Pakatan Rakyat Updates…

Parti Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia. Its swirling and news have already reached the main stream media. Whats more..? A number of politicians have made a beeline and taken flights or travel by land  to Sibu for a meeting.

Amongst those who did not and are not getting involved and who has decided to remain PKR members are former Sri Aman YB Jimmy Donald, PKR Balai Ringgin strongman Cobbold John and Lubok Antu Director of Operations Nicholas Bawin.

This news were not supposed to be leaked to the Press/Media/Blogs but of course ,”THE RATS JUST CANT STOP THEMSELVES”  The waters have been too calm recently in Sarawak and according to an insider source this is NOTHING NEW IN SARAWAK.

Putting it simply for those would be defectors,” Our people need to get back to the main stream development and nothing much can be achieved being in the Opposition. ” Doesn’t it sound CORNYbut it does work in Sarawak. 

Well,tune in for more updates as we fill you in with more from the Sarawak scene..? One rumour that is certainly circling is that Idris Jala is being touted to lead this new identity..