Awang Tengah’s Men,” GUILOTTINED- Chop or Be Chopped..!!”


Obviously,the message has been delivered from the top downwards and there have been uneasiness since the first time CM talked about his succession plan way back in the 1990’s. A veteran PBB elder talked to us and said the names of Wan Habib,Abang Abu Bakar,Effendy Norwawi have since “came and gone” and the current crop of leaders in Abang Johari , Alfred Jabu and Adenan Satem are seen tussling with Awang Tengah for the coveted posts the 22nd Floor Chair.

Awang Tengah’s Men are growing impatient and are seen to be in a hurry and they know they have to CHOP First or they will be Chopped too. The elderly PBB leader said,”let them CABAR(challenge) CM. We know CM will be 77 years old in May and with PBB AGM soon they are indeed running out of options.

Awang Tengah’s Men  overblown EGO is being checked as we are speaking says CM’s most trusted men in PBB .  They the ‘penghianats“{traitors} have been in cohorts with almost everyone trying to humiliate CM Taib.

Awang Tengah’s Men have to take off the Heads which are in the way (Guillotined) ruthless it may seem and the foot soldiers will be helpless. Their whispering and incessant campaigns remains their strategy but removing those who stand in the way by whatever ways possible as mentioned earlier still holds:-

The elderly PBB said they can try to CABAR CM Taib but this time we are more than ready. He has been informed by his sources that the numbers of YB’s who have been approached are on the increase.

Let’s look at this examples which are very glaring and proven he said,”Wasn’t Sylvester Entri very loyal to William Mawan as Secretary General of the party? Wasn’t Sidi Munan at one time before the PRS crisis Secretary General to James Masing?What Happened to them. Weren’t they sacked from their parties?

Should disciplinary actions be taken by PBB on their own?

Any different now with Awang Tengah’s Men who sees the opportunity even though Danger lurks. This has been going on not just recently but for sometime now( earlier articles).

 The toying of  Parliamentary Caucus Article 35(7) of the PBB constitution is being mooted and looked into by Awang Tengah’s men.{ we will provide more details on this subject as their NET drags in more YB’s and MP’s 

CM Taib will not want to create the fire which will burn a hole in the PBB “steel enforced net” but Awang Tengah’s Men is seriously looking at this option which will propel their BOSS to be the Chosen one as CM Sarawak. The stakes are getting higher but for BN Sarawak to remain strong their plans and strategies needs to be derailed.

We mentioned this in an earlier article”Taib is in the know now and he will not leave anything to chance. PBB will go into the General Elections as a UNITED and CONSOLIDATED front to secure the 14 seats which they have been mandated.

The other 17 seats which 7 (SUPP) 6(PRS) 4(SPDP) Taib as BN chairman would certainly see that all 31 seats are safely in BN’s hands

 If the opposition thinks PBB is having internal rivalries,mistrusts and will be weaken they will know very soon as GE13 looms nearer.

That is why the elderly PBB member said,”PBB WILL TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN. WE KNOW WHAT TO DO 

He also quoted Ulysses S.Grant 18th President of USA :- The art of war is simple enough.Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as u can.Strike him as hard as you can and keep moving.

CM’s Men will soon overturn the Guillotine to be used for Awang Tengah’s Men..

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11 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men,” GUILOTTINED- Chop or Be Chopped..!!”

  1. Jonathan Romey says:

    Usual. You either go for the kill or be killed. This is how the real political world works. Nothing to hide and go for the jugular. Be brave!

  2. Lydia Ak. Anne says:

    Surely they will use the Parliamentary Caucus and if Awang Tengah calculates it right he will bypass even Abang Johari or Adenan Satem who are both more senior. Time is vital for them and they will use whatever ways to achieve their aims and ensure it materialises.

  3. tengah cm now says:

    Its too late. Awang Tengah has already bribed and bought many ybs. Sorry audie despite your attempts to stop awang tengah becoming cm this year its too late. Too many ybs have already taken money from awang tengah and they want to be with the new cm which is awang tengah. awang tengah’s bomohs have successfully make adenan satem near death. Even if adenan satem doesn’t die (yet) from awang tengah bomohs he will withdraw and retire from politics as rumor has it his family want him out of danger (from attacks of awang tengah bomohs). So only left is abg jo and jabu. Jabu has already been attacked by awang tengah’s bomohs but it hit Puan Sri Empiang (jabu’s wife). With this even jabu will not dare to fight awang tengah. abg jo standing alone will be finished in short order by awang tengah and his many ybs. CM taib will be alone and has to bow down to awang tengah so that awang tengah will be cm this year.

  4. M K See says:

    If Tengah waits too long he will also miss the ‘boat” Tengah with his influence now on mosts YBs will have the edge over Abang Johari as can be seen. That is how the public sees

  5. Sahari Nazri says:

    Tengah is a loyalist. Period. I dont think he is going to succed Pehin.And neither Abg Jo nor Jabu are. Pehin is expecting to live longer still. Unless he is unexpectedly being called to rest the the rest of us better be used to him still calling the shots!

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