The Political climate  is so fluid that it seems that everyone is rushing to form a new party. It doesn’t matter whether they have the right people/right team as long as the vehicle is ready to be utilised to check the STATE BN in the next state elections.

audie61 has received a number of phone calls and it seems some past leaders are looking into the possibility of using the recognisable defunct identity of “PBDS-Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak” by renaming it  Parti Bersatu Democratic Sarawak Baru.Its logical says a political analyst as there are still a lot of sympathisers around who shed a few tears when the former PBDS was wrapped up and deregistered by ROS. If they stop the ‘dayak” word they cannot stop the word “democratic” Makes sense doesn’t it..? Oooh Ai PBDS lagi

A few names were bandied around to audie61 but due to the ripples,sparks and falsehood of political parties mushrooming here and there its our right to protect their identities until like what Affendi Jeman(Protem UMNO Chairman said to audie61 a few days ago,”Let them speculate.Everyone has a right to speculation but if there is , lets wait for an Official announcement. Get to the source and ensure that the story is genuine or else it will be very damaging.”

If it happens that will be following the UMNO way. It was deregistered and later it became UMNO Baru. There are a lot of speculations and even before Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak  was launched it somehow managed hit a MASSIVE ROCK MIDSTREAMwith mosts people turning their backs on the party. One call to audie 61 was,’Are you going to Sibu this weekend for the launching..L.O.L?”