Awang Tengah’s Men “Fort Betong is Next..??”

awangOh No! Here We go Again..

We are not trying to create uneasiness within PBB or BN Sarawak or trying to meddle into the internal affairs of the party PBB.  In all honesty, we are trying to FLUSH OUT those who are creating distrusts and INCEPTING INTO THE MINDS of those who are gullible to their game plans.

Shall we say this again{ please my English…. and don’t try to translate into Hockien or Henghua Chinese Dialect. Some might take offence and they themselves knows who they are

We have received from our intelligence sources that attacking Abang Johari would have been too obvious. So the diversionary strategy like their previous moves in our earlier articles is to attack the not too obvious.

They must have read lots of  Strategy Political Power books and surely they are sensing the opportunity and disregarding the danger:-“When fire breaks out inside the enemy’s camp,respond at once with an attack from without”-{If the enemy leaves a door open you must rush in}

Now FORT BETONG they have to take out and weaken its capabilities.

  1. Is his Authority also faltering?

  2. Does he still command as his orders now are not clearly understood?

  3. Are there whispers in their ranks ?

  4. Are some of them getting disillusioned.

Awang Tengahs’s men have checked the ground and they are ready to attack Fort Betong…

[Always Remember though PBB will take care of their own traitors or overly ambitious men and BN Sarawak will still be intact.}

You will know very soon…. and always rememeber to check back earlier articles:-

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13 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men “Fort Betong is Next..??”

  1. phyllis says:

    We know it will come to this. He will not let Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu go so easily. Time for revenge is sweet for Awang Tengah’s men

  2. Tengah Paymaster of many bomohs says:

    Black magic will try to hit the targeted person. If for whatever reason it fails to hit the target sometimes it could hit the person closest like wife and somebody same house or office.

  3. Stanley S. says:

    CM says he wants to let go since 1990 and also in two years after State elections. No wonder Awang Tengah’s men are so impatient. They want the piece of action and the dollars that roll. Now its a tussle which the loser will be aggrieved as politics is as we know not a very clean game.

  4. tengah cm now says:

    YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem is already near death. Too much attention and knowledge that awang tengah will black magic attack YB Datuk Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Openg next. Possible for next awang tengah black magic attack to be on YB Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu. Pesaka wing of PBB is well known to dislike awang tengah and his cronies. This article pointing towards awang tengah black magic attack on YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu or his family is well founded. Recently awang tengah private secretary awangku omar has been seen visiting bomohs 3 times this month alone.

  5. Pennant Lee says:

    This is from tengah cm now:-{ awang tengah private secretary awangku omar has been seen visiting bomohs 3 times this month alone.} this i have to call my Chinese Sin seh to dbl check him. My boss Jabu must not be harmed this way. Bad news this!

  6. tora the trick master says:

    AwangTengah Ali Hassan the next chief Minister of Sarawak, what a joke. . So many Malays NCR land have been sold under him and his cronies happen in place likes Pusa, Maludam , Beladin and Saratok when he come in power which have never happen before. If he become Sarawak Rob off. What say you puar n Rohani karim. Nothing was done by you the pass few years since you sit parliament to help those poor coastal malays. Is what we call hidup melayu. Only hidup to keep you pocket fuull and cronies alive.Thanks to PKR who keep those rural folk alive that what ome PBB members told me. Those group are responsible to bring Land issue case to court and won some. Long live to PKR for understand the aspiration of the POOR Malays not the ELite robbing group,

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