DAP YB “Tweet.. Incurs Wrath..!!

Barely an hour after the final day of Sarawak assembly sitting the opposition leader of Sarawak DUN Wong Ho Leng tweeted,”Politics is power,said Swk CM Taib Mahmud in his winding speech but he declined to reveal his succession plan when asked by YB ChongCJ

audie 61 sent a number of smses to BN Assemblyman to get some reactions.In the meantime we RT(return text) –‘he has the mandate to be in power for another 4 years.Does he need to reveal his successor? Up to PBB don’t you think so. ”

By then the smses came in and here are some:-

PBB SG N60 Assemblyman and Assistant Minister Dr.Stephan Rundi -“Why are they so eager to know? They refuse to accept Rakyat and PBB party mandate for the man to lead us. I’m sure they know the answer to my question,with him around it is impossible for them to defeat PBB and BN Swak,so they are hoping it may be possible to do so to the successor,but we in PBB are well prepared for the fight irrespective of who leads us,DAP wants to take control of Swak,”OVER OUR DEAD BODY

PBB SC N 14 Assemblyman and Assistant Minister Hj.Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah,” Its none of DAP’s bisniz to ask when CM sh step down.He has the people”s mandate to lead until 2016.Further,question of successors is his and PBB problem.It’s not DAP’s problem.

DAP Swak leaders should question their DAP central when Lim Kit Siang is going to vacate or groom other leaders.Looks like that party top leaders are only grooming their own children as successors. Karpal has two sons as YBs. LKS has his son  and in law asYBs and the lists stretch on to cousin etc etc.Nga and Ngeh in Perak.

In Swak it looks better,but whats DAP plan to help the bumis? All this commentsby their leaders on NCR etc are mere lips service to show they care.WHL only knows abt puasa n gawai after getting elected. Chong,n Kch DAPS lagi teruk. Only get publicity from those unhappy getting summon from polis,those getting wrongly figured electric or water bill,parking,block drain etc. Thats their speciality.” 

PBB N67 Telang Usan Assemblyman Dennis Ngau – “Tell them to ask when lim kit siang going to retire.The electorate are solidly behind YAB CM. He go  in his own term not DAP.”

PRS SC N43 Ngemah Assemblyman Alexander Vincent,”We as BN assemblyman are all behind his leadership and long may he continue to serve Sarawak

SPDP DSG  Political Secretary to CM Paul Igai – “Chong uttered the question imputing improper motive.I think that was not at all warranted. CM is not invalid or anywhere near. In fact He looks more fit than many in the DUN.”

SUPP X Calon for Batu Lintang Sih Hua TongIn their election manifesto last year,they assured the voters(or rather,the bosses called “Taukeys“} that stronger mandates would enable them to pressure CM to step down.One year has lapsed and they are unable to honour their promises.The “taukeys” are watching and monitoring closely!

Thus,by hook or by crook they have to find a way out! They are running short of time and have to face the “Taukeys“soon.So what they are doing is to divert the attention  of their “Taukeys” by questioning on the succession plan  for CM.

It’s a mere political gimmick. They are  spinning their “Taukeys“.They are bound to spin and divert further the core issue of “mandates” given to them in pressuring CM to step down.  

It must be noted that the question of ‘succession plan” was never centralto their manifesto and campaign. By so  doing,they hope to create a perception they are continuing to champion for the interests of their “Taukeys“.Sadly, deep in their heartsthey know they have betrayed their “Taukeys” by hoodwinking and spinning their”Taukeys“!

Of course,keeping their fingers crossed and hoping the “Taukeys” never able to detect their gimmicks.!

DAP, You know where the BN parties,assemblyman and leaders stand and CM Taib is a clear winner even though Chong tried to derail and cause some embarrassement to the Chief Minister .

27 thoughts on “DAP YB “Tweet.. Incurs Wrath..!!

  1. iBan says:

    When is masing going to retire to Balleh is my question?
    That way he can stop stealing and spiriting from the rural folks.

    • asma0018 says:

      Last time when Masing was in PBDS (opposition) he was so humble. Now already become taukay he so arrogant. nice to see if he is in the opposition again and be humble again.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    All above defensive and praised comments of these loyal followers of Taib should be posted in mainstream media instead of E-media.

  3. PRS 30 says:

    He is our leader CM. DAP should look after their own leaders and affairs instead of hitting out and asking about BN succession plan. Are they going to jump like FROGS if there is a new leader What lah!

    • 2012 hope says:

      Taib plans to put his name into Msia Book Record,Longest Chief Minister in MSia by staying until 26.3.2021 after he celebrated his Ruby Anniversary-40 years as CM at the age of 85.

    • asma0018 says:

      These is the question we the rakayat have in mind. It does show that DAP is connected to the mind of the Rakyat.

  4. asma0018 says:

    As Rakyat, I have the right to know his succession plan. He is so old already. heaven forbid but what if he is gone tomorrow, who will be his successor? Will there be stability?

    • 2012 hope says:

      Masing advises people always respect their BOSS cos that is Golden Rule In Life.

      So pointless to ask what is your BOSS’s vision and mission

      • asma0018 says:

        Ikut saja as long as there is some spill over money into his pocket heh heh heh kurap eh!

  5. asma0018 says:

    Wah Dr. Rundi is so violent as reported here. not fit to be an democratically elected person. Should be in Pakistan or Syria.

  6. Anti-DAP says:

    Who practise streetfighting and spinning ways first?DAP always blame others when things go wrong. They are like saviours to the nation. Please lah they are always trying to score points even when they are running the state like Penang.

  7. 2012 hope says:

    Know-Who Management of BN culture,Mas loses 171 million again in Quater 1 ,2012.

    In contrast,AA posted net profit of 172 million.

    Compare these 2 corporates achievements ,you will know something is seriously with Mas’s


    Pangkats tinggi,office besar,gaji tinggi dengan kerja yang kurang.

  8. ruthless says:

    from borneo post:
    Masing to palm oil industry players: “use social media to fight anti palm oil campaigners”
    What masing says is true but he never say where is the funds coming from??? Don’t everyone know his ministry has no budget ??? That is the reason why he can talk but cannot commit?? Better resign and give your portfolio back to jabu ?? Tidak malu minister without budget and kuasa???

  9. iBan says:

    With BN we have corruption. Have some progress. Socialist policy, middle class taken to the cleaners.
    With PR we have less visible corruption have some progress too. Inflation sky high middle class to the cleaners too.

    With SWP workers might progress, there is the hope. What will happen to the middle class.

    When the depression arrived onshore all middle class better be prepared.

    When they is no money to pay our housing loans and car loans go ask Masing to help you pay since he say SWP money minded.

    What you Masing support have to say.

    I cry for you, my iBan friends.

  10. iBan says:

    EVERYTHING IS FINE: Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing (left) and Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) share a joke when bumping into each other at the DUN building lobby yesterday. They had earlier traded barbs at the assembly over the plight and political stand of handicapped farmer Frusis Lebi whose welfare assistance and agriculture subsidies were discontinued by the government recently.
    KUCHING: The main concern of Parti Rakyat Sarawak is no longer Sarawak Workers Party but rather Pakatan Rakyat, says its president Tan Sri Dr James Masing.
    Why? The people are already aware who is actually behind the setting up of the new party.
    “As such, SWP under its prime mover Datuk Sng Chee Hua, would not be a threat to PRS.
    “Our voters have good judgement of characters and they know who Datuk Sng is,” Masing told the media after his winding-up speech at the State Legislative Assembly here yesterday.
    Instead, he said PRS and the whole BN had to take Pakatan Rakyat seriously as it was a proper organisation.
    “As a BN component party, we cannot take Pakatan Rakyat lightly.
    “We have to fight hard and work hard. That’s how we should do it.”
    On the party’s candidate for Hulu Rajang, Masing who is also senior minister reiterated that its MP Datuk Billy Abit Joo’s name had been dropped from the party’s list that was forwarded to the top BN leadership.
    “We have made our decision on the matter.
    “In any organisation, each member must abide by the decision of the leaders.
    “So, I hope that Datuk Billy will adhere to party decision.
    “It’s not the question of whether you are still healthy or still young. It’s a question of ‘enough is enough’.”
    Abit has been telling his constituents that he still had a chance to be re-nominated by the BN to contest in the coming general election.
    Masing said that PRS did have a say in the fielding of candidates in seats allocated to it.
    When asked whether Abit would be dismissed from the party for his continued defiance against the decision of the party leadership, Masing said the party would not take such drastic action but instead would persuade him to step down gracefully.
    “We have to give him time to ‘absorb’ the decision that we have made as far as Hulu Rajang is concerned,” said Masing.
    Meanwhile, state PKR vice-chairman See Chee How confirmed that his party was eyeing six PRS seats as well as seats of other BN component parties.
    “We have identified our candidates for the seats that we will be contesting in the coming general election.
    “At the moment we are targeting 10 to 15 seats,” said See, who is also Batu Lintang assemblyman.
    Last week, state DAP chairman, Wong Ho Leng, also revealed that his party was eyeing 12 to 15 seats.
    If PKR and DAP get 15 seats each, then PAS, which is one of their partners in Pakatan Rakyat would be getting just one seat.
    On the state BN front, PBB has been allocated 14 seats, SUPP (seven) PRS (six) and SPDP (four).

    Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/05/24/masing-our-main-concern-is-pakatan-rakyat/#ixzz1vmztisvC

    P/s this masing my goodness he cat and pkr cat got defeated in Pelagus. His answers whoosh washers his mind must’ve thinking of money he has to collect from his chinese partner. Why he so anti sarawakian, yet want to do business with them.
    The baleh leopard does not change its spots. There is a saying in the forest. Oh my goodness he is eating billy for lunch.

  11. iBan says:

    “None of the races should think of how to get more and more because fighting to get more is a zero-sum game. Instead, our task should be to arm our young people with more talents that can benefit all the races.
    “Serious politicians should take up the challenge to ensure that Sarawak produce people who are of high quality, discipline and innovation.”

    Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/05/24/how-then-shall-we-move-on-from-here/#ixzz1vn2MuojY

    You hear that prs gang. No wonder Audie left prs wise move.

    Question is masing a serious politician. Your answers are as good as mind.

  12. Anti-DAP says:

    Why are we zeroing on PRS and Masing here? seems there are a lot of SWP supporters here. We should be targetting PKR and DAP.

  13. PRS Tamin says:

    Ya loh why and what has TS Masing done to incur you orang punya dendam? Or better still the wrath of Iban and woof woof woof? Comeon u all shd know its Taibs game not our PRS game.

  14. PRS 30 says:

    ruthless,’tak cukup lah you kenapa u cakap macam ini”Better resign and give your portfolio back to jabu ?? Tidak malu minister without budget and kuasa???
    iban what you mean.Trying to call my president a liar”The baleh leopard does not change its spots”
    Cheh both of u..

    • 2012 hope says:

      Still an island within a island,Kapit could only be connected by roads after 11th Msia Plan,2016-2020.

      The proposed 101 KM Kapit-Kanowit road which costs about 800 million had 2 sections completed, 2 sections under construction while the last 5 sections still pending approval from federal govt.

      It should thankful to govt if it could be completed in 10 years time.

  15. iBan says:

    Now We know why we should be angry with masing. He should be looking after museum not NCR land.

    Look here read it yourself prs fake politicians.


    Why we as a NCR owner should agreed to these terms. Not that I have any.

    The Wise man can plant one tree at a time and eventually become wealthy. We just need workers from SWP pay them minimum wages in no time we all will be wealthy.

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