B.P. 11/10/09 Coincidental …….

A former VP of  a Barisan component party sms me..Friend whats up in B.P i.e. Bagan Pinang. Joey said to me Boss isnt it this coincidental or just what the sharmans/bomohs has ordered for the people to make the choiceX . Strange but its a FACT …???

Bagan Pinang ..Barisan versus PAS/Pakatan Its a straight fight  1 versus 1 and the voting day is on the 11th and it might just be 1-0 to BN or even better Chinese voters form only 10 percent or about 1,300 voters and observers are expecting them to be evenly split between Pakatan Rakyat and and BN. Could after the 9th by elections will the BN  get the better of Pakatan in the Peninsular. So whats your take on this my friends says Joey to all those who have followed audie 61 so far…..hehehehe