opening investigation to probe BN’s high flying goons,we know after some months of years we expects a “NFA”.

    That’s transparency to our outgoing PM.That’s fighting courruption AB’s way. He’s so proud to tell the rakyat that he has formed the MACC and JAC and trying to hoodwink the people that reform is on the way. Nah,don’t think the people are stupid.

    Is these corrupted people protected by the politicians? Yes, You can bet on it.How can they expose something when the “shit” is all over them.

    Malaysia Boleh lah!!! We sure live in a boleh land….may God have mercy on our land.

    How about blogging on this case and put pressure on the “umno government”? Malaysian senang lupa lah!!!!

  6. Joseph Alexander Renang says:

    Dissemate to the people of Batang Ai that development is more than roads, schools, electricity and water supplies. Development is all encompassing- be it physical, mental and psychological. Tell them the meanings of freedom to farm their own lands, tell them on and about the 1952 Land Code and it implication on their ownerships of their temuda.

  7. Hjh Musalmah says:

    Ya, sampaikan infomasi kepada rakyat. Agar rakyat boleh membuat keputusan yang baik. Buat masa ini ramai rakyat yang dapat informasi dari radio dan tv sahaja.

    Bagi anda yang menggunakan internet, print apa yang anda baca dan kongsi informasi dengan orang ramai di sekeliling anda.

    Pada masa yang sama tentu party yang banyak wang akan menggunakan wang untuk memancing undi. Katakan pada pengundi terima apa yang di beri sebagai hadiah yang ikhlas, tetapi siapa yang anda nak undi adalah hak anda.”Jangan amalkan menggadai body kerana budi.”

    Selamat mengundi.

  8. The Whisperer says:

    May the Pakatan Sarawak Bloggers rise to this occasion. Rest assured that We, the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers will be backing up from the Peninsular in any way we can despite having our hands full with the three bukits by-elections.

    Thanks for the PSB blog links.

  9. pro-nazi says:

    For me. I think those who lives do not need all those crazy bloggers who lives in the cities to influence who to vote. Of course as you live in the cities, where all amenities and necessities just a grab away you would poison anyone who govern you. Whether its democrat, pr or bn. its all the same for politician.

    and I dare to bet a lot of money and will walk from simpang lubok antu to near to badau simpang naked if other BN lost.

    BN surely will win in this area, why they win??? because folks in Lubok Antu are not the same with folks in Kuching, or KL or Taiping or Johor Bahru, the way they think is totally different from us who can type http://www.google.com .. no matter who you bring there to brain wash and ask them to change, they will change but during your speech only then they their will auto reset.

    If PBB is going to field their candidate there, that’s a sure WIN for BN.

    I never like BN nor PR.

  10. cencurut says:

    Gua harap PR Sarawak berjaya dalam misi pilihanraya kecil di Batang Ai… Hanya doa dan sokongan dari laman web sahaja yang mampu kami (Blogger Semenanjung) lakukan.

    Mari kita semua bersama membuat perubahan…

  11. zik says:

    If we know the shortfall, start plannig the ground work early la bro!!Pls remember; we at Semenanjung are facing the same thing, even come to being arrested without any reason..so to me..either Batang Ai..or Bkt Selambau..opposition will be hurdled to the wall!
    The only thing that we got; that BN doesn’t the sincere and strong support from the people especially the young one!!So gather your young people and fight like you never fight before!!

  12. zamie says:

    Wah so remote is it this constituency.Did some checking and true enuf its really interior.Hmmm wonder how PKR is going to overcome all this. Heard that Jawah is throwing all his support to assist Bawin which is a PLUS point for PKR

  13. andy d says:

    cakap memang senanglah pakatan rakyat boleh menang di batang ai.kata politik wang,rasuah. kawasan pedalaman tak ada kemudahan elektrik,jalanraya,air.bukannya semua kawasan yang begitu. apa kalau pakatan rakyat memerintah dia orang boleh buat semua itu dengan sekelip mata kah? pakatan rakyat ada magic kah? dulu masa anwar ibrahim jadi timbalan perdana menteri, apa dia boleh buat dan sekarang pulak dia hanya sebagai ahli yang berhormat biasa apa yang dia boleh buat pulak?jangan hanya pandai nak menghasut rakyat sarawak lah. last week function kat bintulu berapa orang yang datang? tak sampai 1000 orang pun. lagipun tak semua yang datang itu menyokong pakatan rakyat. wayang free bah siapa tak nak tengok.kebanyakan ahli dalam jawatan tertinggi pakatan rakyat di sarawak semuanya orang-orang yang frust dalam politik.

  14. UNDERTAKER says:

    I and 15 other colleagues were having dinner last night. 6 of them are from Lubok Antu and i asked what do you all think of Batang Ai By-Election. 6 out of 6 representing 5 different longhouses said, ” STEP 1 IS TO ELIMINATE BN IN N29 AND THEN STEP 2 IS TO TOPPLE TAIB “…..Still not satisfied with the answer last night so today in the office since 8am until 10am, i specifically picked 10 other colleagues whom i know and their wife are from Lubok Antu. Again i asked what are their opinions, and again the same answer ” N29 IS THE FIRST STEP TO TOPPLE TAIB”…..

    It seems that all over when i asked, the Sarawakian in general are seeking ways and means to topple Taib and i am not surprise what will be the outcome of the by election in Batang Ai

    To Nicholas Bawin (if you are reading this), a dear brother in Florida called and say ” Batang Ai is for you to grab ! Right On and Ride On Bro ”


  15. Dyaksblog says:

    Spot The Difference: Ezam and J*bu

    Ohhhaaaiii yet again, Dayaks. Right folks, it seems that we gonna muddling around b(u)y-elections from each side of our nation. Dua Bukit, Satu Batang as you folks might say but don’t mistaken it for some boob-job movie, Oiii! Well it is possible for even a Tiga Bukit (threesome orgies) plus another sure one in Sabah, the Pensiangan parliamentary seat that is full of disease sounds like a corrupt and kurap or something.

    Well, let us recalled back on the previous two b(u)y-elections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. Notice how the Ezam factor can caused so much self-defeat for BN rather than to undermine PR. This is the danger for being a popular hate figure in which the BN has to pay, even make themselves a fool by splashing money to that shameless bunch of class F AliBaba contractors. With the Batang Ai DUN seat is up for grabs, our PR peninsular footies (and also BN malaya plus Ezam himself) may not able to join us here in big numbers but the hate factor is going nowhere. We gonna miss Ezam also, big time, but we do have the Dayak-version of him…none other than our fake Dayak paramount leader, J*bu.

    PR Sarawak will never match the financial dopes from BN (the helicopters, Salcra 4WDs, Johnson/’Junsuen’ boats, lots of pigs plus cheap liquors for longhouse feasts and maybe some Dayak Elvis for kampong concerts) but BN will bring along their hateful Ezam factor which in this case is J*bu himself. J*bu will not stay low-profile, choose not to campaign for BN because it will be a big weird so somehow J*bu must come and spill all of his illusory Buah Kepayang politics of large-scale farming for war against Dayak poverty. Even the presence of J*bu will spell bad omen disaster for any obvious goon that allign to him so by all means we Dayak must welcome J*bu to join the BN campaign in Batang Ai to provoke much unnecessary Dayak anger but a good fun to enjoy it as hilarious Dayak jokes.

    So let us peel off this skin of Buah Kepayang and figure out if any difference of hate factor between Ezam and J*bu. Your additional observation is greatly appreciated here as well, so shall we?

    1. Obsession:
    Ezam claimed himself to be so committed in fighting graft (such as heading a circus called GERAK) so much that prompted him to rejoin Umno and Pak Lah’s ACA reform (yawn!). Meanwhile for J*bu he is obbessed with everything about oil palm so much that the only tagline suitable for him is that “Salcra is Mine!”. Actually both of them have secret obbession that is hidden by their usual ploy of fighting against corruption and glorifying oil palm respectively, that is for Ezam it’s all about burying Anwar for good no matter what whereas for J*bu it all about proving Buah Kepayang as the ultimate golden fruit to finish off the war against Dayak poverty once and for all.

    2. Self-praise:
    Ezam always remind us how committed he is against graft but never reveal much of the alleged six boxes of files containing BN misdeeds which both himself and Anwar thought to be holding it previously. Self-glorification for J*bu meanwhile is way beyond boxes but down the memory lane like a CD of Dayak Elvis Segulai Sejalai Greatest Hits which enough for SDGA members feeling bored and get out for a smoke outside instead.

    3. Reflecting Self-Defeatism:
    For Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu b(u)y-elections, apart from that Ezam hate factor it was the elements of self-defeats (from general arrogance to plain money politics for class F AliBaba contractors) by BN that compound their own overall stupidity which for PR can only highlight for the voters to decide. The more BN use their money and Ezam speeches, the more PR ‘reflect’ back online to the voters for pure amusement. OK, for Batang Ai voters they may not expose so much by the internet warfare but the essence is the same: the more J*bu try to bring his goons and families a.k.a. bringing his own political dynasty to sweep all over Lubok Antu area under PBB roof, the more obvious it is for J*bu to setting up his own ‘Buah Kepayang Dynasty’ to the horror for us all Dayaks. With Dayak Elvis Called Johny already in Engkilili bag, J*bu’s Buah Kepayang Dynasty will see Batang Ai as his another imperial Buah Kepayang province. So for J*bu to field his own PBB goons against Masing’s PRS camp would turn an ugly BN infighting and this is how PR can ‘reflect’ back for Batang Ai voters to decide for ‘Change’ or ‘Buah Kepayang Dynasty’.

    But I let you folks, Dayaks alike to add any of your noted differences no matter how ridiculously useful for us here to analyse.

    The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

    Likewise for Ezam to come here would be a big dream come true to be tag-teamed with J*bu (kinda of mee Jawa with sambal Buah Kepayang?). Double trouble for BN indeed.

  16. oA says:



    lets not give those “diabolic twins” any publicity at all. perhaps expose what they are and represents. keep digging their closets amd sure you will fine a bone or two .

    look at the bigger picture and may be the focus should be on educating the people, let them know of the real situation and am sure they will know who to vote for.

    the west had tasted sweet victory perhaps its time for the east also.


  17. PR(S) says:

    Sarawak strongman Abdul Taib Mahmud, already three decades in office, wants the 10th Malaysia Plan funding to be brought forward and injected into the current 9th Malaysia Plan.
    Can anyone really believe that?
    In reality, he wants to use this money to cover up the contagion effects of all the financial misdeeds of his government, such as the billions lost in 1st Silicon, Borneo Pulp, Assar, etc. as well as to siphon off through CMS, Naim Cendera and other crony companies, knowing very well that this is his last term in office.
    Under the current economic situation, these can no longer be covered up using existing resources or funding.. The full extent of the damage caused to Sarawak by 28 years of Taib’s financial mismanagement, corruption and cover-up now threatens to blow up in his face.
    The question is, who will really benefit from the bringing forward of these infrastructure works under the 10th Malaysia Plan, Sarawak – its people or Taib, his family and cronies?
    The fact that he presides over one of the poorest states in Malaysia despite its timber, oil and gas wealth alone says it all. Where has all that wealth gone?
    I have a feeling that this is just another of Taib’s evil schemes to rob the state of more of its wealth in a final orgy of outright looting. Does he really care about the effects of the economic slowdown on Sarawak , since he may not even be around for much longer?
    The worst case scenario will become even worse once the true extent of the damage done by Taib, his family and cronies is revealed.
    Public sector investment will, of course, will benefit none other than himself, his family and cronies. Or being his last term in office, perhaps he may even leave his cronies to drown? That should be a sobering though for them.
    He is quoted as saying ‘even in this (export) sector, the pain would be temporary as the state government had laid down programmes offering investment opportunities capable of generating sound returns later’.
    What programmes? What about all those programmes which have been generating losses for so long? Will it be a case of more good money being thrown after bad? When is later?
    He is also quoted as putting forward Score ( Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy), as the kind of approach that will ensure there is a foundation for sustainable development for the next few years.
    Again the question is who will score from Score?
    If as Taib claims, investments in Score ‘were not only sound but of a long-term nature and not requiring the generation of any revenue until 2013’, in reality then, there is no prospect of immediate revenue generation from Score (if there were initial investments at all in the first place), let alone any net income for a very long time. Taib, his family and cronies would certainly have cashed out much earlier.
    Furthermore, if in the initial stage, the emphasis in Score is on construction and laying out the necessary infrastructure for the heavy industries that have been planned. Surely this means that the people’s money will have to be spent first without any real prospect of returns? Guess who will make money from this construction and infrastructure?
    The full extent of what Sarawak has suffered will not be known until Taib dies or leaves or is removed from office.
    For Taib to describe the situation in the state as not so bad when compared with countries like the US, UK, Europe and Japan is rather disingenuous.
    Of course, it doesn’t appear to be so bad since he has managed to keep the real damage hidden all these years, while the rural people of Sarawak have been waiting and suffering for so long thinking that Taib and the BN government were really doing all they can to alleviate their poverty.
    Basically, the BN government and Taib are still just playing the denial game and hoping to bluff their way out of the impending disaster. Let us all be aware of this. They will not be so lucky this time.
    The vultures have come home to roost and it will take more than advance payment of funds from the 10th Malaysia Plan (even if, hard to believe, that is not a ploy to have one last go) to mitigate their deeds and the consequences thereof.

  18. jojoASAP says:

    i am not agreed with what is Andy d says. i guess u must be a gov.servant. the way u reveal things is just praising your god father Taib n rest of the crews. i am Now asking u will u be happy if some one hold your money for 5 to 6 years without knowing reasons and also no answers. THATS IS WHAT BN IS DOING NOW IN BAKUN SG ASAP RESTTLEMENT SCHEME. how could BN NEVER PAY THERE COMPENSATION UNTIL NOW N ALSO RM52 K for their reban ayam house can u belive that. They give millions hectares of land to companies but only gives 3acres pc of land to Sg Asap people . we will fight those culprit BN

  19. bujang senang says:

    MENANG KERANA JANJI SEKEJAP KALAH KERANA JANJI sebab janji itu makan diri sendiri.Itulah sebab pembangkang tak boleh bertahan lama jika dibandingkan dengan BN.Rakyat tak suka orang berjanji kalau tak ditepati.Daridulu lagi SNAP Tidak sampai lima tahun PBS sabah tidak sampai lima tahun paling teruk PR perak hanya sembilan bulan sahaja. Kenapa sebab sama sama tamak menipu sesama sendiri .STEPHEN K NINGKAN SNAP pada mulanya menang kerana mendapat sokongan bangsa lain oleh kerana mementingkan bangsa sendiri bangsa lain menyingkirkan beliau melalui undi tidak percaya.sama juga di sabah.oleh itu rakyat memilih BN lah parti yang paling sesuai memerintah negeri ataupun kerajaan pusat.

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