Awang Tengah’s Men,” Goodies Aplenty..”

Awang Tengah 4 (1)In the previous article on Fort Betong Next we ended by highlighting this”

[Always Remember though PBB will take care of their own traitors or overly ambitious men and BN Sarawak will still be intact.}


Sweet Promises are not the order of the game when it involves Awang Tengah’s Men. They will go to all lengths and breadths to ensure that the King is brought down and their BOSS is uplifted and ascends to the 22nd Floor Chair.

One cannot take forgranted now and brush aside the capabilites of Awang Tengah’s Men. They are in place and  implanted in every little corner in the State. The machinery has worked overtime and in getting to their goals many have been sacrificed especially so even when it involves component parties in SPDP,SUPP and PRS to a lesser extend.

Its too easy to point fingers and blame the “PEK MOH” Taib and he is such an easy target. They are pushing the button to see an end to Taib’s reign by ensuring that no matter what even to the extend of being a “power broker”of MP’s after the GE13.

We know too well too that in Sarawak there are 31 MP’s. Their immediate task is to “lobby” and push their agenda forward leaving absolutely nothing behind.

Excuse the language – but that’s not total BS!!! That’s the most sinister plan that they can hatch and implement as they say “rumours of ill-health will mean that the assemblyman is not fit to be in office no more.

Ask any of the MPs and amongst them ABR (Anyone but Rohani) MP Rohani was targetted to the fullest for being TOO SICKLY but it was just a ‘minor operation to her knees” and today she has proven that she is such a capable MP with her performances that ‘someone” is still defaming her and lobbying to replace her.

What about ABN? [Anyone but Nancy}.

Awang Tengah’s Men have been targetting this seat too if their work of unseating Rohani does not materialises. She told us in so many words in February through sms,”Hi Audie,thks for ur info.As far as I am concerned I just do my work less politicking but I am aware of some people who prefer to see me sitting down as a fool n consult so n so on everything so tht there is reason to change me.the best source is to go on the ground to get the report but not fr d so called IT literates.GOD KNOWS whoever does it will be paid for their own doings be it positive  or negative.I just carry on with my wrk.thks.”

They have not stop eventhough their tactics to get the substantial number of MP seats for their BOSS was poured with cold water by CM Taib. The other 7 seats they are targetting in PBB till today as first {1st} priority are the current MPs seats of  Leo Toyad,Wahab Dollah,James Dawos, Ahmad Lai, Sulaiman Taib,Douglas Uggah ,Wan Junaidi.

They too are having their Hands dirtied in MAS GADING and BARAM Seats of SPDP and highly likely as “voices on the ground” have mention also not leaving out Miri Seat currently held by SUPP.

Questions are being raised further to the enemy from within. Isn’t this a dangerous trend which will cause uneasiness within the BN Family? Awang Tengah’s Men knows better and they are playing a HIGH STAKES ROULETTE GAME.

The published article on February 6th 2012 will give you the “analyst” a much clearer picture of things to come with 53 the end game. Or is it?

Read and click to this first and we will refresh your political mind on their manouverings which does seem dangerous to the well being of BN Sarawak.

BN Sarawak is intact now but whatever happens upon the release of results of GE13 will see  swift counter reactions on the part played by Awang Tengah’s Men. They have prepared the plot and written their script with details  of “DUMMY BOOK FOR TAKING OVER THE 22nd FLoor Chair” In their note pads they have not only scribbled but even highlighted what “Ming Court failed to accomplished fully and where were their weaknesses which needs to be put right.

The surprising information we receive while putting this article together was,” How the SPDP G5 was stopped from moving to PBB by some very senior members. They see it as a ‘threat” by Awang Tengah’s Men and when that failed they moved on to strategise a further more damaging plot of making sure “goodies aplenty” works.

WE are all Human Beings and though we have our PRICIPLES we all have an achilles heel which will turn it upside down. Some are very smart to camouflage it but as Human Beings our eyes and our actions always gives us away.

Goodies aplenty are the same modus operandi where promises of positions,a better living plus plus(…….). You can read it very clearly we are pretty sure and we do not need to further elaborate. Please don’t ask us to tell you what his Men promised? Ask the Ybs who have been approached and they will tell you of how the script is for the 77 year old King whose reign is near the end.

Surely, you have a better script than them. Awang Tengah’s Men have grown so arrogant and so POWERFUL and nobody dares to dispute that as he seems to be the CHOSEN ONE as the rests of the PBB leaders are not in his league when it comes to you know lah, “MONEY MONEY MONEY “as the group ABBA use to sing..

[Oh No..Are you are singing it too.??]

The fact of the matter is that the arrogance of Awang Tengah’s Men in proclaiming that their BOSS will soon take over as the CHOSEN ONE as CM Sarawak have even affected many senior government officers in ensuring that all commands are executed or they will be made to pay the consequences.

CM’s Men have not made used of “the command” and if one was to check by measuring of wealth and living mansions many are far behind as getting favours and business are checked by Awang Tengah’s Men.

This will certainly hamper the solidarity within BN,civil service and also the private sectors with the blame been exclusively directed towards CM with the many allegations and defamatory articles which has appeared and the one which has turned viral with at least 93 comments is this:

CM Taib need not look further as what has been exposed must ultimately be from the inside and if he wants to relinquish his seat he need only turn a BLIND EYE.

Will he do that? Hurry Go Ask him

This strong statement from Sarawak report plus the various earlier articles is enough for CM’s Men to stage a fightback but not at the expense of derailing PBB and BN Sarawak.

Awang Tengahs’ Men knows that their BOSS “have muscled himself into poll position to succeed Taib having milked hundreds of millions out of his job as Deputy Planning Minister.”

Read carefully and understand the political innuendos from the internet portal which have caused many a sleepless night to many of CM Taib’s Men:-

“Taib is realising what is actually happening. But, at this moment he cannot move Tengah because he already has less influence to get rid Tengah. This is because Tengah is getting stronger and even more stronger than Abang Jo and Adenan [Satem]. With his wealth, power and the big number of state assemblymen that he control, he can topple Taib anytime and be the next CM of Sarawak…

No one would like to see dirty linen being published what’s more with elections due in a couple of months especially when it affects BN stranglehold. Unfortunately,or rather fortunate this matter of Awang Tengah’s Men over enthusiastism and overzealous plan must be HALTED or like it or not IT WILL MELETUP { BLOW UP} says a  BN Supreme Council member RIGHT INFRONT OF OUR FACES.

CM”s Men knows the FIGHT BACK is now and they will  turn the tables on Awang Tengah’s Men.



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17 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men,” Goodies Aplenty..”

  1. tengah briber of many ybs says:

    Its too late audie. Tengah has bought too many ybs. Its too late for taib let alone abg jo. Even taib ybs have been bought by tengah. Yb dollah saidol never defends cm in the press because he is now chief political secretary to tengah. Yb dollah saidols role has been to mislead and deceive cm. Chief bomoh purchaser yb ripin has also started to ask for money from miri taukes proclaiming that taib will go soon and tengah will be cm this year.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Walau Eh! This is really getting exciting. Lets see what CM Pehin Taib do about it. Is he doing it on purpose for Tengah to take over?

  3. phyllis says:

    it has come down to this. Greed and Power does that to some people. Feel sorry for Awang Tengah. He will soon be send packing like what happened to Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

  4. B.Teo says:

    Time for Taib to step down and hand over to others to lead. Who the party chooses up to them. The one that has the sustaining power should be the one

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Already in Malaysia Book of Records,from 26,March 1981 till now,32 years Taib still needs time to enlarge his family business with his power.

    Bravo Sarawakians.Susah nak cari seorang yang berwibawa yang boleh gantikkan dia.

  6. looes74 says:

    Let them fight…..It’s time for a non muslim to be CM…..I thought Audie, a PRS man would prefer James Masing to be CM

    • Miak Lawas says:

      Serious or not?!. But why should Audie and Sng group leave masing n PRS before; and Why Audie join SPDP n very close with mawan. Audie never close with Masing n to be honest; he do not trust Masing n not confident with masing leadership. Masing also another hantu, because he bring down leo moggie, sng, gabriel adit n etc for his political ambition n survival. Is it true i heard masing is Awang Tengah Men?!. N also is it true i heard masing n his 5 prs adun’s will join Tengah camp to remove our CM Taib and Jabu soon, n he will be the next Deputy Chief Minister 1 after Awang Tengah become Chief Minister?!….Gotcha….

      • 2012 hope says:

        Miak, regardless of who become CM,both you and me wouldn’t have more in pockets.

        It will another new can of worms and heap of leeches which will continue to suck the rakyat.

      • Gadoh Gadoh Swak says:

        Buban long known and clearly monitoring this Awang and Masing, but dont under-estimate Buban, Awang & Masing are not up to that level to challenge Buban, and will be the loosers of that game. What is so funny about PRS, Buban and Sgn have hands to run off their fortress, first removing their roof, then the walls, and then Masing last piece of mangkok to cari makan also finished off

        Nadai ngacau nya, belaya diri sebilik sida

  7. Money money money says:

    Oh my oh my.
    Money talk. We all in or go home.

    Dr. moved to kuching.

    Use the poor balleh Ivan’s for kicks.

    Man proposed but God dispose.

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