MCA-“No more Dirty Linens..++”Sarawak Updates”


Joey of audie61 received an sms that says ,” Seems the end is nigh for MCA tussle of leadership.PM has thrashed it out with the major two players and plainly its“NO MORE DIRTY LINENS”

Its quite similar to an sms which we received yesterday which states,”I know I am not affected by forthcoming reshuffle as boss has bisik to me and how relieve I am with the news

It must be a relieve to Ong in particular as he is under grave attack not only from Chua’s faction but now also his “supposedly soldiers” are also attacking him in the open. The case  involving Health Minister Liow’s wife  must be the final straw that is affecting the BN leadership. The  full report is available from an internet portal.

As with the case of MCA the BN Sarawak State leadership is trying to end all the speculations of the impending reshuffle and some really SHARP DAGGERS and BETRAYALS     are already in place.


( Two Assistant Ministers together…??”)

It seems that our privelege source has informed us through this smsLATEST IF SNOWDON IS IN D LINE UP,TEDEWIN AND GANG WILL RESIGN.”

The  CM being the CEO of the State has already signalled his intentions but alas  it seems that there are so many trojan horses/whisperers who are barking up the wrong tree. 

The state is calm and the devolopment plans are in place but some who are not getting a bite of the cherry in terms of being in the right place at the right time are creating a ruckus/dissatisfaction of some sort.

Even a former PRS Appointed Supreme Council member told audie61,”Don’t you believe that BN will fall in the next State elections..? My smile was enough to send his B/P shooting up the scales and he must have got the signal. Are they signs like the X files….hmmmm?

So for goodness sake..Wake up to the political realities in that if you dont work hard and get your machinery going you will end up missing the boat. you cant wait for the people to vote you in just like that but you need to walk that extra mile.

BN Sarawak is complacent no doubt and they are dissenting voices from the people that all is not well BUT the people of Sarawak knows what is bests for them and they will VOTE with a clear intention on the candidate that will represent their constituency. Say what you like BN or ” Pakatan ” if in place in Sarawak will have done their homework before unleashing the candidate out in the open to be their CHOSEN ONE

If and when MCA problems are already solved the PM will want to have a fresh mandate for Sarawak and CM Taib will know that the  ground favours BN Sarawak  and he will say as usual use this phrase ,” I have got the Inspiration.Its TIME…”  

For now though BN cannot afford anymore dirty linens in public and they need to clean up their act or else the people/voters will turn around and BETRAY THEM.

Its up to the opposition to capitalise on the issues but they need to seriously look at their CANDIDATES FOR THE RESPECTIVE CONSTITUENCIES. This not only means the profiles but the realistic grassroot support and ground work that that has been done.

There is no need for us to tell you how its done but this might help from a former YB who has seen it all in his time,”Its a privelege to work with the bests and the bests will never let you down and will ensure you that the desired result is achieved and you will not have any sleepless night. Thank GOD I have this people