“PKR East Malaysia…In total Disarray.”


Updated and Breaking News 5.08pm :- Zaid is going on leave ONLY as he has completed his first tasks in PKR as the prime mover in getting the parties on a Common Footing. He will not leave PKR if thats what everyone is speculating..Seems someone else Azmin is getting more wrath especially with his not SO SECRET dealings with Sng according to a reliable source.

Updated and Breaking News from Malaysiakini at 3.53pm :-PKR leader and former minister Zaid Ibrahim today announced that he will be going on a six-month leave, strengthening rumours that all is not well in the opposition party

A grassroot PKR member told audie 61 that ,” In East Malaysia at the moment there are too much infighting within the party and this is bad news. Only the man himself meaning Anwar can save PKR in East Malaysia from engulfing into flames. There was a lot of hope and believe when Anwar was the PKR Liason Chief in Sabah and Sarawak but as soon as he relinquished his posts to Azmin and Mustaffa respectively the CEMENTED CRACKS appeared again.”

audie61 was informed that we have been covering too many BN articles(personalities in BN) and we are going on a lopsided trail.  Just going throught the internet blogs we can see for ourselves that all is not too well in PKR and there is a cause for concern.

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Has Anwar losts the plot in the two states in East Malaysia..? There have been too many NEGATIVE  reports and we reposts it here for all to evaluate,discuss,digress and to recheck the direction of the party and its struggles. Have you joined the party to be embroilled in all this petty squabbling?

From Sabah in Malaysikini report,” Yes, we are unhappy that Azmin seems to be in the pocket of Sng Chee Hwa of Sarawak,” confirmed both divisional chiefs. He turns up at Anwar’s house every time with Sng in tow. We don’t know what kind of hold Azmin has over Anwar and that disturbs us. Something is just not right here.”

PKR headquarters,”Several PKR leaders here believe that by going to Sabah and Sarawak, Zaid would be sending the wrong signal and not showing solidarity with party headquarters.

Mustaffa on Sarawak Liason Chief,”It is up to Anwar and PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to appoint someone who they think can lead the party in Sarawak. I know that they have found somebody. It is a matter of time when they will announce the name of the person.”

On Gabriel Adit PKR YB in Sarawak,”is already going around the longhouses bragging that he will soon be talking to Anwar as an equal” once his new party is set up.

A veteran politician told audie61 that it is indeed a timely reminder to all those who aspire to reach the pinnacle of their chosen profession in politicst o follow the age old statement,”Good Man Will Never make it in Politics and One has to be RUTHLESS PLUS BEING SELFISH  to achieve your dream.” History does not lie too he said.

What is happening in PKR or for that matter in Pakatan is indeed not healthy but its a political process of reengineering itself. UMNO went through that process and with Najib in the helm now there seems to be some sort of Light at the end of the Tunnel as UMNO was basking and flickering through past glories without any direction.

Najib seems to be able to get a grib of things with his hands on attitude and Anwar will need also to keep a tight leash or the breakup of PKR In East Malaysia will be sooner rather than later. In simpler terms the “INFIGHTING AND NONSENSICAL ATTITUDES have to STOP or we might just ready a TOMBSTONE with “BORN …..and DIED………”

PKR in East Malaysia needs to be CRUEL TO BE KINDin order to realise Anwars slogan,” A New Dawn”  or else you and I would be saying to our grandchildren in 15 years time ,” IF ONLY……………..”

“Will Mawan come out Unscathed..??”

The calm waters in SPDP will soon be hit with a Hurricane. A reliable source informed audie61 that the damages are already done and it needs a new team to repair and rejuvenate the party. We covered it a few days ago with this article ,” A Lemon Twists ” but since then there has been a lot of movements and more disgruntled voices are emerging from the Presidents camp.

It seems that a number of SC members are starting to U-Turn on their allegiance from the Presidents camp and have started encircling the SG’s camp as the political battle of survival unfolds. An SC  member told the source that “If Mawan continues to cling to the PKFZ  Tiong that will be his downfall”  Of course we are grateful to the Tresurer for all he has done to SPDP but the political climate and scenario is too volatile now.

We need also to ensure that we must keep our part of the bargain in that SPDP maintains and win its allocated seats in the coming election or else SPDP will be just looked down as a “Junior Partner in BN Sarawak” It is without doubt that this is one of the reasons that SPDP needs to clear the implications that it is over reliance on one person for its funding. It should be a collective affair and no one person is bigger than the party and BN in totality.

The question is “Will Mawan come out of this Unscathed..??” The answer depends on very much on how the Supreme Council and grassroots of SPDP look at it or if the HIDDEN HANDS are very involved in the party power struggle. There will be a lot of Ding-dongs and also some dirty linens  will surely be HUNG out to be digressed by the public.

Politics afterall is all about PERCEPTION , OPINIONS ,SUPPORTand at the end of the day its not how you win in party elections but also whether the party in totality is acceptable to the voting public in their respective constituencies.

Mawan will be skating on thin ice in the coming weeks as he prepares for the parties Triennial Delegates Assembly but how he comes out will determine his TRUE VALUE  as a leader.

. Now even a cherry is being dropped into the Lemon Twists.