“Major Reshuffle…Any Logic..??”


May 2010 It will be 4 years when the present State Government will be in power. Correct me if I’m a bit naive or must have read the CM’s signal wrong….Those walking in the corridors of power are using all their might and lobbyists tactics of trying to put their”manuk sabong” { fighting cock in Iban} to be considered as an Assistant Minister or Minister. 

Surely, the CM is diverting all the attention away as he puts his development plans for the State in place as he prepares his soldiers and army for the next state elections. If the BN soldiers or Generals are so involved in the pursuit of posts its going straight into the enemies Trap.

 The trojan horses/whisperers in BN are the causes of too many infighting especially so with SUPP involved in power struggle and legality issues of Special Delegates Conference(SDC) ,PBB,SPDP calm but undercurrents looks very choppy.PRS wounded but picking up to be a stable partner with new faces as YB. Or is it..??

Is the CM going to write his own DEATH WARRANT..? So audie61 asks is there any logic for a major reshuffle. It might just be a cosmetic changes with some additions towards filling up the empty available constituencies which the former Assistant Ministers or Ministers held previously. CM would not for once rock a stable boat but will ensure that it cruises through leisurely.

So my friends out there its definedly food for thought and drink to the brilliance of the man himself and his aides surrounding him. Did I not tell you all that the CM goes through his lists thoroughly at least 7 times before he finalises it.  Someone knows better than the CM does I presume or could he be the holding on to the “FOOLS GOLD”