Muhyddin”Headlines Borneo Posts Sarawak..READ”

Sarawak “mixed” blood children of all races had a very rude awakening with the headlines in Borneo Posts,’ Being mixed is no privilege“. Their voices could be heard all the way to the Borneo Posts office and even a leading journalists said a former Asst.Minister from SUPP complained bitterly over the article. Why is it happening now of all times..? Why,Why ,Why..??

The reason why audie61 took up this matter is that there are a number of us here who are of mixed race be it Iban/Chinese ,Melanau/Chinese, Bidayuh/Chinese, Kadazan/Chinese.

This is the statement that rocketted the staff  sky high….,” Iban-Chinese schoolgirl in limbo over Bumi status; ministry ascertains her as non-native, throws out application to do matriculation.” (Sarawak update story in Bahasa Malaysia)

Moreover DPM your statement in page 3 of Borneo Posts had this. “in the quest for development and prosperity we must not only upgrade access to education but also expand access to quality education.”

A number of parents of mixed blood children  informed audie61 that if the Federal and State leaders are on one hand promoting 1Malaysia as advocated by PM Najib and religiously followed by all in BN this is completely the opposite. Where is the 1 MALAYSIAN SPIRIT then…??

This is going to be a field day in terms of another debatable issue and self -inflicted PROPAGANDA for the opposition parties. BN needs to tread carefully on this as I’m sure there are thousands of mixed blood children who are VOTERS and also in power in Sarawak. Do we need to tell you WHO….??? Guess,guess,guess…………..