SKY”Miew””Sugar Daughters Anyone..??”


When I read Sim Kwang Yangs article on China Dolls in Cat See full size imageCity,Miew it reminded me of a certain X YB who came down hard on this issue and well the rests they say is HISTORY. Did she win the last State elections..?? The article in hornbill unleashed can be read in Full by clicking HERE

Its  not that we do not have other pressing issues but this has got to do with a lot of advertisements that are appearing in the local dailies as a COVER for enlisting the China or foreign nationals  to work in the massage parlours. Check it out as this is a Prerequisite by the LABOUR  Department and if no one answers the advertisement the company can engage the workers. SCAM or Government legitimacy..!!!

SKY  mentioned 195 massage parlours and 3000 Chinese girls from mainland China enter Sarawak every month!  They are now the hottest commodities in our town!” Isn’t this great for DOMESTIC TOURISM..? Something is amiss here and the immigration and local labour department and police needs to put an END to this or else we would end up as SEX ADA RAMAI(SAR……AWAK) Are you GAME..???  The situation is CRITICAL and BAD and Something drastic needs to be done quick or quickly……..

The clamping down is not up to me but this is well above the LIMIT or I can say ,”TELL ME WHO IS ALLOWING THIS OR THE COLOUR OF MONEY IS TOO GREAT TO RESIST..??? NEXT They will be SARAWAK VOTERS I’m pretty sure says a political analyst.

 Well Sim Kwang Yang this is even better from TV Smiths blog and I reposts it here.

by TV Smith

See full size imageThe government’s latest austerity drive to replace the cars of senior government servants with a Mercedes or BMW has resulted in an unexpected backlash.

Sugar daughters, mistresses and trophy wives are now revolting against the idea of driving a local or Japanese car. They reasoned that if any high-ranking public servant including under-performing ones are entitled to a new German marque courtesy of taxpayers, they surely deserve better.

As expected, their previously-so-sweet sugar daddies reacted sourly. A statement from their association, Sugardaddy Society And Help (SuSAH), encourage members to date less-demanding artificial models instead.

I spoke to two such models (pictured above) seen shopping at the Masjid India area. They confirmed they are happy to window shop at budget bazaars instead of splurging on branded stuff at upmarket malls. Besides, they appear more aware of health issues.

In response, affected sugar daughters formed a protest group named Sugar Daughters Against Humiliation (SuDAH). The acronym was earlier wrongly quoted by the media as Sugar Daughters Against Honda or Hyundai. As a show of support for SuDAH, a group of ex-models and starlets staged a noisy protest in front of an artificial modeling agency yesterday.

We say as always,”Not a bad Monday is it? Someone needs to get down to the BOTTOM of this all or else you know what will become of SAR…AWAK”  

“PRS VP and Deputy Minister Oooh No…??”

PRS/BN MP seems to be supporting the,”MPs diversions Funds being hijacked” It seems that the voter who has made so much noise has caught the imagination of the public at large in Sarawak. Whats more with this statement that was uploaded in the internet blog and there were repeated calls to audie61 to check whether the report can be substaintiated.

It stated Julau MP Joseph Salang who is also the Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture, had some time ago also complained about federal funds that were meant for rural areas being diverted elsewhere.

“This money must be rightly spent as there are reasons why the money was allocated,” he said, advising state implementing agencies to follow federal directives in reference to a RM4bil allocation that has been given to upgrade rural infrastructure in Sarawak.

Many political watchers and observers are sarcastically saying,”Wah, the State development officer so powerful huh..!! Surely,this is implying some one is KA-CHINGit out…This will be another issue against Sarawak Barisan National as if they have not got enough DIRT ON THEIR HANDS.

Has the BN/MP in question seen his allocation also diverted? It is a direct slap at the very face of the BN administration in which he is part of it. The MP must get down to the bottom of it all as this will clearly be a BLACK MARK in his BN resume.

We say as always,”The BALL is on your feet MP. This is no good for PRS let alone BN and that was one of the many remarks to audie61……….