PKR :”Sarawak and Sabah Updates”

audie61 has been flooded with phone calls and today a pioneer PKR founder member gave us “SOME PRIVELEGE INFORMATION” This he says is just going to put a STOP to all the Negativeness of what the people would have on PKR Sarawak and Sabah. The BN coalition partners have been knocking at PKR for some time now and the PKR Political Bureau is ready for a Consolidated  Attack And THE ANNOUNCEMENT would be very significant.

Sarawak would be headed by Top NCR Lawyer Baru Bian while Sabah would be led by the Charismatic Dr.Jeffrey Kitingan. This is a Privelege information and on top of that the informer said that as far as “YB Adit is concerned he is no more welcome in PKR.”

He was seen in the presence of Najib and Muhyddin in the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri open house in Kuala Lumpur. THE CHAPTER OF YB ADIT IN PKR IS NOW CLOSED. PKR will soldier on and with this housekeeping exercise PKR will be ready to put together a CREDIBLE  TEAM in its assault for the State elections scheduled before May 2011.

Meanwhile Dr.Jeffrey was tight lipped but he will have PKR Sabah ready to take on the BN Sabah. He was afterall one of the mastermind behind PBS when they broke the BN stranglehold in Sabah. All the bickerings and squabbles are nothing and we all in PKR are one unified team. Cheekily the informer said to audie61,” Was there anything wrong in PKR and he broke into a laughter..hahaha. All is well and BN is worried.

Former PBDS President Daniel Tajem has also reiterated that the proposal of reviving PBDS or PBDS Baru is now history. The former Deputy Chief Minister and PBDS strongman also said that ,” As far as we are concerned we are behind PKR’s dayaks struggle and we are 100 % with PKR” Don’t speculate anymore and get down to do the necessary as he reminded the aspiring politicians who paid a courtesy visit and a dialogue which was held at his premises.

“Sarawak Politics Breaking News..”

Two main events are happening in Kuching Sarawak. One involves a State Coalition pary SUPP who are holding a dialogue with 26 Branches and are holding it at It H’ng Restauarnt. Its a close door meeting with the main agenda,” Why the SDC was cancelled and a more serious resolution according to the source is,”The whole CWC of SUPP should resign..?”

Its a closed door affair and at the moment of writing it is still going on with represntatives of branches making their feeelings known. Seems two(2) assistant Ministers David Teng and Dr.Soon Choon Teck are the masterminds behind the purported resolution taken by the CWC.fAre they taking a leaf from MCA..?? hmmm

The other involves the arrival of Zaid Ibrahim who was invited by the State Central PKR committee for a discussion on certain matters.According to our source  he has also a personal invitation from  former PBDS Prseident Daniel Tajem. (the rumoured PBDS Baru) spin which has captivated and many have their adrenalin pumped up in “ANTICIPATION  OF A REVIVALSarawak update also carries the story HERE.

This has got the phones ringing and a number of bloggers and main stream journalists are making a beeline to have the BREAKING NEWS.. Stay tuned for more……