Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia..???

Look what Parma also brought into Sarawak.The swirling winds and heavy rains that followed has also brought about the existence of a new political identity which will be launched in Sibu on October 15th if all the smses that has been circling in and around the country are anything to go by.

Parti Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia is deliberatedly hijacked to ensure that the Pakatan Opposition group does not capitalise and which it will benefit tremendously as the Propaganda machinery has already done its job.

A PKR spokesman said,’Pandai Najib as they have also split the Indians and now they are making inroads to further split the dayaks. This is also to ensure that BN will remain in power after the GE13. Najib is a follower of history and in 1969 his dad Tun Razak successfully managed to get some opposition partners to join the Alliance Coalition. Isn’t History revisited here…??

Whats more the person helming the party is none other than State Assemblyman Gabriel Adit who is also a cousin of Leo Moggie who was the President of the defunct PartyBangsa Dayak Sarawak. BN was in the opposition in 1987 but later they joined BN. So the similarities are there for all to see but will it work this time round. Politics does give us many permutations.

A political analysts said to audie61 ,”CONFUSION IS THE NAME OF THE GAME” This is part of the BN strategy and the coalition will leave no stones unturned. Believe me,BN has the upper hand when it come to registering parties quickly but whether they will be accepted by the people is immaterial as long as BN remains in power come GE13. 

The article by our fellow blogger sarawak update can be read here.

There will be interesting developments in the next few days and who knows maybe even Larry Sng and T Murugiah (Both partyless BUT both BN friendly YBs ) might just be joining in the bandwagon. Could they be others …??????